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11.45pm: Done
We’ll have a full wrap of today’s events with you very shortly. The chips they’ll be starting with tomorrow are below. But before you take that in, why not complete your expert knowledge of all things EPT San Remo by looking at the prizewinners page.

Seat 1: Claudio Piceci, Italy, 4,460,000
Seat 2: Alexey Rybin, Russia, 1,890,000
Seat 3: Atanas Georgiev, Bulgaria, 2,520,000
Seat 4: Jakob Carlsson, Sweden, 13,525,000
Seat 5: Guiseppe Diep, Italy, 1,830,000
Seat 6: Live Boeree, UK, 3,440,000
Seat 7: Toni Patterson, Finland, 5,035,000
Seat 8: Michael Piper, UK, 4,600,000

Don’t turn off your machine until you’ve read the wrap. A lot of effort has gone in to it. — SY

11.40pm: Claudio Rinaldi eliminated in ninth place for €63,500
Day five in San Remo is over and it’s Swiss player Claudio Rinaldi who departs on the final table bubble.

Rinaldi shoved for 1,785,000 and was called by Jakob Carlsson next to him. Rinaldo showed AQ while Carlsson turned over 44. The race was on.

The flop came JJ9. That changed nothing but the 10 turn card gave Rinaldi outs to the straight. Alas, the J on the river put to any hope of that.

Rinaldi out at the last hurdle. We have our final eight.– SB.

11.30pm: Piceci doubles
The very next hand Claudio Piceci raised again to 200,000 and then called a three-bet to 600,000 from Liv Boeree who was in the big blind. The flop came down 6910 and Boree put Piceci all-in who snap called with 66. Boeree shook her head and opened AK. The perfect “sweat” card came on the turn when it came Q but the Italian filled up on the 10 river to take down the 4.7 million pot. –MC

11.20pm: Shove off
Claudio Piceci opened for 260,000 and Jakob Carlsson raised to 645,000 from the small blind. Eventually Piceci called for a flop of 5Q3. Then Carlsson moved all-in, stopping Piceci right there. — SB.


The EPT San Remo set

11.15pm: Georgiev all in
Guiseppe Diep raised to 275,000 and Alexey Rybin called from the button.
Atanas Georgiev then shoved for 1,825,000 – and everyone folded – SB.

11.10pm: Rybin still battling
First hand back and Jakob Carlsson, the monster chip leader, opens for 255,000 and Alexey Rybin, who lost that huge pot to him a short while ago, calls. Both check down the 86654 board, and Rybin’s K5 beats Carlsson’s AJ. — SY

11.05pm: We’re off
Play has restarted. Hold tight, this could be quick. — SY

10.55pm: Seat draw
With just one player to go, we’re nearly set for tomorrow’s final table. Players have drawn seats for the last table, and here’s how they’ll be sitting down:

Seat 1: Claudio Piceci, 2,675,000
Seat 2: Alexey Rybin, 1,230,000
Seat 3: Antanas Georgiev, 1,650,000
Seat 4: Claudio Rinaldi, 2,195,000
Seat 5: Jakob Carlsson, 10,800,000
Seat 6: Guiseppe Diep, 2,395,000
Seat 7: Liv Boeree, 5,910,000
Seat 8: Toni Pettersson, 4,850,000
Seat 9: Michael Piper, 4,940,000

Blinds remain at 50,000-100,000 (ante 10,000). We’re nearly off. — SY

10.46pm: Break
We’re now on a short break while we regroup to one table. Not the final table of course, but we’re damn close. — SY

10.45pm: Monster, monster
Jakob Carlsson wins the biggest pot of the tournament – 10.8million – to take a massive chip lead and send Alexey Rybin down to less than 1.3million.

Rybin had raised from the button, Carlsson re-raised to 620,000 and Rybin called. The flop was K10Q and Carlsson bet 560,000 – only for Rybin to bet a hefty 2million. Carlsson then moved all in for around 4,700,000 more – call!

Carlsson: QQ for the set
Rybin: 9J for the straight and for the flush draw

Carlson needed to pair the board for the full house or pull the last remaining queen out of the bag to stay alive. The turn was 8 to improve Rybin to a flush – but then the river came K to pair the board and shoot Carlsson in to the lead with the winning boat. — SY


Jakob Carlsson celebrates…


… Alexey Rybin doesn’t

10.43pm: Stelmak pays the Piper
Dmitry Stelmak heads for the rail, sent there by Michael Piper. Stelmak moved all-in behind a Piper bet of 210,000. The all-in was for 1,600,000 and Piper insta-called. It was a good one. Stelmak showed A5 but Piper had better with AJ.

The board came 82Q77. Piper now has more than 4,000,000 and we’re down to nine players. — SB.

10.40pm: Double take
Jakob Carlsson makes it 225,000 and Claudio Piceci re-raises all in to take the pot. Very next hand Carlsson makes it 225,000 and Claudio Piceci re-raises all in to take the pot. — SY

10.35pm: Pressure mounts for Stelmak
Dmitry Stelmak is having a tough time of it right now. His stack is down to 1.5 million after Toni Pettersson forced him off a hand. Stelmak raised to 250,000 from the button and was called by the Finn to go to a 7108 flop. Stelmak made a continuation bet of 270,000 when it was checked to him but folded to a 900,000 raise from his opponent. –MC

10.25pm: Rinaldi won’t pay the Piper
Michael Piper opened for 200,000 on the button. On his right Claudio Rinaldi moved all-in from the small blind. Dmitry Stelmak sat quietly for a while in the big blind, thinking about what to do. After a while he folded, sending the action back around to Piper. Head up, chest out, looking down his nose at Rinaldi’s stack, Piper folded. “Show one card?” he asked, as he has done every time he’s folded to a raise this week. Rinaldi said nothing. — SB.

10.22pm: Down to the last ten
Ramon Cserei from Romania is out in 11th place for €50,000. He shoved his last 370,000 and was called by Jakob Carlsson and Claudio Piceci. Both the callers checked the JK5 flop, but on the 9 turn Carlsson bet 185,000 and got a call from Piceci. On the 7 river Carlsson bet 470,000 and Piceci gave up.

Carlsson turned over Q-10 for the nut straight, and Cserei left to seek out the cash desk. We’re now down to two tables of five players. To more two lose and we’re done for the day. — SY


Ramon Cserei

10.15pm: Small blind moves
Three hands in a row on the outer table have been folded around to the small blind before any action took place. Firstly Michael Piper moved all-in from the small blind and forced a fold from Claudio Rinaldi in the big blind. The next hand it was Rinaldi’s turn to move all-in and he got the same result; a fold from the big blinded Dmitry Stelmak. Stelmak himself wanted in on some of this action when it was folded to him in the next hand. He chose not to move all-in, though, and raised to 250,000. The move didn’t work out too well for him as Giuseppe Diep snap moved all-in and the Russian had to give it up. –MC

10.10pm: Nothing to see here
None of the dramatics of earlier on the outer table. Michael Piper moved all-in, an open shove for 2,700,000 and Stelmak asked how much. But he passed, as did Diep, who went through a little show, taking a while, checking his cards again, staring intently at Piper, before doing so. — SB.

10pm: Early all in
Claudio Piceci and Jakob Carlsson quaffed a big bottle of action juice in the last break and came back and instantly moved all in. There was raising and re-raising before Piceci shoved and Carlsson called:

Piceci: A2
Carlsson: AJ

Carlsson, with 2,055,000, was covered by the bigger-stacked Piceci but he would soon be doubling up. The board ran 53K9Q and that gives the Swede close to 4.4 million. — HS

9.55pm: We’re back
That was a quick 15 minutes. The chip count page has been updated – why not click this chip count page link to see it. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with the info that Alexey Rybin leads this EPT with 11 players left.

Coming in second right now is British player Liv Boeree (pictured below, by strange coincidence). The yellow and black 100,000 chips have now been brought in to play, and we need to get down to eight players from our surviving 11 players tonight, and then it’s off for late-night coffee and pasta in preparation for tomorrow’s final table.


Liv Boeree

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