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Break time
That’s the end of the first level of the day. It’s level 31 next, with monstrous blinds. Hold on to your hats.

1.30pm: Don’t double Diep
Could it be two in a row? No. Jakob Carlsson opened for 260,000 and Giuseppe Diep moved all-in, immediately covering his face with the green bit of an Italian flag. It was a shove for 1,335,000 but ultimately too rich for Carlsson who passed. – SB.

1.25pm: Atanas Gueorguiev out in eighth, winning €90,000
Left micro-stacked from the run in against Pettersson, Atanas Gueorguiev was all in on the next hand. And out. Alexey Rybin opened to 275,000 and Gueorguiev was all in for only a little more. Jakob Carlsson also called, offering a triple up should Gueorguiev have the goods.

The flop came K9Q and Carlsson checked. Rybin bet 400,000 at it, which got Carlsson to fold, and the two remaining players showed down.

Gueorguiev: J6
Rybin: KJ

When the A turned, this was all over. Gueorguiev becomes our eighth placed finisher. — HS


Atanas Gueorguiev’s time on the final table expires

1.20pm: Finnish flag still flying
Finland’s hopes for another EPT winner are kept alive by Toni Pettersson’s double up. He opened for 270,000 and was three-bet by Gueorguiev to 740,000. Pettersson then shoved for 2,360,0000 which after pause Gueorguiev called, turning over 99.

Pettersson showed AQ and pumped his fist on the flop of 2JQ. The turn J and river K didn’t change things for Gueorguiev who is now in bad shape. Pettersson up. – SB.

1.15pm: Nothing to see here
Really. It’s mighty slow.

1.10pm: Rybin, Rybin, Rybin
So far, this has been the Alexey Rybin show. He raised to 275,000 from early position and then grinned Liv Boeree out of it, when she seemed intent on making a play from the small blind. Toni Pettersson wasn’t to be smiled away and called from the big blind. But when Rybin bet 500,000 after a flop of 758, that persuaded Pettersson to end his involvement. — HS


Alexey Rybin, building a big stack

1pm: Piper feels the G
Michael Piper opened for 250,000 before Atanas Gueorguiev three-bet shoved for 2,320,000. Piper thought about it but grimace-passed. – SB

12.50pm: Diep call folds, left with shorter short stack
Despite nursing a short stack, Giuseppe Diep opted to call (rather than shoving) after Alexey Rybin had raised to 275,000. They were heads up to the flop of 847 and Rybin bet 600,000. Diep buried his face behind his scarf, fashioned out of an Italian flag, but emerged only to fold his hand. Rybin showed the bare A. I don’t know what that means. — HS

12.46pm: Diep up
Toni Petterssen attempted to get back in the saddle with a raise from early position. But he had mis-calculated the raise and ended up flat calling. Jakob Carlsson also called from the small blind, but Giuseppe Diep liked it and raised his big blind. Suddenly the other two weren’t so keen, and they let it go.

By the way, you can stay up to date with how the action affects the chip counts on the chip-count page. We have our best man on it. Well, Marc Convey, but he’s not bad these days. — HS

12.45pm: First double up
Alexey Rybin started the day as one of the short stacks but is now second in chips after doubling through Toni Pettersson.

Pettersson opened for 275,000 before Rybin moved all-in on the button for 2,400,000. Pettersson called showing 1010 for a race against Rybin’s AK.

The board ran K5942 giving Rybin the pot and more than 5,000,000 chips. Pettersson meanwhile drops down to 2,600,000. – SB.

12.40pm: Piper pipped
Michael Piper opened on the button, raising to 250,000. Alexey Rybin was in the big blind and raised all-in for a little more than two million. Piper passed. There was a similar pattern on the next hand. Jakob Carlssen raised from under-the-gun and Piceci three-bet from the button. Again the re-raise worked. Still no flop. – SB


Michael Piper put to a decision on the final table

12.35pm: Still waiting for a flop
Still quiet in the opening stages, with Liv Boeree opening to 325,000 from the button and stealing blinds and antes. Then Toni Pettersson attempted to do the same from his button, raising to 275,000. And that too got through. — HS

As we wait for some action, here’s a picture of the final eight. What a sight.


Final table in San Remo (from l-r): Claudio Piceci, Matthew Piper, Atanas Gueorguiev, Liv Boeree, Jakob Carlsson, Giuseppe Diep, Alexey Rybin, Toni Pettersson

12.30pm: Wink, wink
The second hand was another walk, this time for Liv Boeree in the big blind, but after that, on the third hand of the day, Alexey Rybin open shoved all in. Giuseppe Diep, on the button, seemed to have a big decision. He was the other short stack at the start of the day and a call would be for his tournament life. Rybin offered a cheeky wink to Diep as he was pondering his decision and the atmosphere was immediately calmed. Diep folded – as did everyone else. — HS

12.25pm: First hand
Here we go then. There’s still about 65 minutes left in this level and I expect we’ll take a break at the end of that. It’s a thriller of a first hand: folded to Jakob Carlsson in the small blind he…folds. It’s a walk for Giuseppe Diep. — HS

12.20pm: Photos done, mics attached, away we go
Sort of.

11.30pm: Final table introduction
Hello again and welcome for a final time – this season, at least – to Casino Municipale in San Remo. It’s the final table of the biggest EPT event ever held in Europe and today we will decide the winner, the player who will earn €1,250,000 and add their name to the roster of champions.

Everyone who has already departed San Remo in profit can be found listed on the prizewinners page, and the last eight are profiled on, well, the final table player profiles page. Keep up, keep up.

The dominant chip leader is the young Swedish player, Jakob Carlsson, who has more than a third of the chips in play. He’s the man to chase, but if this tournament has taught us anything it’s that chip leaders are there to be reined in. Messrs Piceci, Rybin, Gueorguiev, Diep, Pettersson and Piper – as well as Ms Boeree – are those charged with the task.


Playing cards, or weapons

Play is due to start at noon, so no doubt we’ll be away right on the stroke of 12.30pm. Join us for all the action.

We’re still in level 30, so will begin with blinds at 60,000-120,000 with a 10,000 ante. — HS

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