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There’s no stopping Charlie Carrel
Whoever plans these big poker festivals is one clever cookie.

You see, with Day 1A of the Main Event taking place yesterday, that meant that anyone who had played and survived now wasn’t due back until Tuesday for Day 2. Add to the mix the fact that the €25,000 EPT High Roller finished yesterday, and you could have expected a lot of bored poker players searching for something to fill their Monday off.

Yeah, right.

Boredom doesn’t exist at the EPT! Luckily for those players who just want to keep on playing (i.e. the vast majority), there was a €10,300 High Roller tournament running today that would start and finish all on the same day, meaning they could comfortably play before returning to the Main Event tomorrow. Heck, even if they hadn’t played the Main Event yet, they can still buy-in at the start of Day 2!

A total of 66 players decided to pony up the buy-in, and 23 of those exercised their single re-entry option, making it 89 entries in total. That produced a staggering prize pool of €863,300, with a handsome €229,200 going to the eventual winner.

That final table was full of familiar faces, including Dominik Nitsche – who won the UKIPT High Roller last night for €156,560. Nitsche would go on to finish 2nd in this event, but in the end it was the 22-year-old British superstar Charlie Carrel who took it down, fresh off his 3rd place finish in the €25,000 High Roller yesterday for €234,100.

Carrel can now add €164,500 to his Dublin winnings, as the final four players made a deal. Here’s how the tournament played out over the day (the full updates can be found here).

Every face a name

It was a stacked line up: Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier, PCA 2016 Main Event champ Mike Watson, and €25,000 EPT Dublin High Roller champ Mustapha Kanit were amongst the action, as were Mike McDonald, Steve O’Dwyer, Igor Kurganov, Dzmitry Urbanovich, Martin Jacobson, Adrian Mateos, Timothy Adams, Christoph Vogelsang, Daniel Dvoress, Ryan Riess, and Ben Heath.

Our bubble boy was Daniel Dvoress, who was crippled when he ran jacks into Kevin MacPhee’s kings, and busted a few hands later.


Daniel Dvoress bubbles
Ryan Riess, Kevin MacPhee, Fernando Brito, and Sergey Lebedev were the next to go.


MacPhee out in 11th
That got us down to a final table of 9, and here’s how they stacked up:

Mark Radoja 1,840,000
Dominik Nitsche 1,425,000
Demetrio Barreca 1,220,000
Senh Ung 1,000,000
Jeff Rossiter 930,000
Charlie Carrel 825,000
Francois Billard 670,000
Viacheslav Goryachev 400,000
Paul Tedeschi 375,000

Viacheslav Goryachev was the first to leave the final table, followed by a crazy double elimination hand. Jeff Rossiter shoved, then Senh Ung shoved, and then Mark Radoja shoved as well!

Rossiter had AQ, Ung had JJ, but Radoja had them both with KK, which would hold up, knocking both players out.


Rossiter falls in 7th
Demetrio Berreca went out in 6th shortly after, followed by Paul-Francois Tedeschi in 5th.


Paul-Francois Tedeschi laddered up nicely with a short stack
When we got to four-handed, the players cut a deal. Here’s what they agreed:

Mark Radoja €144,180
Dominik Nitsche €139,450
Charlie Carrel €134,600
Francois Billard €128,120

They left €29,900 plus the trophy to play for, and after a little bit of four-handed play we lost Billard in 3rd. He’d already locked up €128,120 so wasn’t too dissapointed!


Francois Billard gets 4th
Three-handed went on for quite some time, taking us into the early hours of the morning. It was Mark Radoja – the man who led for much of this final table following that double-elimination hand – who exited in 3rd, taking home his €144,180. He moved all in from the small blind for 1 million with Q6 and was called by Carrel in the bb with A8. The flop paired Carrel’s eight and no queen turned up on the turn or river.


Radoja gets 3rd
Heads up was quite a relaxed affair, with both Carrel and Nitsche fresh off huge scores yesterday. However, both still clearly wanted to win the extra €29,900 and the shiny trophy.

The chip lead changed hands several times, and plenty of bluffs were shown. However, it was two big hands that would settle it.


Carrel and Nitsche – two poker beasts
Nitsche limped on the button and Carrel made it 400,000 to play from his bb. Nitsche didn’t waste time shoving for his last 2.1 million and the call from Carrel was even quicker – “Aces!” he said gleefully, turning over AA. Nitsche had AQ, and the 105J gave him some hope for a straight. But the 4 turn and 8 river were no help whatsoever.

And just like that, we had our champ!

Nitsche and Radoja were all talking about whether or not they could still register for the EPT Dublin Main Event tomorrow on Day 2 – which they can in the morning. So don’t be surprised if we see them both tomorrow, alongside Carrel who survived Day 1A.

We hope we see you tomorrow too! Come back and check out all the action from Day 2 of the Main Event. Goodnight!

€10,300 Single-Day High Roller
Players: 66
Re-entries: 23
Prize pool: €863,300

1 Charlie Carrel (United Kingdom) €164,500*
2 Dominik Nitsche (Germany) €139,450*
3 Mark Radoja (Canada) €144,180*
4 Francois Billard (Canada) €128,120*
5 Paul-Francois Tedeschi (France) €66,480
6 Demetrio Barreca (Italy) €51,800
7 Jeff Rossiter (Australia) €41,000
8 Senh Ung (United Kingdom) €31,940
9 Viacheslav Goryachev (Russia) €24,170

*Indicates a four-handed deal was made

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