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The winner of today’s EPT Main Event and High Roller events win huge amount of cash, €1,067,000 and €390,700 respectively. That’s not all they win though. Sure, they get the accolades that come with an EPT title and, of course, an enormous trophy. Yeah, they also get a great winner’s photo which they can get framed and stick next to their bathroom mirror so that they can shout “I’m a winner! I’m a winner! I’m a winner!” at themselves each morning. But that’s not all either. They also get a SLYDE watch, worth around €5,500.

In case you’re new to SLYDE, here’s the skinny in their own words: ‘The SLYDE concept is a revolutionary watchmaking experiment combining a high-technology product with an internet platform, enabling the watch to be personalized and offer the opportunity to download new virtual mechanisms. Merging cutting-edge technologies and horological design, the SLYDE opens up a whole new dimension in Swiss high-end watchmaking by providing the first progressive and personalized watch display.’ Check out the full SLYDE site here.


Magali Bettens and SLYDE at EPT Barcelona

We met up with Jorg Hysek last year, who explained the how the concept of the SLYDE watch came about. Earlier this week we had the chance to speak to SLYDE’s Marketing Manager Magali Bettens to find out about partnering with the European Poker Tour for season 10.

“The poker community is digital, virtual. You can play all over the world with virtual money and virtual chips. Our watch is in the same way… We have movements, engines that you can get online. You can personalise over and over again. You can save your previous engine and get a new one every day. The tourbillion is a high end movement you may want to wear out to dinner,” said Bettens.

The SLYDE shop allows any of our Main Event and High Rollers to change customise their watch on a daily basis. Check out the online shop here.

“It’s like your showing a different face throughout the day, just like poker,” said Bettens.

What they win
EPT10 Main Event winners: a ‘Black and Steel’ design watch worth €5,680.
EPT10 and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final champion: a ‘Black and Rose Gold’ design watch worth €9,000.
EPT10 High Roller winners: a new limited edition watch design worth €5,470.

PCA 2014 Main Event winner: a ‘Steel and Black’ design watch worth €5,550.
PCA 2014 High Roller winner: a ‘Steel and Rose Gold’ design watch worth €12,800.
PCA 2014 Super High Roller champion: a ‘Steel and Diamond’ design watch worth €15,600.

Click through to live coverage of the EPT Barcelona Main Event. Check out all the festival results here or take a look at what happened in the EPT Barcelona Super High Roller. Follow the @PokerStarsBlog Twitter account to keep up-to-date with all the EPT action and check out the EPTLive webcast.

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