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4.28pm: Level over
The three minutes passed without any major incidents.

4.25pm: Back from break
The players are back to play the final three minutes of this level before they head straight into level 23.

4.10pm: 15 minute break
The players are on a 15 minute break as all the chip stacks are moved to one table.

Final 9 seat draw with chip counts:

Seat 1. Teddy Sheringham – 1,781,000
Seat 2. Erik van den Berg – 180,000
Seat 3. Toby Lewis – 3,084,000
Seat 4. Martin Jacobson – 481,000
Seat 5. Jason Lee – 1,300,000
Seat 6. Sergio Coutinho – 772,000
Seat 7. Sam Trickett – 3,355,000
Seat 8. Rob Hollink – 311,00
Seat 9. Frederick Jensen – 373,000

4.10pm: That bust-out in full
Fabrizio Ascari is our final player to get knocked out in double figures with his tenth place finish at the hand of the clinical Teddy Sheringham. The excitable Italian moved all-in under the gun (for the second hand on the bounce) and the action folded to Sheringham in the big blind. Sheringham asked for a count, it was around 250,000 and he calmly made the call with JJ. If there was touch of the slow roll about it, and there was, then it has to be understood that Ascari had done something similar to Sheringham with ace-king earlier.

Sheringham: JJ
Ascari: 10Q

Ascari was the player at risk as Sheringham held some 1,500,000 at the start of the hand and the A105 flop gave Ascari some options to catch up, but blank cards on the 3 turn and 2 river saw the Italian rise out of his chair for the last time. Table redraw coming up for the final nine players. One more to leave before play stops for the day. — RD

4pm: We’re down to nine
This is going super quick. We’re now nine-handed – details of the latest elimination coming shortly – and the players have re-drawn to a single table. We’ll have that re-draw and full counts with after this brief message from our sponsors.

3.55pm: No stopping Trickett
Sam Trickett is up to 3.2million after busting Marton Czuczor in a pot worth over a million. Tricket min-raised to 40,000 to face a three-bet to 112,000 from his Hungarian neighbour. Trickett moved all-in and Czuczor snap-called. Showdown:

Trickett: AQ
Czuczor: 1010

The board came A8858. Czuczor is out 11th place finisher taking home €20,486 for his efforts.

3.50pm: Sheringham shoots and scores
More for Teddy Sheringham who just won a big pot against Rob Hollink. Sheringham opened for 44,000. Hollink was in the big blind and made it 71,000 more which Sheringham called for a 477 flop.

Hollink then made it 120,000 which Sheringham called for a 9 turn. Hollink checked. “How much?” asked Sheringham, Hollink showing 370,000 left. “All-in,” announced Sheringham, causing Hollink to instantly flick his cards into the muck. — SB

Sheringham turned up fresh-faced to the tournament today, despite indulging in some light refreshment with Team PokerStars Blog last night – and also playing golf this morning. He was part of the PokerStars Fairways and Felt event,. and you can read all about that on this rare blog post about golf. — SY


Teddy Sheringham (this morning – really)

3.45pm: Czuczor’s three barrel bluff
Marton Czuczor has just three barrelled Sam Trickett in a battle of the blinds. Trickett limped the small blind and Czuczor raised to 60,000. Trickett made the call and check-called 75,000 on the 5610 flop. Czuczor fired a larger 150,000 bet at the A turn. Trickett took some time to decide his action before sliding a stack of blue chips across
the line to make the call.

The river brought a second five with the 5 and Trickett checked for a third time to Czuczor who counted out a 220,000 bet and Trickett called again showing K6 for two-pair. It’s a great call which wins Trickett a million chip pot and he’s approaching 3m now. — RD

3.40pm: Lee chops down Garcia
Jason Lee has more than doubled-up and knocked out Guillermo Garcia in the process. Garcia was down to his last 73,000 and these went in from early position before Lee moved all-in from the button. But the action wasn’t finished there as Martin Jacobson moved all-in from the SB to create a three-way showdown:

Garcia: Q5
Lee: 1010
Jacobson: AK

The board ran 93J66. Garcia makes his exit in 12th (€20,486), Lee is up to 1.2 million and Jacobson slips further to around 500,000. – MC

3.31pm: Oh, Teddy Teddy
Teddy Sheringham just boosted his stack to 1.3 million, eliminating Nicolo Calia in the process.

Rob Hollink started it, opening for 53,000. Calia raised from the cut off to 120,000 before Sheringham announced all-in from the small blind. Hollink was forced to pass but Calia called, wincing audibly when he saw Sheringham’s KK. The Italian could only offer 1010.

The board ran K5AA2 to eliminate the Italian, who was kissed on both cheeks by his countryman Fabrizio Ascari on his way to the payout desk. A big stack for Sheringham. Just 12 players remaining. — SB

3.26pm: Big stacks tangle
The action folded to Sam Trickett on the button and he min-raised to 40,000 and was called by Toby Lewis in the big blind. Both players checked the board down to the 898J10 river which Trickett bet for 20,000. Lewis then check-raised to 67,000 making Trickett fold. — RD

3.13pm: Lewis on a tear
Toby Lewis has just taken out another player and this time it’s Mother Russia that takes the hit as Dmitry Gromov’s squeeze walked into a dominating ace. Marton Czuczor opened the pot under the gun for a little over 40,000 and Lewis called before Gromov squeezed all-in for 200,000. Czuczor made the call before Lewis reraised to isolate the action heads up. Czuczor quickly mucked.

Lewis: AQ
Gromov: AJ

The flop dropped 610J and Lewis tipped his head back and growled – yes, he actually growled – and then the Q hit the turn and Lewis was all smiles again. The 10 on the river changed nothing and Gromov bowed out in 14th for €16,762. — RD

3.05pm: Sheringham doubles
Friend of PokerStars Teddy Sheringham has doubled-up through Fabrizio Ascari. He open-shoved for 296,000 from the cut-off and sat there while the Italian dwelled over is decision from the next seat. The ex-footballer looked bemused when his opponent starting talking to a figurine he uses for a card protector. After about five minutes he made the call. Showdown:

Sheringham: 96
Ascari: AK

The board came 810247. Sheringham spiked a straight on the river to move up to 620,000 chips. The Italian jumped out of his chair and bemoaned his luck. He’s down to 270,000 as a result. — MC

3.02pm: Johansen out to Lewis
On the next hand Tom Johansen moved all-in from the button for a little more than 200,000, over the top of Toby Lewis’ open raise. Not the best timing for the Swede who tabled JQ to Lewis’ KK. Lewis and Trickett must be side by side in chips now. — RD

3pm: Advantage Lewis
Toby Lewis opened for 45,000 from the cut off and Tom Johansen called in the small blind. The flop came AA2. Johansen checked and Lewis bet 55,000. Johansen then announced “raise,” adding another 75,000 on top which Lewis called in no time. The turn came 7. Lewis waited patiently as Johansen assembled a bet of 160,000, leaving himself 200,000 behind. Lewis called for a J river card. At this point Johansen checked. In reply Lewis moved all-in.

Johansen went into a long thinking spell, leaning back then forwards, then back again, hands on his head, thinking things over. Eventually, after the clock was called, he folded, sending the chips to Lewis who now breaks the 2 million mark. — SB

2.55pm: Now we’ve won the lottery
We don’t actually recall entering the Australian State Lottery, but we seem to have won it, according the Rev Morgan Costa who kindly emailed us at So on top of the $11.7million we’re going to get this week from recently-orphaned African women, we can now add $500,000 from the lottery. We’ve sent off our personal details and await the money.

It really has been quite a week for PokerStars Blog writers. — SY

2.50pm: Back from break
Full chips counts are being posted.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 10,000-20,000, ANTE 2,000

2.37pm: Break
That’s the end of level 21. Level 22 will be with you in around 15 minutes. — SY

2.36pm: ‘Sorry if it’s a slow-roll’
Sam Trickett has taken down monster pot five minutes in to the break to bust Italian Marco Leonzio. Trickett raised to 42,000 from mid-position to face a three-bet to 90,000 from Leonzio on the button. His response was to four-bet to 160,000 and the Italian called quickly.

On the 3Q8 flop Trickett led for 105,000 to face a quick 602,000 all-in bet from the Italian. Trickett took his time and kept asking his opponent if he’d show if he folded but he got no response. The Brit said he had a big hand and apologised if this turned out to be a slow-toll. It looked like he was about to fold when the word “Call” came out of his mouth.

Trickett tabled KK and Leonzio opened 99. The board ran out 710 to see Trickett take down the biggest pot of the tournament so far to take the chip lead with 2million chips. — MC

ept vilamoura_day 4_sam trickett.jpg

Sam Trickett: huge 2m chip stack leading the field

2.35pm: Ascari on silent running
Fabrizio Ascari, quieter than he has been these last few days, opened for 41,000. Rob Hollink then called from the button for a flop of 3KQ. Ascari checked and Hollink bet 50,000 which Ascari wasted no time in calling. The turn came Q. Both checked that and the 8 river, Ascari showing K10 to take the pot as Hollink folded his hand. Ascari up to around 550,000. — SB

2.33pm: Down to two tables

Table 1
1. Tom Johansen
2. Sergio Coutinho
3. Frederick Jensen
4. Sam Trickett
5. Marton Czuczor
6. Toby Lewis
7. Marco Leonzio
8. Dmitry Gromov

Table 2
1. Teddy Sheringham – 310,000
2. Fabrizio Ascari – 610,000
3. Jason Lee – 410,000
4. Martin Jacobson – 840,000
5. Rob Hollink – 480,000
6. Erik Van Den Berg – 312,000
7. Nicolo Calia – 660,000
8. Guillermo Garcia – 480,000

End of the level in 3 minutes where a full chip count will take place. Toby Lewis is still chip leader and has second (Marton Czuczor) and third (Sam Trickett) in the two seats to his right. Trickett will need a top three finish just to cover his massage bill here – he seems to have been getting his neck rubbed for the majority of the last two days. — RD

2.28pm: Last lady falls
Filipa Lemos was the last lady standing in the tournament but she has just fallen to fellow countryman Sergio Coutinho. She opened shoved for around 200,000 with 55 but ran into Countinho’s QQ. The board ran 10942J. She received a generous round of applause as she left.

We’re down to two tables now and a seat draw is on the way shortly. — MC

ept vilmoura_day 4_filipa lemos.jpg

Filipa Lemos was the last lady standing in 17th

2.25pm: The Sheringham shove
Teddy Sheringham just moved all in on the button for just short of 300,000. Jason Lee was in the small blind and spent several minutes pondering the call but instead passed. Sheringham up to 320,000. — SB

2.22pm: The bank of Jacobson
Martin Jacobson had doubled-up another player as his stack continues to spiral downwards. He raised to 41,000 from the hijack and called when Erik van den Berg moved all-in for 160,000. Showdown:

Jacobson: 44
Van Den Berg: AJ

The board ran 92KA9. The Dutchman withdraws from the Swedish bank to the tune of 330,000. Jacobson’s balance is down to 720,000 chips. — MC

2.20pm: Man down!
This time it’s Konsta Vesterinen who has bitten the dust. He open-raised to 33,000 and Marton Czuczor re-raised to 80,000. Vesterinen then made it 210,000, Czuczoe moved all in and the Finn called.

Czuczor: QQ
Vesterinen: AK

It was an expensive race at this stage of a tournament as the board ran 84710Q to dump Vesterinen on the rail. Czuczor, meanwhile, moves up to 1.35million. We’re down to 17. — SY

2.17pm: Toby and Tom
Tom Johansen opened for 32,000 which Toby Lewis called in the big blind. The flop came Q6K which Lewis checked before Johansen made it 50,000 to play. Lewis called for a 4 which both players checked. On the 6 river Lewis bet 62,000. Johansen sat back, then forward, his shoulders hunched, then after a few minutes called. Lewis showed K8. Johansen mucked without showing. — SB

2.15pm: Garcia loves a race
Guillermo Garcia must have a weighted coin because every flip I’ve seen him get involved in he’s come out on top. This one was no different. Erik Van Den Berg opened to 37,000 and Garcia moved all-in for 275,000. Van Den Berg made the call, leaving himself with 160,000.

Van Den Berg: 1010
Garcia: AK

Garcia instantly went a head on the A86 flop and Van Den Berg counted catch up as the turn and river ran out 7J. Garcia is up to 570,000. — RD

2.05pm: British millionaires
Toby Lewis is bashing up his new table by raising consistently, utilising his chip lead well. Over on the next table fellow Brit Sam Trickett has made an excellent recovery after losing that big pot early on and has just passed the million chip mark himself.

He called a 32,000 under-the-gun raise from Sergio Coutinho whilst sat in the bb. The flop came 1069 and Trickett led out for 41,000. Call. The turn came 6 and both men checked to the J river where Trickett led for 60,000. The Portuguese player though for two minutes but let his hand go. — MC

1.54pm: Garcia getting pummelled
I’ve seen Guillermo Garcia get three-bet several preflop raises now. The Spaniard looks demoralised and was just pulled to one side by Team POkerStars Pro Juan Maceiras for a quick pep talk. — RD

1.47pm: Lemos!
Filipa Lemos just doubled up through Teddy Sheringham. Lemos moved in from the small blind for 100,000 with A7 and Sheringham called with 44 from the big blind. The board ran 76103A to the delight of Lemos. Sheringham down to 275,000. — SB

1.45pm: More good fortune for bloggers
A lovely lady called Miss Josiane Adama from the Ivory Coast has written to to offer us a lump of her $3.5million fortune, left to her by her father. He’s yet another of these African businessmen who has died in a tragic accident. I don’t believe there can be many African businessmen left alive.

Anyway, we’ve sent off our bank details as Miss Adama requested, and I believe Team PokerStars Blog is now up for the week to the tune of $11.7million.

As Miss Adama said: “May God bless you as you extend your helping hand to the needy.” What a woman! — SY

1.38pm: Chip lead swings to Lewis
Toby Lewis has just become the chip ledaer here in Vilamoura but was put through the wringer in doing so. Lewis had raised under the gun to 37,000 and was three-bet by Martin Jacobson to 87,000. So far, so standard. Lewis thought for a short while before grabbing a stack of blue 10,000 chips topped them with a few yellow 5,000 chips and made it 170,000. Jacobson moved all-in and Lewis made the call quickly turning QQ. Jacobson rolled over AK and Lewis pulled a face that seemed to encapsulate the notion: “Oh good, I’m flipping for a 1.46m pot in the last 18 of an EPT.”

The flop hammered Lewis in the face with top set on a QJ9 flop. Then the turn dropped a gutshot to give Jacobson Broadway with the 10. Lewis started to look unwell but then a second ten, the 10, appeared on the river giving Lewis queens full and a 1,460,000 king-sized stack. — RD

1.34pm: Bad timing
PokerStars qualifier Robert Cezarescu was down to his last 260,000 and these found their way in to middle. But unfortunately for him Marton Czuczor looked down and saw AA and made the call. Cezarescu had 77 and the board ran Q4582. Cezarescu is our 19th place finisher taking home €11,174. — MC

1.30pm: Unlucky Cichocki
Grzegorz Cichocki opened for 36,000 from the cut off and 203 moved all in from the big blind. With the action back on Cichocki he announced he would call the 372,000 more, turning over A9. Trickett had that beat though, showing AQ.

The board ran 6J642 doubling Trickett but leaving Cichocki with just 15,000 chips. Inevitably they went in on the next hand but having found pocket jacks Cichocki quadrupled up when Trickett called with ace-six. This revival only lasted one hand though. On the next he shoved and let Trickett and Frederick Jensen check their way to the river, where Trickett bet to make it a heads up showdown. On a board of 4J10JQ Ticket showed KQ, easily defeating Cichocki’s pair of sevens.

Cichocki out. 19 players remain. — SB

1.25pm: Cecchi out
Claudio Cecchi hardly had enough time to settle back in his seat after the break before he was making his way to the cash desk. Konsta Vesterinen raised, Cecchi shoved for 180,000 with A10 and the man from Finland with KQ.

The Italian was looking in good shape, with the 5710 flop serving only to confirm his lead. The turn was a harmless J (although it did offer Vesterinen an open-ended straight draw, but it was the Q on the river which did the damage.

Cecchi is our 21st-place finisher, collecting €11,174. — SY

1.17pm: Play resumes
The players are back from break to play what will be the first full level of the day. 21 players still remain and no one has managed to catch up to overnight chip leader Martin Jacobson who is still half a million chips clear of his nearest rival. — MC


Rob Hollink dreaming of a second EPT Title

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Vilamoura (in order of Club sandwiches consumed this week): Marc Convey – 2, Stephen Bartley – 3, Rick Dacey – 5 and Simon Young – do numbers go that high? . Photos (c) Neil Stoddart.

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