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Double flop hold’em making its debut in Prague

There’s a new language being spoken in the Chez Louis tournament room today, the result of a whole new game being played.

“That’s the ‘super nuts’, Sam Kabelitz said, discussing early strategy in Event #85, in which the twist is that there are two flops as a matter of course–not only if the players want to run it twice.

Kabel was talking with Paul Michalis, who were two of the first 15 players to enter this new event. “You have action on both boards,” Kabelitz said. “Double gutshot on one, flush draw on another. That’s the super nuts.”

The game plays out mostly like any other hold’em hand, with two cards each for every player and betting based on those two cards alone for the initial round.

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But if there are two players involved and pre-flop parity is reached, then another six cards gets peeled off. The come in two rows of three and players can now match their two cards with either flop.

“Is it possible to have ranges in this game?” Esh Hadaya said. “Double range. You have a double range.”
“I hate this game,” a table-mate said.
“You hate this game already?” Hadaya said. They were in Level 2.

I watched a couple of hands go to the flop(s). The first came 1085 and 99A and they checked. Then the turn(s) came 3 and 9 before the river(s) came 104. A small bet from Hadaya took it down.

Over on another table, two boards were also out to the river. They were A486J and 99782 and one of three players involved got a call with a small river bet. He showed 97 which, on the second board, meant a flopped full house. It was good.

The tournament cost €100 to enter and there are unlimited €50 re-buys, although everybody just seems to be testing the water at the moment. It will likely heat up a bit once everybody gets the idea of the rules.

We’re keeping up with the side events action on the side events page and the results are on the side events results page.

If the Main Event is your thing, you can find that on the Main Event page or on EPT Live.

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