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5.55pm: Day four done
Allan Baekke brings the day to an end, eliminating Gijs Verheijen. After some pre-flop raising Verheijen moved all-in for 900,000 with AJ and was called by Baekke holding pocket kings. The board brought nothing to improve the lot of Verheijen who exits in 25th place. For Baekke though echoes of Snowfest – 3,400,000 and the chip lead going into the penultimate day.

Official chip counts and a full round up of the day will be posted shortly. — SB.

5.50pm: One to go
Ondrej Vinklarek has been eliminated in 25th place taking home €26,000 for his efforts. He was short-stacked and open shoved, naturally, with pocket nines when folded to him in late position. The unfortunate thing for him was Atanas Gueorguiev in the next seat woke up with two red aces and made the call. The board ran Q864J and we’re down to 25 players. -MC

5.40pm: I did it Tayfeh
If you look at the 5.30pm post below, you might have some sympathy for Mohsen Tayfeh. But he has now got all that back, with interest, by knocking out Michel Abecassis.

Tayfeh opened to 71,000 from under-the-gun and it was folded all the way round to Abecassis in the big blind. He made it 240,000, leaving himself something similar behind, and he was soon asked whether he wanted to play for it all. Tayfeh moved all in, covering Abecassis, and the Frenchman did call.

Abecassis: 77
Tayfeh: AK

The first three cards were good for Abecassis: 883 but the A swung it in Tayfeh’s favour. The 3 was an irrelevance and that put Tayfeh back up, with Abecassis out. — HS


Michel Abecassis

5.40pm: Nguyen takes one
Dmitry Stelmak made it 65,000 from the button and Erik Tamm raised it up to 175,000 from the small blind. Thang Duc Nguyen called from the big blind – and Stelmak called as well.

The flop was K37, Tamm checked, Nguyen bet 300,000 and both others got out of the way. — SY

5.35pm: Kaiser chief
Mohsen Tayfeh opened for 36,000 before Allan Baekke raised it up to 175,000. Then Ronny Kaiser raised it again to 310,000 from the small blind. Tayfeh got out of the way, but Baekke called.


Ronny Kaiser

The flop was KQ7 and Kaiser’s quick 400,000 bet was enough to send Baekke packing. — SY

5.30pm: Linde licks Tayfeh
Per Linde has just doubled his short stack to close to 1,300,000 – and he got pretty lucky to do so. Mohsen Tayfeh raised from the cut off, making it 71,000. Linde shipped from the small blind, a total of 640,000. Linde called quickly.

Linde: A5
Tayfeh: JJ

The board favoured the Swede, though. It came 3A948 and that ace decided it for Linde. He remains a part of this Scandinavian domination of the Italian Rivieri. — HS

5.20pm: Two time Nguyen?
Giacomo Rosa is going to be left ruing a reckless shove against Thang Duc Nguyen, which has put the EPT Baden champion to more 1,500,000 and sent Rosa to the rail.

Nguyen opened from the button to 75,000 and Rosa moved all in from the small blind for about 500,000. Nguyen insta-called.

Nguyen had AK and Rosa showed K8, which was very bad news for the Italian. However a lot of local players consider poker to be a “feel” game – and the partisan rail erupted on the 687 board, which put Rosa ahead.

The turn, though, had other ideas. It was one of Nguyen’s two outs – the A – and the 2 river changed nothing. Few people would have picked Nguyen as the most likely first double EPT champion. But he’s well set now. — HS

5.15pm: Down and then out
Paul Pires-Trigo lost all but 1,600 of his stack and then was eliminated moments later. He open shoved for 555,000 from the cut-off and Gijs Verheijen called all-in with JJ from the small blind. Pires-Trigo opened 710 and the board ran Q1034Q. Verheijen up to 1.1 million as a result -MC

5.10pm: Million and a half dollar girl
Liv Boeree is up to 1.4million after doubling-up through Erik Tamm. Tamm opened to 75,000 from the cut-off before Boeree three-bet to 170,000. Tamm thought for a while and then moved all-in. Boeree snap-called with AA. Tamm winced at the sight and tabled KJ before the board ran J4465. Tamm down to 1.1 million. –MC

5.05pm: Two down, puns aplenty
In short order at the beginning of level 24, two players have bust. They were Alexander Roumeliotis, who came second in some Swede-on-Swede action (behave), and then Anas Tadini (whose name is also hardly pun proof, but we’re bigger than that here).

Roumeliotis got it all in pre-flop with A-J against Jakob Karlsson’s A-K. There was no outdraw. Then Tadini went broke to Than Du Nguyen in a battle of the blinds.

Tadini raised to 75,000 from the small blind and Nguyen called in the big. The flop came Q6Q and Tadini bet 170,000. Nguyen moved all in and Tadini, with only 200,000 behind, called.

Tadini had pocket nines but needed another one after Nguyen tabled Q-J. There was no two-outer meaning Nguyen all but doubled and Tadini bust. — HS

4.55pm: The perfect flop
Atanas Gueorguiev just doubled up through Toni Pettersson, taking his stack to around 1,400,000. Gueorguiev had showed AJ to Pettersson’s 88 but the pocket pair was decimated when Gueorguiev flopped a set on a board that ran out QK1035. – SB.

4.48pm: Off again
We’re back up and running. Just 31 players remain and we need to get down to 24 before we call it a night, evening, afternoon.

The leader as we go in to this level is Jens Thorson, the young Swede who sits on three million. That’s some stack. Those on his tail include Dmitry Stelmak, Allan Baekke, Jakob Karlsson, Erik Tamm and Alexey Rybin.

Here is a photo of our chip leader…


Jens Thorson

PokerStars Blog reporting team in order of number of checked shirts worn this week: Howard Swains (6), Stephen Bartley (1), Simon Young (0), Marc Convey (0 – does not own a shirt)

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