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There’s a treat for PokerStars qualifiers for the new season, courtesy of the people behind one of the hottest headphone brands around–Skullcandy–who this Season will be the Official Headphone Sponsor of the European Poker Tour.

They’re just the latest brand to partner with the EPT, providing a product that is both beautiful to look at and great to use, as every qualifier will discover when they arrive for their first Main Event of the season. That’s when a neat looking box will be placed in their hands. In it a pair of Skullcandy’s “Crusher” headphones with the promise of one thing: a bass experience like you won’t believe.

As Feliciano Robayna of Skullcandy put it:

“If you listen to hip hop and R&B you’ll really like these,” he said. “As the hashtag says, #Bassyoucanfeel. You can really feel your head vibrate!”

“Whenever we approach athletes they try it and they’re like ‘well, here’s another headphone company that’s just given me another product’, explained Robayna. “But then they plug it into their phone and turn on the bass, and–we call it the ‘Crusher Face’–they’re like ‘whoa’. It’s something different to anything they’ve tried.”


The new look Skullcandy Crusher headphones for Season 11 on the EPT

For now you can only take our word for it–at least until you get your hands on a pair–but anecdotally I can tell you that the story checks out. As Robayna explained this Sarah Grant, who was testing the headphones a few feet away, promptly said “whoa” on cue–an instant Crusher Face. Then of course she started dancing, which is natural, but, well, not guaranteed.

“That’s the effect we always get with anybody trying our product!”

In a poker sense Robayna is convinced they’ll provide that same experience top athletes cherish when they compete around the world–something to help them find their zone, find their space and isolate themselves from the world in a bid to perform at their very best. In the poker world, where headphones are almost a necessity, Skullcandy may well have found its perfect home.


Skullcandy with the PokerStars touch

By this point I was kind of keen on trying them myself, and sure enough the effect was quite something. I can’t tell you what my “Crusher Face” looked like, but I lost control of my eyebrows. Then, as my face began to vibrate, I looked around half expecting the walls to be shaking and plaster to be falling from the ceiling. This was exactly what it said it was: #Bassyoucanfeel.

“We started out as a kind of surf-skate-snow, then over the last couple of years we’ve seen there is demand for our product outside the circles we were used to.”

It’s not just poker. The Skullcandy DNA is already reaching a mainstream demographic, working with the NBA, the NFL and with soccer teams across Europe. They’re even using innovation in new products, including a new sticky gel technology that will adhere to your skin, meaning any training sessions won’t be ruined by your headphones slipping off your head.


Crusher Face about to strike: the new headphones being put to the test

As for the Crusher, well you can try them for yourself outside the tournament room. Press play, flick the switch, and wait for the ceiling to fall down.


Want to get your hands on a pair? Well, you have a few options. First you pick up a pair in a reputable store need you for around $99, making them one of the best value headphone choices around.

Or, you can get a pair for free. All you need to do is qualify for an EPT Main Event. All PokerStars qualifiers receive a pair of Skullcandy Crusher headphones at their first Main Event, from under which they can immerse themselves in some serious bass as they boss their table by sheer vibration alone.

Can’t wait that long? Then keep a look out for a special contest coming up on the EPT Live webcast in the next few days, one that will give you the chance to win your very own pair. It’ll be worth it.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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