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After a series of recuperating double ups Jacob Rasmussen has been knocked out in fifth for DKK 490,000 (approx. $88,400). The Dane had been knocked down to around 150,000 after making a big call with a combo draw against Bjarke Hansen’s over pair and failing to get there.

Rasmussen managed to double up a couple of times before finding himself all-in with 55 against countryman Mickey Petersen’s KQ. The wet JA9 flop made Petersen the favourite, albeit if he was still yet to hit. The 6 turn card settled the hand and sent Rasmussen to the rail pushing Petersen way out in front.

Seat 1: Bjarke Hansen, 2,185,000
Seat 2: Mickey Petersen, 4,105,000
Seat 3: Pierre Neuville, 510,000
Seat 4: Aage Ravn, 2,996,000

After a short break the players have returned to the final table.

ept copenhagen_day 5_jacob rasmussen.jpg

Jacob Rasmussen, out in fifth

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