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It seems there are enough people staying at the SAS Radisson who are not air stewardesses between shifts, prepared to ditch the fun and promise of a Saturday morning in order to throw clothes on and watch the main event final from the rail.

The action takes place at the Swedish end of the tournament room (which is actually made up the “Sweden” and “Denmark” conference rooms) where a bank of red seats is stacked up at one end of the table, half full with people doing anything but watch the poker.

Most people stand directly in front of the table instead, ironically looking like the kind of people we said would win an EPT earlier this week. Actually their best view is of Pierre Neuville, the player who least “looks” like an EPT winner.

Sticking with appearances not much has changed since yesterday.


The final table players

Bjarke Hansen wears the same blue hoodie as he did yesterday while Steve O’Dwyer wears the same woollen hat and beard.

Spencer Hudson is in the same thick grey jacket and cap while Neuville wears the same hand-embroidered track top. Niels van Alphen, in seat eight, also wears the same hoodie, giving photographer Neil Stoddart more time at the plate of croissants.

Outside the wind answers the question “why aren’t these spectators outside enjoying the weekend?”, howling through the windows ready to kick pedestrians up the back side with a three degree jackboot.

Of course, with my sensible cap on (the same sensible cap I was wearing yesterday) there may be the incentive of a fascinating final table unfolding as a natural draw.

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