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Davidi Kitai leading the €5K

And now, the end is near;
We have fixed our final prize pool.

With the Main Event now wrapped and the EPT High Roller down to its final three, EPT Malta is very close to its end. Registration for the final tournament is now closed, so you have missed your chance for any more fun.

That event, the €100 hyper-turbo, attracted 113 players, of whom 17 will be paid. The winner will get €2,760 while a min-cash is worth €170.

In the grand scheme of things, that is comparative small fry and there’s still an awful lot of real money to be doled out. The final stages of tournaments have all been played out at the far end of the main tournament room and it’s there where we now find three players left in the €10,000 High Roller and four in the €5,000 Turbo.

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And there’s an awful lot of pedigree among them. Marc Convey, who is covering the €10,000 High Roller noticed that three of the GPI’s current top five are sitting back-to-back in two tournaments.

Davidi Kitai is leading the turbo, with Anthony Zinno just behind him. And Byron Kaverman may well be going back to the top of the rankings as he is already into the top three in the other event.

While conversation in the High Roller is not massively pleasant–Mikalai Vaskaboinikau is getting under Mukul Pahuja’s skin with his repeated entreaties that they do a deal–it is much more friendly in the €5,000.

Craig Varnell is telling everybody of his new strategy to deal with the starers–“If anybody stares at me, I just smile back at them,” he said. “There’s this guy in the €10K who stared at me, and I smiled. He was like, ‘What the f– is this guy doing?'”–while Jason Wheeler is happily running through the details of his passage to this event.

Wheeler was a little the worse for wear this morning and was planning to stay in bed for most of the day before coming to the casino in time to play the €2,000 turbo. But Bryn Kenney texted him and told him to play the €5K, based on the premise that it would be cool to win two tournaments in one day.

Wheeler was persuaded along for the earlier tournament and is now in the final four. But, disappointingly, registration for the €2K is now closed, so that dream is over.

“We tried to get them to pause this for a few hours so we could play that,” he said. But no dice.

So, yes, the €2,000 is now in full swing. It’s in Level 8 actually, with blinds at 800/1,600. There were 103 players at the start; 75 remain and the winner will get €53,050. A min-cash, awarded to the player out in 13th, is worth €3,995.

We will have all the final results later in the evening (or tomorrow morning, if it drags on).

Everything about EPT Malta is on the main EPT Malta page. More specifically, all the hand-by-hand coverage of the Main Event is on the Main Event page and everything from the €10,000 High Roller is on the High Roller page.

The side event details are on the side events page.

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