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Liv Boeree wins EPT San Remo and €1,250,000
Jakob Carlsson second for €750,000

Liv Boeree becomes only the third woman to win an EPT, beating Jakob Carlsson from Sweden heads-up. The final hand saw Brit Boeree raising to 700,000, Carlsson raised all in for 6,350,000 and Boeree made the call:

Carlsson: A6
Boeree: 55

Boeree was just a board away from the championship, and the look on her face was a curious mix of agony and sheer joy. To the flop, 10K8. So far, so good. The turn was 7 and still Boeree was ahead. Finally the river came J and Boeree’s pocket fives held up.

Congratulations, Liv Boeree, on your fantastic victory. — SY


Liv Boeree, winner of EPT San Remo

8.04pm: Boeree at 30million
First hand back from dinner and Liv Boeree takes it and moves up to 30million, streets ahead Jakob Carlsson’s 7million. She made it 700,000 pre-flop and Carlsson called. Both checked the 2A8 flop, but on the Q river Carlsson check-folded when Boeree made it 1.1million.

Next hand Carlsson opened for 650,000, Boeree moved all in and the Swede folded. — SY

8pm: Long or short
We return to the action with only two players remaining. This could be done in a jiffy, although there might yet be a tantalising heads up battle before us. Only time will tell.

The counts at this stage are:

Liv Boeree: 23,275,000
Jakob Carlsson: 8,000,000

Liv leads; Carlsson needs to climb.


Liv Boeree and Jakob Carlsson heads up

PokerStars Blog reporting team in order of Italian phrases learnt this week: Stephen Bartley (0), Howard Swains (0), Marc Convey (0), Simon Young (0).

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