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Hady el Asmar: Leader now, but he’s seen the tough times

When Romain Paon was eliminated in 13th place today, one of this year’s vaguely interesting sub-plots came to an end. Until that moment, every one of the five day-end chip leaders was still involved, proving that although it can be tough to be a front-runner in a poker tournament, there’s also a way to navigate a course into the deep stages once you’ve got ahead.

Paon was first at the end of Day 1B, ahead of 100 percent of the field, of course. But he did actually begin something of a steady slide from there. He was 38th of 114 at the end of Day 2, 23rd of 34 at the end of Day 3 and 11th of 15 at the end of Day 4. He was therefore ahead of 67 percent, 32 percent and only 27 percent when play began today.

Finishing in 13th, however, means he outlasted 87.7 percent of the entire field, however, so that’s a win in anyone’s books.

The similar tournament trajectories of the other day-end chip leaders — Jose Carlos Garcia (Day 1A), Ole Schemion (Day 2), Jonny Lodden (Day 3) – are below, alongside those of the two current leaders: Adrian Mateos and Hady El Asmar.

Schemion always seems to be in control at the table, and that is born out by looking at these stats. He is the only player who has always been ahead of at least half the field, and usually many more than that.


Ole “Smooth” Schemion: Easy passage to final

Hady El Asmar, the amateur from Lebanon, however, has been on one of those old-fashioned roller coasters. He was very fortunate to squeeze into Day 3, and was trailing 96 percent of the field at that stage. Now, however, he is leading the final nine.

That’s poker.

Tournament trajectories of day-end and current leaders

Romain Paon
Day 1B – 1st (of 186) – ahead of 100% of field
Day 2 – 38th (of 114) – ahead of 67% of field
Day 3 – 23rd (of 34) – trailing 68% of field
Day 4 – 11th (of 15) – trailing 73% of field
Finished: 13th (€66,500) – outlasted 87.7% of field

Jose Carlos Garcia
Day 1A – 1st (of 113) – ahead of 100% of field
Day 2 – 3rd (of 114) – ahead of 97% of field
Day 3 – 1st (of 34) – ahead of 100% of field
Day 4 – 13th (of 15) – trailing 87% of field

Ole Schemion
Day 1A – 8th (of 113) – ahead of 93% of field
Day 2 – 1st (of 114) – ahead of 100% of field
Day 3 – 7th (of 34) – ahead of 79% of field
Day 4 – 7th (of 15) – ahead of 56% of field

Johnny Lodden
Day 1B – 60th (of 186) – ahead of 68% of field
Day 2 – 68th (of 114) – trailing 59% of field
Day 3 – 8th (of 34) – ahead of 74% of field
Day 4 – 1st (of 15) – ahead of 100% of field

Adrian Mateos
Day 1 – 127th (of 186) – trailing 68% of field
Day 2 – 45th (of 114) – ahead of 61% of field
Day 3 – 20th (of 34) – trailing 59% of field
Day 4 – 3rd (of 15) – ahead of 80% of field

Hady El Asmar
Day 1B – 75th (of 186) – ahead of 60% of field
Day 2 – 110th (of 114) – trailing 96% of field
Day 3 – 5th (of 34) – ahead of 85% of field
Day 4 – 6th (of 15) – ahead of 60% of field

Follow all the action from the €10,000 Main Event on the Main Event page. Also watch on EPT Live. The €25,000 High Roller is into its second day, over on the High Roller page. It’s also about time you downloaded the EPT app. There you will get all the latest news, chip counts and payouts. You can download it on Android or IOS.

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