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You hear David Saab before you see him. A talker even at the worst of times, Saab now had reason to be chatty, calling Giuseppe Argento’s all-in with ace-king with his own pocket aces. “It’s 91.5 per cent” he said as the board was dealt. First the flop QJ5.

“It would be sick if it came” said Saab. It didn’t. J5 on the turn and river and Argento was gone. “Bad luck” added Saab before shaking his hand. It would be nice to think there was something of note about the Italian’s exit, but the reality is his departure is as anonymous as each of the others currently being called across the room, the queue to get out becoming as long as yesterday’s queue to get in.

Warsaw runner-up Nico Behling is headed for the door, as is the current defending champion Jason Mercier, the American out after his last ditch effort with ace-seven ran aground against ace-eight. Seat open.

Isabelle Mercier just had to pass on a chance to revitalise her stack. With a board reading 38QJA and a pot worth 25,000 in the middle, Bill Carter had bet 13,000 from the small blind. Mercier was armed with 18,000, an apple, lip gloss and some nail polish. It wasn’t enough. She passed.

But she’s still in, which is more than can be said for Severin Walser and Fabio Biachi. Both are out. There will be others.


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