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Quan Zhou ended the day yesterday as chip leader. Right now he seems intent on doing the same today.

Dressed in a three-piece suit, albeit without the third piece, he has on a pressed white shirt, polished leather shoes, a grey scarf, and a rather nice wrist watch that’s not fastened tightly enough. He also wears headphones, most likely to avoid hearing the comments others make when he takes their chips.

quin_zhoa_ept12malta_24oct15_22.jpgQuan Zhou
That certainly applied to Vladimir Troyanovskiy earlier.

The Russian had raised to 24,000 in the hijack before Zhou three-bet to 66,000 from the small blind. The flop came 689 which was checked. Zhou then bet 58,000 on the 6 turn. Troyanovskiy called that, and called again when Zhou bet another 170,000 on the 2 river card.

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Zhou had flopped the straight, turning over 107

Zhou is a quiet man, most likely because he speaks little English, which makes him something of an oddity on the Tour, the odd one out on a table full of youngish Europeans. So he lets the cards talk for him. Like when he turned over his cards, sending Troyanovskiy into a personal moment of regret and contemplation. Zhou flicked his cards an inch or so forward again, as if to remind Troyanovskiy that, regrets aside, it was time to pay up.

Troyanovskiy did, which pushed Zhou’s stack up to around 1.3 million. Then he returned his head to his hands. To be clear, this wasn’t despair, it’s what Troyanovskiy normally does. But there was no mistaking some irritation. More so a short while later as Zhou won two more pots in quick succession, moving up to 1.5 million.

So far so good for Zhou.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

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