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Ibrahim Ghassan: High Roller winner

The end of Day 2 in an EPT Main Event usually offers players the first chance of the week to get some decent sleep. Play ends at around 8.30pm, so it’s dinner then bed to dream about bursting the bubble the next day.

However there was no such luxury for Samuel Chartier and Foeke Deinum. Chartier bagged up 444,300 in the main event and Deinum 200,200, but those were not the only bags with their names on them.

Both Chartier and Deinum also made the last eight of the €2,000 Eureka High Roller event, which overspilled into a third day owing to its enormous field. It was scheduled to be a two-day affair but there were still eight players left late on Thursday night forcing them to reschedule the final to be played yesterday. Their bags of chips had been put into cold storage until such time as they could be thawed out and played with again.

The chip leader in the event was Vladimir Velikov, from Bulgaria, who last year finished fifth in the Eureka Prague main event, behind Balasz Botond. Botond also made the High Roller final this time around, underlining their abilities in Eureka events.

However when they finally managed to play out the final last night, none of the aforementioned players could record another victory. Instead, Lebanon’s Ibrahim Ghassan, who was placed seventh of eight player returning, rode his short stack to the title (after they cut a four-way deal).

In total, 748 players started the event and, after Deinum went out in sixth and Chartier in fifth (for €53,530 and €70,820 respectively) the last four decided to guarantee themselves a six-figure payday each and chopped it up.

Velikov finished second but took the most money. He got €170,180. Botond officially finished third but got the second most (€164,450) and Denmark’s Thomas Pedersen came fourth but took third most, with €163,080. Ghassan won the trophy and had €151,240 to go with it.

Eureka High Roller
Buy-in: €2,000 + €200
Players: 748
Prize pool: €1,451,120

1 – Ibrahim Ghassan, Lebanon, €151,240
2 – Vladimir Velikov, Bulgaria, €170,180
3 – Balazs Botond, Hungary, €164,450
4 – Thomas Pedersen, Denmark, €163,080
5 – Sam Chartier, Canada, €70,820
6 – Foeke Deinum, Netherlands, €53,530
7 – Pim Gieles, Netherlands, €38,450
8 – Jan Bendik, Slovakia, €26,270

Click for full payouts from the €2,000 Eureka High Roller.

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