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3.15pm: Break time
While they bring in industrial strength scales to count Jakob Carlsson’s chips, players are taking a 15-minute break. (He has 19 million, by the way. Full counts on the chip count page.)– HS

3.10pm: Alexey Rybin out in fifth winning €270,000
Carlsson’s crush continues

Suddenly three-betting is all the rage – and we’ve even just seen a four bet. No surprise that Jakob Carlsson is central to all this, and his aggression not only took a pot from Michael Piper, but then eliminated Alexey Rybin. The Cliff notes:

First up, Piper raised to 350,000 and Carlsson, in the small blind, made it 820,000. That was good enough. There was more resistance on the second occasion, which quickly became one of the biggest pots of the final so far.

Piper again raised to 350,000 and Alexey Rybin three-bet from the cut off, making it 950,000. Carlsson, on the button, four-bet to almost two million, and Piper was scared away.

Rybin, however, called and they went to a flop of 2108. Then it all kicked off. Carlsson led for 1,460,000, Rybin shoved his last 5,585,000 and Carlsson made the call.

Carlsson: JJ
Rybin: A10

That was an over-pair against top pair and the Q5 turn and river changed nothing. Rybin departs in fifth, taking €270,000. — HS

3pm: Raisin’ Rybin
Alexey Rybin makes his decisions in a flash, especially if he’s raising. Jakob Carlsson raised to 375,000 from under-the-gun and Rybin called in the big blind. The flop came K2K and Rybin checked. Carlsson tickled 280,000 and Rybin insta-raised to 800,000. Carlsson took a little longer – maybe two seconds – before folding. That’s the speedy stuff we all enjoy. — HS

2.55pm: Ciao Italia – Giuseppe Diep out in sixth winning €210,000
Our last Italian player has departed – leaving in sixth. His name is Giuseppe Diep and home hopes end with his elimination.

Left with a micro-stack after the last hand, he moved all in from the small blind for 1,235 after Michael Piper had opened to 360,000. Piper snap called and cards were on their back.

Piper: 1010
Diep: 89

Diep picked up a few outs on the flop of 8J2, picked up a few more on the turn of 2, but missed them all on the 6 river. Diep is done, taking €210,000.

All remaining players are now guaranted at least €270,000. — HS

2.50pm: Diep down a little more
Alexey Rybin opened for 375,000 from the button which Diep called in the big blind. The flop came 462. Both checked for a 8 turn where Diep checked again. Rybin then bet 400,000 which Diep pondered for a while before folding. – SB.

2.45pm: Pettersson all-in
Toni Pettersson keeps Finnish hopes alive once more, doubling up a second time. This time Jakob Carlsson provided the funds.

Pettersson opened for 435,000 and Carlsson raised to 4 million on the big blind. Pettersson announced all-in and was called immediately.


Toni Pettersson doubles up

Carlsson showed 88 to Pettersson’s AQ and the board waited until the river to help out the Finn: 43106Q. Pettersson up to 8.5 million while Carlsson is nudged back slightly to 11 million. — SB.

2.35pm: Checking to the river
Alexey Rybin and Jakob Carlsson saw a flop of 7J3 from the blinds. Both checked for an 8 turn and checked that for a 9 river. Here Carlsson bet 380,000 promoting Rybin to fold. – SB.

2.30pm: Claudio Piceci out in seventh, winning €150,000
We’re about two hours into the final and yet have only just witnessed the first hand played all the way through. It cost Claudio Piceci his tournament.

Here’s how it happened. Jakob Carlsson opened from under-the-gun, making it 350,000. Piceci called in the big blind. They both checked the A6K flop, taking them to a Q turn. Piceci checked and then Carlsson bet 345,000. Piceci opted for the check-raise, making it 1.1 million. He was pretty much committed at that point.


Claudio Piceci

Carlsson called and they saw a 3 river. That prompted the expected shove from Piceci for 1,610,000 total. Carlsson called – and his read was excellent.

Piceci showed 56 and Carlsson’s A-2 was good. Piceci leaves in seventh, winning €150,000. — HS

2.20pm: Piceci pass
Claudio Piceci opened for 600,000 before Liv Boeree moved in from the big blind for 4,070,000. Piceci then went into a long think, a face pulling awkward period of introspection as Boeree looked back at him with a blank expression. After several minutes Piceci passed showing pocket fours. – SB.

2.10pm: Diep moves in
Claudio Piceci, who lives his life at the table at half the speed you and I do, opened for 325,000. Diep called in the big blind for a flop of J10Q. At this point Diep moved all-in for 1,340,000 and adopted his now characteristic pose behind his Italian flag/scarf. Nothing more for this hand. Piceci passed. — SB.


Giuseppe Diep

2pm: Piper pipes up
Michael Piper has decided to play some poker – and he’s now picked up three hands on the spin. Piper opened to 350,000 and Claudio Piceci, who has been very quiet, three bet from the button to 940,000. Piper was undeterred and moved all in for the third consecutive hand, putting the decision back with Piceci. Never one to hurry, Piceci tank-folded. Piper has almost doubled up in those three hands without reaching a flop. — HS


Michael Piper

1.56pm: See below
Same as the hand below except that after Carlsson’s raise, this time Piper’s all-in was 3,710,000 and it was from the button. Same result though. – SB.

1.55pm: Piper shoves
Not much has happened in this level so far. Jakob Carlsson raised to 350,000 and Michael Piper shoved from the small blind, for slightly more than three million. Piceci dwelled from the big blind but folded, and Carlsson insta-mucked. — HS

1.40pm: Away we go again
If you take a look at the EPT tournament structure, you’ll notice that we’re getting very close to the moment that blind levels become at the tournament director’s discretion. And despite henchman Alin Babic’s hilarious threat to wind them back to 25-50, that means they’re very big indeed.

Level 31 demands 80,000-160,000 in the blinds, with a 20,000 ante every hand. Only Jakob Carlsson can be in any way comfortable, as you can see on the updated chip count page.


San Remo marina

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