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Last night we told you all about how this €25K High Roller at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT12 Grand Final broke records for its amount of players. Well, all those buy-ins were finally added up and here on Day 2 we had our prize pool confirmed.

A massive €1,197,000 will be waiting for our winner when the remaining players play down to the end tomorrow,  even more than the €1,114,000 that last year’s winner Charlie Carrel took home. Day 2 saw the field go from 100+ down to just 12, and the man in front of them all overnight is Zvi Stern.

zvi_stern_ept12mon_25k_6may16.jpgZvi Stern
Stern had something of a perfect poker day; rising to the chip lead early on, and having enough big-action pots throughout the day to sustain at least a top three chip count. He’ll bring 1,638,000 back tomorrow, while the two players hot on his tail are Max Silver (1,342,000) and Alexandros Kolonias (1,338,000). Here’s a look at the chip counts for the third and final day:

Name Country Chips
Zvi Stern Israel 1,638,000
Max Silver UK 1,342,000
Alexandros Kolonias Greece 1,338,000
Alexandru Papazian Romania 1,231,000
Ivan Deyra France 1,160,000
Rafael Da Silva Moraes Brazil 1,026,000
Eddy Maksoud Lebanon 907,000
Imad Derwiche France 840,000
Anthony Zinno USA 816,000
Saar Wilf Israel 509,000
Thomas Miller USA 383,000
Ramin Hajiyev Azerbaijan 366,000

Only 31 players would reach the money, and the unfortunate soul who was left wondering “Uhh why mee?”  was Ami ‘UhhMee’ Barer. He got it all-in good with pocket tens against the Ace-Queen of Julian Stuer, but an Ace on the river would send him packing in 32nd.


Barer the bubble boy
Daniel Negreanu was the only member of Team Pro to reach the money, and it was a nice cash too – 15th for €83,760. Kid Poker committed his stack on a 46Q flop with the AQ, and was ahead of Alexadnru Papazian’s 87 draw. However, the 5 turn put Papazian ahead with a flush, and there would be no diamond on the river to save Negreanu.


Deep run for Negreanu
Unfortunately for last night’s chip leader Niall Farrell, another final table wasn’t to be. He’d already finished second in the France Poker Series main event on this trip, but in this one he’d have to settle for 20th and a not-too-shabby €66,780.

All of the 12 remaining players are guaranteed a minimum pay-out of €92,250 – you can check out all of the pay-outs here.

Simply scroll down to catch up on all of the Day 2 action, but for now we’ll say goodnight. Play resumes at 12:30pm tomorrow, so make sure you join us right to the end. Besides, you’ll also want to see who wins the main event! –JS

2:15am: Done for the day
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

Play is over and the 12 players are bagging their chips. We’ll be back will full chip counts and a wrap of the day shortly. –JS

2:13am: Unlucky 13th for Kaverman
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

It might not be a Friday 13th, but it is now Friday, and Byron Kaverman just got very unlucky to bust in 13th place.

He jammed all-in over the top of Eddy Maksoud’s 45,000 open with the KK and was called, up against the A5.

The Q35 flop paired Maksoud but was relatively safe, but it was the J turn that brought the danger. Any club was send him home early, and it came the 6 on the river.

Kaverman will collect his €92,250, and for now we’re down to 12. –JS

2am: Zinno takes big pot from Kaverman
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

We’ll never know quite how ugly the running cards that Anthony Zinno just hit were for Byron Kaverman as we never saw his cards.

It folded to Zinno and he made it 55,000 to go from the small blind, and Kaverman defended his big. The flop was the JK3 and both checked, so we saw the 4 hit the turn. Zinno put out a delayed c-bet for 75,000 and Kaverman wouldn’t budge.

The river was the 5 and Zinno counted a bet of 175,000 and slid it across the line. Kaverman got a count and quickly tossed in a single chip indicating a call.

Zinno turned over the 67 for a runner-runner straight, and Kaverman could only pay it off. He has 223,000 left, while Zinno is up to 745,000. –JS

1:45am: Tight at the top
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

With 30 minutes left in the day the top three stacks are separated by just 10 big blinds. Max Silver leads with 1.6m, Zvi Stern is close behind with 1.5m and Alexandru Papazian isn’t far back with 1.4m. –NW

1:27am: Julian Stuer eliminated in 14th place (€ 83,760)
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

Julian Steur had dropped down to 360,000 by the time he took his last stand. Alexandros Kolonias opened to 45,000, Rafael Da Silva Moraes smooth called and Steur then shoved for 360,000.

Kolonias took so long to come to a decision that the clock was called, when his countdown reached two he mucked and Da Silva Moraes then asked for a count. He thought for about 20 seconds and then called.

Steur: 33
Da Silva Moraes: 55

The 4A64K board meant there was no reprieve for Steur and we’re down to 13. Da Silva Moraes is up to over a million now. –NW

1:17am: Back for the last level
Level 21 – Blinds 10,000/20,000 (3,000 ante)

The 14 remaining players are back in their seats for the final level of the night. Romanian player Alexandru Papazian leads the way.

Name Country Chips
Alexandru Papazian Romania 1,680,000
Alexandros Kolonias Greece 1,320,000
Max Silver UK 1,310,000
Zvi Stern Israel 1,226,000
Imad Derwiche France 760,000
Saar Wilf Israel 705,000
Anthony Zinno USA 683,000
Rafael Da Silva Moraes Brazil 655,000
Ivan Deyra France 655,000
Julian Stuer Germany 625,000
Eddy Maksoud Lebanon 565,000
Byron Kaverman USA 520,000
Thomas Miller USA 500,000
Ramin Hajiyev Azerbaijan 360,000


Alexandru Papazian

21 10,000 20,000 3,000

1:01am: Break time

Players are now on a 15-minute break. When they return we’ll have one more level of play. –JS

12:45am: Daniel Negreanu eliminated in 15th place (€ 83,760)
Level 20 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante)

Daniel Negreanu has just been eliminated from this tournament in a hand that has a passing resemblance to his WSOP Main Event bust out hand in 2015.

In the hand in question here at the EPT Grand Final Alexandru Papazian limped, Negreanu raised to 46,000 on the button, Zvi Stern called from the small blind and Papazian also called.

On the 46Q flop Negreanu c-bet 65,000, Stern smooth called and Papazian check-raised to 190,000 total. It didn’t take Negreanu too long to shove for 391,000 total and after Stern folded, Papazian called off the extra chips.

Negreanu: AQ
Papazian: 87

Papazian had flush and straight outs and hit both on the 5 turn, Negreanu had outs though but missed them on the 8 river. “Good game,” he said to the table as he headed to the payout desk.

Papazian is up to 1,450,000 after that hand. –NW


Negreanu’s race is run
12:40am: Enrico Coppola eliminated in 16th place (€ 75,270)
Level 20 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante)

We’ve had another exit – this time it’s Enrico Coppola who has fallen.

Zvi Stern opened to 32,000 and Copoola shoved. Anthony Zinno made the call, Stern folded, and the cards were revealed.

Zinno had the KK and that was ahead of the AK of Coppola. There was no ace on the 2J3QJ board and Coppola was sent home in 16th. –JS

12:35am: Two tables seat draw
Level 20 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante)

Table 1

Seat 1: Anthony Zinno
Seat 2: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 3: Imad Derwiche
Seat 4: Zvi Stern
Seat 5: Ramin Hajiyev
Seat 6: Enrico Coppola
Seat 7: Eddy Maksoud
Seat 8: Alexandru Papazian

Table 2

Seat 1: Saar Wilf
Seat 2: Thomas Miller
Seat 3: Max Silver
Seat 4: Alexandros Kolonias
Seat 5: Rafael Da Silva Moraes
Seat 6: Ivan Deyra
Seat 7: Julian Stuer
Seat 8: Byron Kaverman

12:20am: Three eliminations: Bondar, Zho, Schillhabel
Level 20 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante)

Andrey Bondar moved all-in on the button for 78,000 with the 99 and was called by Imad Derwiche in the small blind with the 66. It looked good for Bondar until the flop – the 653 gave Derwiche a set. The turn came the J, and just to rub it in the 6 hit the river. Bondar is gone in 19th.

Zho was next to fall, and surprising seeing as he had dropped to just 30,000. It folded to him in the small blind with the K3 and he moved all-in, and Negreanu snap-called with the AQ. The board ran out 210996 and Zho finished 18th.

And then there was Stefan Schillhabel. Max Silver opened to 36,000 and Schillhabel shoved with the 44, which Silver called with the 55. The Brit improved to a set on the 785 flop, and the board was completed by the K and 9. Shillhabel went in 17th and it was time for a re-draw. –JS

12:05am: Big stacks
Level 20 – Blinds 8,000/16,000 (2,000 ante)

As level 20 gets underway the average stack is 608,000 but there are four stacks of over a million. They belong to:

Alexandros Kolonias – 1,400,000
Zvi Stern – 1,350,000
Max Silver – 1,225,000
Alexandru Papazian – 1,100,000


20 8,000 16,000 2,000

11:59pm: Kolonias takes the chip lead
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Alexandros Kolonias has taken the chip lead after taking a big pot against Eddy Maksoud.

The latter opened to 27,000 from the cutoff, Kolonias three-bet to 90,000 and Maksoud smooth called. Kolonias led for 80,000 on the 893 flop and Maksoud stuck around to see the K hit the turn. Both players checked and the 5 fell on fifth street.

Colonies checked and then called a bet of 205,000 from Maksoud. The Lebanese player opened Q10 which was no good against the pocket jacks of Kolonias. He’s now up to 1,400,000. –NW

11:56pm: Farrell felted
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Niall Farrell is our latest man to fall. He got it all-in for around 200,000 with the 44 but was called by the bigger pair (88) of Anthony Zinno. The board came the 10522Q and Farrell became our 20th place finisher. Zinno is up to 670,000 now. –JS

11:50pm: Huge pot for Silver; Zho left crippled
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Quan Zho opened to 26,000 and got four callers: Daniel Negreanu, Max Silver, Stefan Schillhabel, and Andrey Bondar. The flop came 7104 and it checked to Zho who continued for 53,000, and Negreanu made the call.

The action was now on Max Silver and he announced a raise. He bumped it up to 160,000 and it folded back to Zho who moved all-in, having Silver covered.

This was not good news for Negreanu who clearly had a good hand he didn’t want to get rid of. He would make a great fold though, as we later found out he had pocket Kings.

Silver called and had the 44 for a set, while Zho had the A10 for top pair and a flush draw. The 10 turn just about sealed the deal for Silver, and the 8 river confirmed it.

Zho dropped to just 85,000, Negreanu has 460,000, and Silver is up to 990,000. –JS

11:40pm: Smith’s comeback ends, Goldberg also departs
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Dan Smith’s remarkable ride in this tournament has come to an end. He got it in pre-flop with A4 and picked up calls from Zvi Stern and Alain Goldberg. On the 2610 flop Stern shoved all-in with A7 and Goldberg ducked out the way.

Although Smith called for a chop the 3 turn and K river didn’t provide one. Goldberg was left short on chips after this hand and was eliminated by Anthony Zinno a short time later. –NW

11:35pm: Makhija and Korotkikh perish
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

The final three tables weren’t full for long as Amit Makhija (24th) and Mikhail Korotkikh (23rd) have both been eliminated. Makhija was short on chips and didn’t hit with 84 against Zvi Stern’s K10. And Korotkikh got his final chips in with AJ and failed to spike against the AKd] of Alexandros Kolonias. –NW

11:30pm: Three table re-draw
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Here’s how the final 24 are seated:

Table 1

Seat 1: Thomas Miller
Seat 2: Mikhail Korotkikh
Seat 3: Rafael Da Silva Moraes
Seat 4: Byron Kaverman
Seat 5: Eddy Maksoud
Seat 6: Enrico Coppola
Seat 7: Alexandros Kolonias
Seat 8: Julian Stuer

Table 2

Seat 1: Imad Derwiche
Seat 2: Saar Wilf
Seat 3: Alexandru Papazian
Seat 4: Quan Zho
Seat 5: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 6: Max Silver
Seat 7: Stefan Schillhabel
Seat 8: Andrey Bondar

Table 3

Seat 1: Ivan Deyra
Seat 2: Alain Goldberg
Seat 3: Zvi Stern
Seat 4: Niall Farrell
Seat 5: Anthony Zinno
Seat 6: Dan Smith
Seat 7: Ramin Hajiyev
Seat 8: Amit Makhija

11:22pm: Igor Yaroshevskyy out in 25th
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (ante 2,000)

Down to just 79,000 Igor Yaroshevskyy moved all-in with AJ and was in a spot of bother as Alexandru Papazian had him dominated with AK. He didn’t get there on the 37Q89 board and he’s out in 25th.

As a result there’s now a short break whilst they do a complete re-draw of the 24 remaining players.

11:18pm: Lucky sevens for Smith
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (ante 2,000)

“77,000 for a pair of sevens,” said Dan Smith as he waited for his fate to be dealt. He’d shoved for 77,000 with 77 and Amit Makhija had called his shove with AJ. It was most of his stack too, he had around 130,000 to start the hand.

The K224Q board was good for Smith and he’s gone from being one card away from bubbling this tournament to have being back over 10 big blinds. Makhija meanwhile is well and truly in the danger zone with just 52,000. –NW

11:15pm: Derwiche dented
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (ante 2,000)

From middle position Daniel Negrenau opened to 27,000, Imad Derwiche smooth called on the button only for Rafael Da Silva Moraes to three-bet squeeze all-in for 215,000 total. Negreanu scarpered sharpish but Derwiche got a count and then called.

Derwiche: AK
Da Silva Moraes: KK

“I can tell you there are no kings left,” said Negreanu before the 879Q3 board doubled Da Silva Moraes to around 500,000 and dropped Derwiche to 600,000. –NW

11:12pm: Miller time
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (ante 2,000)

Thomas Miller is up to 350,000 after doubling through Niall Farrell. The American shoved for 162,000 with KQ and Farrell looked him up with AJ.

The 56K73 board means Farrell is down to 245,000. –NW

11:10pm: Luca out, Kaverman survives
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (ante 2,000)

This should’ve been a double knockout but Ivan Luca is the only player heading to collect his winnings. The Argentinian shoved for 65,000 from under-the-gun, Quan Zhou flat called and Byron Kaverman then shoved for 232,000.

It passed back to Zhou who needed to call another 167,000 from his stack of 521,000 to put both players at risk. He thought for so long that the clock was called by Mikhail Korotkikh. As time ticked down Zhou seemed no closer to a decision and then suddenly he mucked AQ face-up.

Luca: Q10
Kaverman: KQ

Zhou had folded the best hand and he lived to regret it as the board ran 2J866. Kaverman is up to 400,000 after winning that hand. -NW


Luca leaves
11:07pm: Siddiqui finishes 27th at the hands of Schillhabel
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

Yet another player down. Shaan Siddiqui got his short stack all-in with the AK and Stefan Schillhabel called with the 910. The J84 was a bad flop for the at-risk player as Schillhabel picked up an open-ender, but he’d also pair his ten on the 10 turn. The river came the J and Siddiqui was out for €49,800. –JS

11pm: Troyanovskiy gone in 29th; Karmazinas out in 28th
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

They’re falling thick and fast right now. First Vladimir Troyanovskiy left us; he got it all-in with the Q9 and need a lot of help as he was called by Saar Wilf with the QQ. There was never any danger of a flush or straight and the Russian is out.

On another table, Dominykas Karmazinas moved all-in for 131,000 and was called by Niall Farrell who had the AK. That was out in front against Karmazinas’ KJ and the board ran out 5K36Q to send the Lithuanian to the rail.

Both players take home €49,800 for their efforts. –JS


Another cash for Troyanovskiy
10:52pm: Chip counts
Level 19 – Blinds 6,000/12,000 (2,000 ante)

It’s still Zvi Stern who leads the way…

Name Country Chips
Zvi Stern Israel 1,444,000
Eddy Maksoud Lebanon 890,000
Imad Derwiche France 748,000
Alexandru Papazian Romania 715,000
Max Silver UK 675,000
Alexandros Kolonias Greece 664,000
Quan Zhou China 650,000
Julian Stuer Germany 615,000
Enrico Coppola Italy 585,000
Saar Wilf Israel 530,000
Anthony Zinno USA 500,000
Daniel Negreanu Canada 488,000
Mikhail Korotkikh Russia 433,000
Niall Farrell UK 308,000
Ramin Hajiyev Azerbaijan 270,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 245,000
Byron Kaverman USA 242,000
Andrey Bondar Russia 208,000
Ivan Deyra France 200,000
Rafael Da Silva Moraes Brazil 190,000
Amit Makhija USA 158,000
Dominykas Karmazinas Lithuania 145,000
Dan Smith USA 106,000
Alain Goldberg Israel 100,000
Igor Yaroshevskyy Ukraine 100,000
Thomas Miller USA 70,000
Ivan Luca Argentina 69,000
Shaan Siddiqui Canada 54,000


19 6,000 12,000 2,000

10:32pm: Break time
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

The players are now on a 15 minute break. –NW

10:30pm: Pablo Melogno out in 30th
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Down to just 138,000 Pablo Melogno shoved from under-the-gun with A10 and Anthony Zinno isolated with AQ. The 2K6Q9 board kept Zinno in front and Melogno headed to the payout desk. Zinno is up to 500,000. –NW

10:22pm: O’Dwyer gone in 31st
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

The first player to leave us after the bubble is Steve O’Dwyer. He moved all-in from utg+1 for 85,000 and Julian Stuer – the man responsible for busting Ami Barer as the bubble boy – made the call. It folded back around and the cards were flipped:

O’Dwyer – JQ
Stuer – AK

It ran out A3107J and Stuer moved up to 920,000, while O’Dwyer will collect €49,800. –JS


O’Dwyer – out but in the money
10:15pm: Farrell scoops a nice pot, and the cards didn’t matter
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

He was chip leader at the beginning of the day and then one of the shorter stacks at the bubble, but now that it’s burst Niall Farrell is back to business.

Farrell opened to 22,000 from the cut-off and Enrico Coppola called from the small blind. The flop came the Q37 and both checked, taking us to the 5 turn, Coppola now led for 29,000 which Farrell would call, and then led for 55,000 on the 5 river.

Farrell thought for around a minute, counting out the calling chips. He would eventually put them in the middle and Coppola instantly mucked, so Farrell did too before stacking his winnings.

“Sorry, that’s really boring for you guys,” Farrell told the PokerStars Blog after the hand. “But I had ten-high…just kidding.” –JS

10:05pm: Double up for Bondar
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Andrey Bondar open shoved for 92,000 on the button with AQ and Vladimir Troyanovskiy gave him a spin with A4. The best hand held up on the J578A board and Bondar survived. –NW

10:05pm: The bar is open for Barer – he bubbles the 25K high roller
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Meet our latest bubble boy here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT12 Grand Final – Ami Barer.

He moved all-in from the cut-off for 84,000 with the 1010 and was called by Julian Stuer in the big blind with the AQ. Naturally we had to wait a while to see the hands, but when the race was revealed the dealer put out a 56J flop. The tens were holding up.

The turn came the 8, and Barer was still out in front.

Then the A landed on the river. Barer’s chips shipped to Stuer who now has 825,000; meanwhile, Ami Barer slipped off into the night. –JS


Barer makes his exit
9:55pm: Dan Smith doubles through Byron Kaverman
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Dan Smith was under-the-gun with just 47,000 in chips. He capped his cards with two 1K chips and waited. There was a hand in progress between Zvi Stern and Daniel Negreanu and he wanted to see how that one panned out. It went all the way to the river and Negreanu took it down with aces.

Once that hand had ended Smith moved all-in – well almost. He had 45,000 of his chips across the line but left the two orange 1k chips on his cards. It folded all the way to Byron Kaverman in the big blind and he peaked down at his cards. There was no snap call, no anything in fact for a while.

He grimaced, a lot. He clearly didn’t have a decent hand, but just how bad was it? Bad enough to fold to a 4.7 big blind shove? Perhaps. We found out soon enough as he did make the call to put Smith at risk.

Smith: J10
Kaverman: 93

A big crowd had gathered and they watch on as the flop came 55Q. The 3 turn gave Kaverman the lead, Smith laughed and took a sip from his beer, whilst his good friend Steve O’Dwyer seemed more upset at the turn of events. The river though was the Q meaning Kaverman’s pair was counterfeited and Smith doubled up. –NW


Smith survives
9:48pm: Bubble boss
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

Max Silver is taking full advantage of the bubble and has managed to increase his stack to 880,000. –JS

9:43pm: Jacobson soft-bubbles
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

We’re now officially on the real money bubble as Martin Jacobson has busted in 33rd.

He moved all-in for 103,000 after it folded around to him and Imad Derwiche made the call. Jacobson had the A9 which needed to hit against the 77. But the board bricked for the former world champ – KQ42J – and he was gone. Derwiche is up to 700,000. –JS


Derwiche whispers what he has to Jacobson

Jacobson takes it in his stride
9:20pm: At risk
Level 18 – Blinds 5,000/10,000 (1,000 ante)

We’re just two off the money and the following players are most at risk of bubbling:

Dan Smith – 60,000
Andrey Bodnar – 100,000
Martin Jacobson – 105,000
Ami Barer – 105,000
Steve O’Dwyer – 110,000

18 5,000 10,000 1,000

9:07pm: Hand for hand
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Even though we’re only on the soft bubble, it has been decided that we will now play hand for hand. The clock is paused temporarily, but will be back up and running shortly. –JS

9:05pm: Silver second best to Schillhabel
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Stefan Schillhabel needed a double up and he’s just found one, courtesy of Max Silver.

Silver opened to 23,000 with the A10 and Schillhabel shipped it in for 97,000 with the KK. Silver called and it ran out Q2J39, bringing Schillhabel up to a little over 200,000, while Silver has 400,000 remaining. –JS

9pm: Zinno doubles through Hajiyev
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Anthony Zinno has just doubled through Ramin Hajiyev after he got it all-in with his KK against Hajiyev’s JJ. In the end the board showed AQ587 and Zinno moved up to 472,000, while Hajiyev has 250,000. –JS

8:55pm: Heath loses el classico to Zho
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Ben Heath made a sizable shove for 190,000 under the gun and it folded around to Quan Zho in the big blind. He asked how much it was but made the call before the dealer had even counted.

Heath – AK
Zho – QQ

It was the most classic of races and it was one that Heath couldn’t win. The board ran out 32265 and Heath went over to his rail (Charlie Carrel). The pair made their exit while Zho moved up to 565,000. We’re now two from the money. –JS

8:45pm: David Yan out in 35th
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

Just two off the bubble now as David Yan saw his stack evaporate in back to back hands. It was the first of the two that did nearly all the damage as he lost a big pot to Imad Derwiche, who was runner-up in this event last year.

The hand started with Yan raising to what looked like 18,000 from under-the-gun, one seat along Derwiche called and the two of them took a J510 flop. Yan c-bet 20,000, Derwiche raised it up to 80,000 and Yan smooth called.

Both players checked the 6 turn and the 7 completed the board. Yan jammed for 216,000 and Derwiche checked his own stack (199,000) before calling.

Yan rolled over KQ and Derwiche had JJ for the flopped set. That left Yan with just 17,000 and he was eliminated on the next hand by Daniel Negreanu. –NW

8:40pm: O’Dwyer doubles through Zho
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

It folded to Steve O’Dwyer in the cut-off and he moved all-in for 87,000. Chip leader Zvi Stern tanked for around two minutes before folding, but Quan Zho made the call. He had the AJ, but O’Dwyer was ahead with the QQ.

The board ran out pure for the No.1 ranked live tournament player, but not without providing a sweat; it came the 2J824 and O’Dwyer got the double to around 180,000. –JS


A timely double up for ‘Mr High Roller’
8:30pm: Badziakouski busts in first hand back
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

We head another loud roar from Mikhail Korotkikh and the reason was he eliminated Mikita Badziakouski in the very first hand after the dinner break.

Alexandros Kolonias opened and Badziakouski jammed with his AJ, only for Korotkikh to re-jam with the JJ. Kolonias got out of the way and the board ran out 76107K.

With those new chips, Korotkikh is now playing 530,000. –JS

8:20pm: Play restarts
Level 17 – Blinds 4,000/8,000 (1,000 ante)

There are 36 players remaining of whom 31 will get paid. Below you can see the top five and bottom five stack as level 17 gets underway.



Name Country Chips
Zvi Stern Israel 1,180,000
Julian Stuer Germany 720,000
Alexandru Papazian Romania 650,000
Eddy Maksoud Lebanon 550,000
Saar Wilf Israel 485,000
Martin Jacobson Sweden 130,000
Pablo Melogno Uruguay 126,000
Stefan Schillhabel Germany 120,000
Rafael Da Silva Moraes Brazil 110,000
Dan Smith USA 90,000

You can see full counts here.


Stern has the chip lead

17 4,000 8,000 1,000

7:07pm: Dinner break

With 36 players left — just five off the cash — and Zvi Stern still well in front, the high rollers are now taking a 75-minute dinner break. – MH

7:06pm: Stephensen unlucky to bust
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

We’ve just lost Felix Stephensen right before the dinner break. Alexandros Kolonias had opened to 13,000 under the gun and it folded to Stephensen who jammed from the big blind for around 100,000. Kolonias made the call with the 88, which was trailing Stephensen’s JJ.

Only until the flop, though. It came the 10Q8 and Kolonias hit a set, but there were still outs for Stephensen. A nine would give him a straight, while a Jack would give him a bigger set. The K turn provided even more outs; now any Ace would do it, too. It came the 3, though, and the disappointed Norwegian made his exit.

Kolonias is up to 446,000 now. –JS

7:02pm: More gold for Goldberg
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Alain Goldberg is up to 225,000 after doubling up in a hand against Ami Barer. The Israeli opened to 12,000 from early position, Barer – who was to his immediate left – three-bet to 36,000 and Daniel Negreanu folded what he later said was ace-jack.

When it got back to Goldberg he shoved for 106,000 and Barer called the extra. Goldberg showed KK, whilst Barer had AK. The J2J flop was good for Negreanu, but he wasn’t in the hand anymore. The 8 turn was a blank and the K river gave Goldberg a full house and made Negreanu very glad he folded. Barer is down to 101,000 after that hand. –NW

6:51pm: Silver shown the bluff
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

Fresh off a deep run in the Main Event, Max Silver is on course for another one here. That is assuming he can avoid tilting, after Stefan Schillhabel showed him a bluff.

Silver opened to 14,000 on the button and Schillhabel defended to see the 369 flop. It checked to Silver who continued for the same amount — 14,000 — and Schillhabel jammed over the top. Silver sighed and folded, showing the A, only for Schillhabel to sigh in a “Phew!” kind of way, and he showed the 107 for just a gutshot.

Schillhabel has 132,000, while Silver is still sitting pretty with 426,000. –JS


Silver’s still got plenty of gold
6:47pm: Correction
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (1,000 ante)

A short while ago we told you that Niall Farrell had paid off a big bet from Zvi Stern on the river (see below, 6:10pm). It turns out the hand actually went a little differently.

It was Farrell who was doing the betting, and presumably got out-drawn. He bet 20,000 on the 1085 flop, then 52,000 on the 3 turn (not the 5 as we were previously told), and then 100,000 on the 7 river. Stern check-called the whole way and made two pair on the end with 75. Stern still has over a million, while Farrell is clawing some back and was up to 200,000 last time we checked. –JS

6:44pm: Danger a-Stern
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Zvi Stern just extended his lead to around 1.25 million after his ace-deuce became bottom pair on the flop and a set on the river. Amit Makhija thought for a while, then called to pay off Stern.

Stern was then involved in another hand shortly afterward when he opened for 13,000. Quan Zhou was on the button and raised to 32,000. Next to him in the small blind was Ben Heath, who moved all-in for 165,000, a tactic he’s used on various occasions this afternoon.

Zhou thought for several minutes before mucking. – SB

6:40pm: Negreanu nabs one
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

From what we’ve seen Daniel Negrenau has been playing pretty snug over the last couple of levels. In part that was down to him getting a long massage at the table, but that’s over now and so it seems is he has a predilection to fold.

He was one of two callers of David Yan’s opening raise of 12,000 (the other was Ami Barer) and that trio of tournament titans took a 869 flop. All three players checked and the J hit the turn. Barer was done checking, firing out a opening salvo of 26,000 and Negreanu was the only caller.

The 10 was an interesting river card and Barer slowed down. He checked to Negreanu and folded to the Canadian’s bet of 36,000. Kid Poker is up to 255,000 whilst Barer is down to 275,000. –NW

6:30pm: Expanding Kolonias
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Alexandros Kolonias is up to 380,000 after doubling through Mikita Badziakouski. I only caught the river action but Kolonias shoved for 124,000 into a pot of 135,000 with the board showing 103864.  Badziakouski snap called with AA, but he’d been rivered by the A9 of Kolonias. After that setback, Badziakouski is down to 205,000. –NW

6:20pm: Negreanu plays nice with Derwiche
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Daniel Negreanu opened to 11,500 under the gun and Imad Derwiche called, as did Rafael Da Silva Moraes from the small blind and Ami Barer from the big.

The four saw a 10QA flop hit the felt and it checked to Derwiche who took a 27,000 stab. Only Kid Poker came along.

The turn was the 2 which both checked, and then the 8 landed on the river. Negreanu led for 22,500 and Derwich came pretty close to calling – even having all the chips held in the palm of his fist which it looked like he’d slam on the table like he was giving it a high-five.

“Show me one card if I fold, one time?” he pleaded. “Yes,” Negreanu said firmly, pointing at the Frenchman.

He was true to his word, as when Derwiche folded Negreanu showed the A. In fact, he went one better and told the table he had Ace-King. The Team Pro has 248,000 now. –JS

EPT12_MON_Velli-1146_Daniel Negreanu.jpg

Some for Negreanu
6:10pm: Stern over a million at Farrell’s expense
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

Zvi Stern’s newly-acquired 1.08 million stack came courtesy of a big call from Niall Farrell.

The board was 108557 and Stern bet 100,000, which Farrell called. Stern had the 57 for a full house and is even further in front now, while overnight chip leader Farrell has just 140,000 left. –JS

6:05pm: Zhou zapped by Papazian
Level 16 – Blinds 3,000/6,000 (ante 1,000)

A huge hand just occurred between Alexandru Papazian and Quan Zhou and it’s one that ended with Papazian having a stack of near 600,000 and Zhou having a stack of zero.

Pre-flop, Papazian was the aggressor. He raised to 11,000 from the hijack and Zhou called from the small blind. The flop fell 476 and Zhou checked it over to Papazian who bet 17,000. Zhou reached for raising chips and check-raised to 44,000 total.

Now it was Papazian who reached for chips. He came back over the top, making it 82,000 to play. The raising war wasn’t over though as Zhou moved all-in for 155,000 total and Papazian flicked in a chip to signify a call.

Zhou: QQ
Papazian: 76

Zhou had got cute with a big pair and on this occasion it had cost him. The 7 turn improved Papazian to a full house and the 3 rounded out the board to send Zhou on his way. –NW


16 3,000 6,000 1,000

6pm: Luca and Stephensen double up
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (ante 500)

Ivan Luca was all-in for 64,000 under the gun with pocket tens. He’s back up to 132,000 having made quads on the flop.

Also doubling up is Felix Stephensen. He moved all-in for 82,000 behind a bet of 11,000 from Anthony Spinella, who called.

Stephensen showed 1010 to Spinella’s AQ. The board ran 210K95. Stephensen now up to 170,000. – SB

5:55pm: My two hands with Andre
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (ante 500)

Andre Akkari is one of only two Team PokerStars Pros left in this field (the other being Daniel Negreanu) but he’s pretty short right now. I hovered around his table to see if an all-in was coming.

It did – on the first hand. Akkari moved all-in for a little over 60,000 from under the gun and it folded all the way around. “Nice hand Andre,” said Amit Makhija, who was in the big blind. “Thanks. It was well played,” Akkari said.

On the next hand, it folded to Makhija who was now in the small blind, and he just limped. Akkari checked his option and the two saw an 884 flop. Makhija led for 6,000 and the Brazilian came along, but he’d give it up to a 15,000 bet on the 7 turn.

Akkari has 53,000 right now and needs a double up. –JS

5:30pm: Seidel out
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (ante 500)

Erik Seidel is out of the high roller. The American was all-in with AK against the AJ of Ramin Hajiyev who flopped a jack to send Seidel to the rail. – SB

5:25pm: Papazian doubles through Zhao
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (500 ante)

Alexandru Papazian opened to 11,000 and faced a three-bet from Dong Zhao to 32,000. The Dane made the call and the pair saw the 7Q5 flop drop. Papazian checked it to Zhao, who decided to just shove all-in, having his opponent covered. Papazian shrugged and quickly said: “I call.”

He’d paired his Queen with the AQ, which was now way ahead of Zhao’s AK. The ambitious shove didn’t work out and the board was completed by the J and 4.

Papazian now has 319,000 while Zhao has dropped to 130,000. –JS

5:15pm: Stokken out
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (ante 500)

Preben Stokkan is out. He moved in with KQ and got a call from Igor Yaroshevskyy with AA.

There was never really much going for Stokkan from that point on. The board brought a queen but nothing more, running out as it did: Q5459 – SB

5:01pm: Korotkikh lets everyone know he’s won
Level 15 – Blinds 2,500/5,000 (ante 500)

Mikhail Korotkikh got up from his chair and started shouting: “Da, da, da (yes, yes, yes).”

He had rivered a queen holding KQ to crack Luc Greenwood’s AK. Thing is it was Greenwood who had been at risk not Korotkikh so he was simply celebrating getting more chips.

To be fair to Greenwood he took it incredibly well and was actually laughing at the excessiveness of Korotkikh’s celebration. The two of them shook hands before Greenwood left the table. –NW

EPT12_MON_Velli-1168_Mikhail Korotkikh.jpg

Korotkikh, a.k.a. “da” man

15 2,500 5,000 500

4:51pm: Kaverman keeps it slow
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Byron Kaverman played his hand slowly, both in terms of passive play and in time taken.

Dong Zhao made a raise to 9,500 and both Kaverman and Dan Smith called out of the blinds. They saw a 674 flop and it checked around, resulting in the 8 on the turn. Kaverman checked and Smith decided to take a stab at it worth 23,000, which was too much for Zhao.

Kaverman came along though, and then took about two minutes to check on the Q river. Smith instantly checked behind but mucked when Kaverman showed his 88 for a turned set.

Smith is around 260,000, while Kaverman has roughly 180,000. –JS

4:48pm: Barer busts Ramos
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (ante 500)

From middle position Felipe Ramos opened to 8,500 only for David Yan to three-bet to 22,000 total. Action folded round to Ami Barer in the big blind. The Canadian was getting a massage and he took a couple of minutes before moving all-in for 170,500 total.

Ramos only had 71,600 back and he too took a couple of minutes to reach his decision. His decision was to stack them all up and move them over the line. Now Yan needed some tank time, he took a minute or so before pitching his cards into the muck and it was time for showdown.

Barer: AA
Ramos: AK

Ramos got some help on the 7Q10 flop, he got further assistance on the K turn but missed his outs on the 2 river and departed. Barer meanwhile is up to 369,000. –NW

4:45pm: Unstoppable Stern
Level 14 – Blinds: 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Zvi Stern is proving unstoppable, moving up towards the 700,000 mark. He just dispatched Georgios Sotiropoulos to the rail in a big hand that started when Sotiropoulos opened for 9,000. Stern, sitting next to him raised to 28,000. But when the action reached Sotiropoulos shoved for 126,000.

Stern paused. “One two six is a lot of chips,” he said, but then reached back for a tower of blue to call.

Stern 1010
Sotiropoulos AK

The board though was pretty decisive, running as it did: 1054103.

Sotiropoulos stood up on the turn, and had left the tournament area by the river. – SB

EPT12_MON_Velli-1150_Zvi Stern.jpg

Stern soaring
4:40pm: Aido says goodbye, yo
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Two players were all-in when I arrived at the table – Sergio Aido and Eddy Maksoud. The action was on Enrico Coppola and he had a tough decision on his hands.

The hand had started with a 9,000 open from Maksoud which Coppola called. Aido then jammed for 55,000, and Maksoud re-jammed over the top for about 230,000. Coppola eventually gave it up and the cards were on their backs.

Aido – A9
Maksoud – AQ

It didn’t look good the Spaniard and the J438Q brought no help. Aido’s gone, but Maksoud is now playing 290,000. –JS

4:30pm: Things ain’t swell for Jean-Noel Thorel
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Jean-Noel Thorel’s fashion sense is a bit like that of a retired Power Ranger; he assembles his ensembles based entirely around one colour. So, on red day, for example, it’s a red pair of trousers, a red jacket, and maybe a Where’s Wally-style striped top.

Well, tomorrow’s colour is definitely going to be blue to match the Frenchman’s mood, as sadly he’s busted from this high roller. He was pretty short and got it all in with a decent hand in the 99. He was up against Mikhail Korotkikh’s AK.

The 7Q7 flop was safe, as was the 8 turn. But the A river delivered the death blow. Au revoir, Jean-Noel. –JS

4:25pm: Badziakouski bounds into lead
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Mikita Badziakouski has catapulted into the chip lead as the afternoon wears on, thanks in large part to his having secured a huge one to knock out Yang Wang.

Following an opening raise by Badziakouski, Wang three-bet to 24,500 from the big blind, then Badziakouski made it 60,000 to go and Wang called.

Both checked the Q65 flop, then the 9 fell on the turn, Wang checked, Badziakouski bet 60,000, and Wang called.

The river was the 8. Wang checked again, and when Badziakouski pushed all-in, Wang called, turning over 76 for the low end of the straight. But Badziakouski had the better end with J10, and Wang hit the rail.

Now Badziakouski sits with about 690,000, well ahead of the chasing pack with 66 players left. –MH

4:20pm: Silver finds a call
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (ante 500)

I wish I’d got the entirety of this hand but the river action alone was incredibly interesting. There was already 100,000 in the pot by the time the 8 fell on fifth street. The full board was 88668 and Thomas Miller bet enough to set Max Silver all-in (67,200).

Silver stood up to get a better look at how much Miller had, he then sat back down, shook his head a couple of times and started talking about the hand out loud but it was audible only to himself for the most part. He then addressed Miller directly: “I don’t think you think I can ever fold, but I still don’t want to fold.”

He then did some more mental calculations before pushing his chips over the line. Miller opened 76 meaning he actually played the board, Silver though had 1010 meaning the third eight on the river had improved him to eights full of tens and the winning hand.

Silver is up to roughly 240,000 after that hand. –NW

4:15pm: Zinno busts Newey
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Paul Newey just got the last of his short stack in the middle with K8 and needed to improve against Anthony Zinno’s A8.

EPT12_MON_Velli-1136_Paul Newey.jpg

How about a king, dealer?
But a board of 47QQ10 provided no help and Newey is out.

EPT12_MON_Velli-1135_Paul Newey.jpg

On to the next one
Zinno is up around 300,000 after that one. –MH

4:05pm: Hunter or the Foxen?
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

William Foxen was the hunter is this case, albeit a lucky one.

The action folded around to him on the button and he moved all-in for 53,500. Ami Barer was in the next seat and made the call.

Foxen: A5
Barer: A10

The board ran KA5J8. Barer, always smiling, paid his dues and dropped to 95,500. –MC

3:55pm: More for Stern as he busts Teltscher
Level 14 – Blinds 2,000/4,000 (500 ante)

Zvi Stern has added even more to his chip lead, soaring over the half a million mark and currently playing a 585,000 stack.

He got some of his latest chips by busting the Brit and former EPT London winner Mark Teltscher. Georgios Zisimopoulos opened the pot with an under-the-gun open to 9,000 and Stern just called. Teltscher, to Stern’s left, then thought for about 60 seconds before moving all-in for 39,000. It folded back to Stern.

He slammed down a call, but not without saying to Zisimopoulos: “Ahh! Why couldn’t you have re-shoved!”

The reason for that statement was that Stern had the AA and would have welcomed more action. Teltscher had the QQ and needed to hit, but the board ran out 10K242 and the Brit was busted. –JS


14 2,000 4,000 500

3:44pm: Kaverman versus Uskov
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

Mohsin Charania opened for 6,300 from the cutoff and the next two players called him — Saar Wilf (button) and Alexander Uskov (small blind). The action on Byron Kaverman in the big blind, he waited about 45 seconds then reraised all-in. Charania tossed away his cards as did Wilf, and after a bit of a tank himself Uskov called the push.

Kaverman had AK and Uskov AQ, and it looked as though Kaverman may be about to earn a more-than-double-up. But the board rolled out J2354, that river four making a wheel for both and necessitating a chopped pot.

Kaverman has 125,000 now, Uskov 145,000, Charania is down to 70,000, and Wilf up to 390,000. –MH

3:35pm: Blinds take on Negreanu
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

Daniel Negreanu opened for 6,500 on the button. Alexander Uksov was in the small blind and called, so too did Alexander Timokhin in the big.
The flop came 4Q4.

The blinds each checked, so too did Negreanu ahead of the 4 turn card. More checking from the blinds before Negreanu bet 11,000. Uksov called while Timokhin passed. The river card came 6. With the action checked to him again Negreanu bet 27,500. Then he waited. Finally Uksov called, but mucked when Negreanu turned over AQ. – SB

3:24pm: Variants and variance
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

Over at Preben Stokkan’s table, the Norwegian was just now describing a hold’em variation in which the player who wins a hand gets the option of keeping the same hole cards for the next one, provided there wasn’t a showdown.

We’ve seen a number of unusual poker variants over the last couple of weeks here in Monaco. Over in the cash game area we’ve seen a hold’em/Omaha mix in which players were dealt six cards and played both a hold’em and an Omaha hand. There was another game called One-Eyed Hold’em which required players to leave one of their hole cards face up. And still another hold’em variant involved rolling a dice to see how many flop cards would be shown on each street.

Stokkan and Haxton were still discussing the merits of the keep-your-cards version of NLHE when Haxton opened for 6,000, then saw Sylvain Loosli jam all-in from the next seat over. It folded back to Haxton who didn’t need long before letting his hand go, deciding he didn’t wish to risk his tournament life on them as Loosli had him covered. Loosli had to relinquish his, too, even if he might’ve liked to keep them.

Alas for both Loosli and Haxton, both were still short-stacked after that hand, and soon after both would hit the rail. Such is tournament variance. –MH

3:12pm: Just the basics
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

Martin Jacobson has tripled up. Alas, we don’t have any more details than that. Meanwhile Diego Ventura is out. Funnily enough we don’t have much details for that one either. – SB

3:07pm: Prize pool and payouts
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

We have numbers! Some big ones, too.

With 231 entries (including 56 re-entries), this event has a €5,659,500 prize pool with the top 31 finishers getting to split up those riches. First place pays €1,197,000, with a min-cash being for €49,800.

See below for the final table payouts. – MH

1st: €1,197,000
2nd: €805,900
3rd: €568,200
4th: €460,700
5th: €364,500
6th: €276,650
7th: €202,050
8th: €147,710

2:50pm: Play resumes; 79 remain
Level 13 – Blinds 1,500/3,000 (ante 400)

Players have returned and Level 13 is underway. Among the bustouts near the end of the previous level were Sergey Lebedev, Orpen Kisacikoglu, Keith Johnson, Sam Chartier, and Mustapha Kanit. – MH

EPT12_MON_Velli-1126_Mustapha Kanit.jpg


13 1,500 3,000 400

2:29pm: Break time

With the clock showing 86 players left from the starting field, they’ve reached the day’s first 20-minute break. – MH

2:28pm: Farrell fires, forces folds
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Start-of-day chip leader Niall Farrell opened for 5,200 from under the gun, Eddy Maksoud three-bet to 16,000 from one seat over, then after giving the matter some thought next-to-act Javier Zarco called the reraise. It folded back to Farrell who called as well, and the three players saw the flop come 10Q9.

It looked like an action flop, but there was no action and it checked around. Then on the Q turn, Farrell fired a biggish bet of 33,500, forcing a fold from Maksoud. Zarco took more than two minutes, then folded, and Farrell cheekily showed one of his cards — the 5.

That earned some laughter, as well as a “I almost put it in” from Zarco. Farrell is now up around 375,000 as they near the first break of the day, Maksoud has 260,000, and Zarco is down to 65,000. – MH

2:25pm: Long think for Loosli
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Felipe Ramos was just all-in for 110,000 on a board of 98109A.

It was Sylvain Loosli who had the option to call. He thought for several minutes, then apologised for taking so long. After seven minutes he looked again, which, given the length of time that had passed, was long enough to have forgotten what he’d been dealt in the first place.

After three more minutes of his tablemates looking at the tournament clock, time was called. Loosli let the clock run out and then folded. – SB

EPT12_MON_Velli-1144_Sylvain Loosli.jpg

Where were we, again… ?
2:15pm: Stern sends two to the rail
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Zvi Stern knocked two players out in one hand. Stern had pocket queens against the aces and ace-jack of Marko Neumann and Keith Johnson and got there. He’s now up to 550,000. – SB

EPT12_MON_Velli-1141_Zvi Stern.jpg

To the Zvictor go the spoils
2pm: Stern, Coppola moving ahead
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Zvi Stern has ascended to the top of the counts here early on Day 2, moving up over 400,000.

Meanwhile he’s being challenged by Enrico Coppola, who just knocked out Timothy Adams to move up around 390,000.

Adams joins recent busts Chance Kornuth and Faraz Jaka among the eliminated. Right now 92 players remain. – MH

1:56pm: Papazian four-bets
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Byron Kaverman opened for 5,500 in the cut off. Dan Smith was on the button and raised to 15,500 before the small blind Alexandru Papazian raised to 51,200. Kaverman folded and, after a few moments of deliberation, so too did Smith. – SB

1:55pm: Kanit pre-flop
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Philipp Gruissem opened for 6,000 from the cut off which Andrew Chen then raised to 16,500 from the button. The small blind past but when play reached Mustapha Kanit in the big blind. He paused, then raised, up to 60,000, which was enough to win the pot. – SB

1:50pm: Stokjan doubles
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

A double up for Preben Stokjan who shoved with A8 on a flop of 510A. Felipe Ramos called with KQ but got no help on the 4 turn or 8 river. – SB

1:48pm: More busts
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Roman Emelyanov, Davidi Kitai, Mike Watson, Mike McDonald, and Salman Behbehani are all on the rail now as Level 12 continues. – MH

EPT12_MON_Velli-1127_Davidi Kitai.jpg

Kitai KO’d
1:44pm: Musti’s optimismmm
Level 12 – Blinds 1,200/2,400 (ante 300)

Ami “UhhMee” Barer stood from his table to chat briefly with Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit sitting nearby. As Barer was sitting back down in his seat when he called back to Kanit.

“How much you got?” asked Barer. Kanit, sitting in front of about 75,000, looked across at Barer’s stack of about 175,000.

“We got about the same, don’t we?” said the Italian with a grin.

Soon after Kanit grabbed a few more in a three-way hand versus Andrew Chen and David Yan (both of whom are at about 125,000), and pushed his actual total just a little closer to his advertised one. – MH

12 1,200 2,400 300

1:27pm: Boeree busts, Reinkenmeier runs out
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Add Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree and Tobias Reinkenmeier to the list of early Day 2 casualties, along with Murad Akhundov, Adnan Chamaa, and Igor Kurganov.

The big board is showing 231 total entries (adding a few today), of which 102 currently remain. – MH

1:25pm: Tremzin out
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Gleb Tremzin is out, having bought in at the start of the day. He shoved with 44 and found Ben Heath calling with 77. Heath wished him good luk and waited for the board.

Tremzin out. Heath up to 185,000. – SB

1:20pm: Lichtenberger Superstar
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

I’m not sure if Andrew Lichtenberger set out to look like Jesus this morning, but there’s a comparison to be made.

Lichtenberger wears a simple beige cotton shirt, with what appears to be a white scarf over one shoulder. His hair hangs over his shoulders, and is wet, as if he came here after baptising people. What’s more there’s tranquillity to Lichtenberger, always has been. Ordinary players would drive themselves insane trying to imitate it.

EPT12_MON_Velli-1120_Andrew Lichtenberger.jpg

Give us this day a premium hand
Perhaps coincidentally every time he raises pre-flop everyone folds. Amen to that. – SB

b>1:15pm: Ilkin all-in
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Ilkin Amarov moved all-in for 58,000 and it was Murad Akhundov left with the decision whether or not to call. Eventually he folded, but he shouted “Niet!!” when Amirov showed him pocket aces. I’m not sure whether the Niet was regarding Amirov’s actions or his own. They remain friends. – SB

1:12pm: Jaka tosses jack, Deyra benefits
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Two players were already all-in — Peter Akery with a short stack, and Ivan Deyra with a bigger one — following a J65 flop, and after some thought Faraz Jaka decided it best to toss his hand and preserve the 35,000 or so he had left.

Jaka showed one of his cards — the J — as he folded, then the other two tabled their hands. Akery had 65 for two pair, while Deyra had AA for a better pair than the jacks. Good fold, Jaka.

Then came the turn… the J!  The table chuckled at what might have been for Faraz, but meanwhile the edge in the hand had swung to Deyra. The Q river sent Akery railward, and Deyra is now stacking about 220,000. – MH

12:59pm: Juanda, Kenney KO’d; Coppola collects Cates’s stack
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

John Juanda just lost the last of his short stack to hit the rail. He was soon followed out of the tournament by late entrants Bryn Kenney and Daniel Cates.

EPT12_MON_Velli-1110_John Juanda.jpg

Cates we spotted looking for his seat just a short while ago. He finally found it, to the immediate left of big stack Enrico Coppola, and soon enough “Jungleman” and Coppola got into a blind-versus-blind battle that saw Cates commit his entire starting stack.

Cates had K3 while Coppola showed AJ, and following the 97J24 runout, Cates’s short time in the €25K was done. Coppola meanwhile moves up into the chip lead with 334,000. – MH

12:50pm: Melongo doubles
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Pablo Melongo just doubled up through Luc Greenwood. He was all in with less than 30,000 with 77 which Greenwood called with A9. The flop brought an ace, but the turn a seven: A1047J. – SB

12:49pm: Schemion out
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Ole Schemion is the first player out today, within minutes of the start. He shoved with the pitiful looking 38, the poker equivalent of a noble cavalry charge with nothing but blunt stick with which to whack the enemy.

David Yan did the calling with pocket tens. The board came 254Q8. Schemion picked up his cards and gave them to the dealer. Then he picked up Yan’s cards and gave those to the dealer too.

Done tidying up everything on the table, he gathered his things, which included a large C & A shopping bag, and departed the tournament. – SB

12:39pm: Mercier mowed down
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

In one of the first hands of the day, Jason Mercier committed his last 50,000 or so with pocket jacks against the AJ of Alexandros Kolonias, but was drawing dead before the river following a 2K5 flop and 7 turn.

Kolonias sits with close to 200,000 now. – MH

12:34pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 11 – Blinds 1,000/2,000 (ante 300)

Players have arrived and the first hands of Day 2 are being dealt. Back soon to let you know who the late entrants (or re-entrants) are. – MH


11 1,000 2,000 3,000

11:55am: The €25K EPT High Roller Day 2 awaits

It’s already a record-breaker, with 220 entries and late registration still open until just before the start of play today in the €25K High Roller here at the EPT12 Grand Final. And we’ve already been talking a lot about the scintillating Scotsman, Niall Farrell, after his second-place finish in the France Poker Series Monaco Main Event last week.

Farrell leads the 95 survivors of Day 1 who are returning today, having bagged a cool 311,200 at the end of play last night. Enrico Coppola (302,100), Saar Wilf (288,000), Dong Zhao (278,900), and David Dayan (272,900) round out the start-of-day top five, with tons of usual suspects still scattered throughout the counts.

Play begins at 12:30pm local time, and with a single re-entry available we’ll likely see some of last night’s later busts jumping back in for another shot at this final, highly-coveted High Roller trophy from EPT Season 12. Back then with live updates, chip counts, photos, and more all day and all night. – MH


The €25K High Roller rolls along

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