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There are fewer people watching the final table from the rail now, four actually, none of whom look like potential EPT winners. One of them is wearing a comfortable sweater, for one. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance.

That said, seats remain in the seating area, which right now serves as a meeting point for those already eliminated from today’s side event which is now in full swing, although still at that stage where everybody finds reason to laugh out loud. The final table takes place in their shadow, or perhaps the other way around, and neither event takes much notice of the other.

Pierre Neuville, with his back to the room, occasionally looks over his shoulder; his face contorted with questions, as if he’d been expecting to find something else here today rather than a poker game, but thought he’d play it anyway.


Pierre Neuville

Mickey Petersen, who spent the break talking with two friends who looked a lot like Mickey Petersen, drinks from a bottle of water and appears to be the most alert player at the table. Bjarke Hansen next to him, in the same hood and aviator glasses as yesterday, looks as though he’s hiding the effects of a hangover paid for two nights ago.

We play on with five players remaining.

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