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At the WSOP this summer I watched the bubble play out from one corner of the tournament room, where a table full of tense players waited for news that they were in the money. It wasn’t exactly a genial thing. One player, brash, with an old baseball cap on his head, joked about the perils of the bubble, teasing those still hanging on for dear life. At that very table was Bruno Politano.


Bruno Politano

Of course he wasn’t Bruno Politano at that stage. He was just the player in the PCA top on table-whatever-seat-nine, waiting patiently, perhaps a little tensely, as around him. Then he was in the money and then, well, the rest will be November Nine History.

Politano plays the EPT11 Barcelona Main Event this week to start brushing up on his hold’em. He spoke to Sarah Grant about the reaction to his success in his native Brazil and being recognised as the first player from his country to reach the November Nine.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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