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Pierre Neuville and Mickey Petersen are set to play an epic heads up for the EPT Copenhagen title and DKK 2,515,000 first place prize. Going down from three players that means it’s Bjarke Hansen who has been squeezed out. Although Neuville had just grabbed the chip lead away him, it was fellow PokerStars sponsored pro Petersen who knocked out countryman Dane Hansen.

ept copenhagen_day 5_mickey petersen.jpg

PokerStars Team Online’s Mickey Petersen

First the hand which gave Neuville the chip lead: Hansen passed his button leaving Petersen to open the small blind to 130,000. Neuville decided to defend his big blind. The 22-year-old c-bet 140,000 into the polarised JA7 flop and Neuville made the call.

The J paired the board but this failed to slow Petersen. He fired again, this time for 210,000. Neuville didn’t look like leaving. He cut out a raise and pushed out a small raise to 510,000. Petersen slowly made the call and then checked the 10 river. Neuville bet 925,000 and Petersen grudgingly matched the bet showing 98 for a flopped flush. Neuville had hit a backdoor full house with J10 boosting him up to 4,500,00. Petersen dropped to 2,600,000, still a small way ahead of Hansen.

ept copenhagen_day 5_pierre neuville.jpg

Pierre Neuville, filling his boots (and pockets)

Petersen would have been forgiven for cursing after this hand, not that our Mickey would – he’s far too polite for that kind of behaviour – but some good fortune was about to come his way. Less so for Hansen.

ept copenhagen_day 5_bjarke hansen.jpg

Bjarke Hansen, a deserved third place finish

Hansen min-raised from the button to 100,000 and Petersen three-bet from the small blind to 250,000. Hansen came back over the top for 550,000 and Petersen waited for a few moments before announcing that he was all-in. Hansen looked far from thrilled but made the call for his 2,000,000 stack.

Hansen: JJ
Petersen: QQ

Petersen caught a set on the Q97 flop and any thoughts of a 3% suck out were quashed with the 7 turn. Hansen rose to feet to shake hands as the irrelevant A river was revealed to give Petersen a small 4,400,000 to 4,000,000 chip lead going into the heads up. Hansen wins a well deserved DKK 1,000,000 (approx $180,400).

In other news, Petersen has thus far refused to make a deal.

ept copenhagen_day 5_mickey petersen.jpg

Heads up for the title

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