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Right about the time that hand was happening on the EPT Main Event feature table, there was a tournament going on in the lobby area from which that hand might have been borrowed.

The “all in or fold” tournament had its debut here in Prague today and it’s another one that does precisely what it says on the tin. All players pay an ante, but there are no blinds, and in the pre-flop betting round, players are allowed to check or call. However once the flop is down, it’s not very complicated: it really is all in or fold.

Based on a very small, but clearly representative, sample size, there’s a very clear pattern to the play. Unless sitting with a monster, everybody checks pre-flop, and then quite often everybody folds post flop too, giving the player on the button a walk.

It’s pretty difficult to get much value if you flop a monster too. When they had all checked to a flop of 9910, Bjorn Verbahel tried to trick his table-mates by announcing a bet of 400. It was, however, all in and everybody knew that, and everybody folded.

“Full house only,” Verbahel said, showing 910.
“You should check,” a table-mate said.
“I wish you can,” Verbahel said.

This tournament attracted 44 players, paying €100 each plus unlimited €50 rebuys. The prize pool swelled to €4,268. The side-event regulars Benny Glaser and Esh Hadaya have taken their seats.

In addition to the €10,000 High Roller and these last moments of the penultimate day of the Main Event, the other main attraction here is a €1,000 Deepstack tournament, which has attracted 146 players.

The roll call is pretty extraordinary: Ole Schemion and Mike McDonald are on the same table, Adrian Mateos, Javier Rojas, Kitty Kuo, Jan Bendik, Mayu Roca, Martin Finger, Sergio Aido, Mike Telker, Frank Williams, Alex Goulder and Peter Eichhardt are among the others involved.

Dermot Blain is also at the table in this one, and he was watching the EPT Live action on his iPad when that hand got under way at the Main Event feature table. They were between hands at the time it played out and so Blain put his iPad on the table where everybody could see and nine men, including the dealer, huddled around it to watch, pausing their own tournament to see how it played out about 10 yards away.

Javier Gomez, who was one of the three knocked out by Ilkan Amirov in that hand came over to commiserate with Aido and Mateos before getting paid out. Meanwhile the players who still had chips (albeit in another tournament) played one more hand before being sent on a tournament break.

In terms of number of events being played, the EPT Prague poker festival is gradually winding down. But there’s still a lot going on if you know where to look.

We’re keeping up with the side events action on the side events page and the results are on the side events results page.

If the Main Event is your thing, you can find that on the Main Event page or on EPT Live.

There’s also the High Roller. That’s on the High Roller page.

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