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You’ll find Mickey “mement_mori” Petersen waiting patiently on the rail during breaks in play. The Dane has nothing really to do until he can take his seat again, and with a trip to the gents complete it’s time to wait.

He’s never far away from another pro though, or should that be they’re never too far away from him. For the fact is Petersen is one of the most popular players on the European circuit, and one of its most promising, the one most people are waiting to break through on the live scene, and that might be about to happen.

Petersen might not have proved himself in front of the cameras, and has only one EPT cash to his name, a 116th place in Barcelona earlier this season. Now though all that is about to change.


Mickey Petersen

Since making his name online, as one of the most successful playing in the Spring Championship of Online Poker, Petersen has been easing himself into this world of real people, real chips, germs and club sandwiches. Now, like Randy Lew and Anders Berg before him, it looks like he may have cracked the code. How do the Team Online guys do it?

“We see a lot of hands and are familiar with a lot more situations than a lot of other players,” said Petersen. “There are always adjustments to make but I suppose we can adjust quickly.

If it’s all about adjusting then Petersen has got the knack. But is there pressure as a player largely known for their online exploits to win big live?

“A little bit,” said Petersen. “It can be annoying. If you don’t cash in 100 tournaments online nobody really says anything. If I play 20 EPTs without cashing people say ‘there’s no way that guy can play live poker’.”

“On a personal level I have a positive EV and I’m going to make money in the long term. It’d be nice to win for my family though, so they can see a big trophy.”

Back to Day 4 and Petersen was up to 700,000 before being cut back to 350,000 at the first break. But as you’d expect, and as is comforting to know, the good players don’t need lots of chips to win just yet.

“I don’t need a lot of chips,” said Petersen. “In fact I’m more familiar with 20 big blinds! But it’s about adjusting. You adjust.”

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