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I’m not a star, not a pimp, not a player
I have nothing to sell, nothing to do with bad payers
I am in the biz, man, micro test, give me a check-up
Send the beat, yeah I’m there, man, yeah I’m the boss

It’s a very loose translation from the original, but you get the point. The man is the boss, and he knows it. It’s the type of thing you might expect to hear out of a guy who sits in the final 32 players of a major poker event.

For most people on this scene, winning an EPT Main Event would probably be the biggest thing they’d ever accomplished, their biggest moment of distinction, the feather in their cap that they’d still be waving around when it came time to tell their grandchildren stories.

If Bruno Lopes doesn’t looking all that excited here, he can be forgiven. He’s played to bigger crowds.

NEIL4274_EPT12PRA_Bruno_Lopes_Neil Stoddart.jpg

See, Lopes has spent a good long time answering to a different name. Call out “Kool Shen!” and you might just him to turn his head. After all, that’s the man who couldn’t walk down a French street without getting mobbed by fans.

The co-founder of Suprême NTM, Lopes is a verified star back in France. A break dancer, graffiti artist, and music mogul, the 49-year-old is an icon in his native France.

Just check out the crowd in this video below.



While he may be best known for his rhymes, Lopes has proven in recent years that he can make money without ever opening his mouth. Since hitting the live poker scene in 2008, Lopes has amassed nearly $900,000 in poker winnings.

Just a few years back, the rap icon made the final table of the EPT Madrid Main Event, finishing fourth for €140,000. Now, with 32 people left in the EPT Prague field, Lopes is right in the middle of the pack with an average stack.

NEIL4398_EPT12PRA_Bruno_Lopes_Neil Stoddart.jpg

We still have a day and a half here before hitting the final table. At this point, anything can happen. That said, if you’re laying down bets, you could do worse than picking Lopes as your horse. If there is anybody left in the field who knows how to take the stage and put on a show, it’s him.

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