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EPT Live has been running some five seasons now, a true pioneer in the poker field. The likes of James Hartigan, Lee Jones and Nick Wealthall (and associated guests) have been streaming the action end last of European Poker Tour main events, bringing you moving pictures, insight and banter (not to mention plenty of obscure movie references courtesy of Hartigan).

Here in Copenhagen we are running the EPT Live Lite service. It’s a lower-in-cholesterol service rather than the creamy full fat serving of EPT Live (which runs on a delay with hole cards exclusively at events which are being recorded for televised).

ept copenhagen_day 3_tv set.jpg

The TV table at EPT Copenhagen

Used to watching poker with the holecards?
Back in the early days of EPT Live and the likes of Late Night Poker, the hole cards were not always exposed to viewers. Many argue that it provides a better experience for the poker purists, which is a solid hypothesis. Watching live poker when you know the hands makes for a fantastic viewing experience, you can watch the car crashes as they happen and marvel at the incredible bluffs and astounding laydowns. However, when you can’t see the hole cards you have to think about what each bet represents and the range of the hands that can be taking part given the position, board, chip stacks and players involved.

James Hartigan is joined by Matt Broughton, a goatee-wearing tiramisu lover (as you’ll know if you were following the EPT Deauville stream). Watch EPT Live Lite now but do stay logged on to our live updates to follow the action on and off the tables as it happens.

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