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How’s this for a moral scruple. You’re 22-years-old and your opponent, who is almost a septuagenarian* requests a dinner break. You had the chip lead albeit a narrow one but have since lost it and are now almost down to being a two-to-one dog. In other words you don’t want to take a break, you want to plough back into the heads up after your 15 minute break, not take an hour off or let your opponent settle into his role as chip ledaer. This was the situation Mickey Petersen found himself in when Pierre Neuville asked for a longer break. The young Dane opted to play hard ball and turned the request down. At the end of level 28 the discussions will be re-opened (if the heads up is still going).

*Someone who is 70-years-old.

ept copenhagen_day 5_heads up.jpg

Still on good terms despite ‘Dinnergate’

During the regular 15-minute break Petersen stood talking to some friends; two players that have been there before, EPT champs Rupert Elder and David Vamplew, and another that we wouldn’t be surprised to see in future, Marcel Bjerkmann.

Vamplew had just come out of the EPT Live Lite commentary booth and told Petersen that someone had sent a comment comparing the two, that Petersen looked like a blonde Vamplew.

“What a douchebag,” joked Petersen.

“I said I took it as a compliment,” replied Vamplew.

“You should be happy,” said Petersen with a smile.

Before Vamplew could fire back a counter-retort he was whisked away by a Swedish blogger for a video interview. As Petersen sat back in his chair, Neuville returned to the tournament room with a large white bowl from which he was hurriedly scooping the last scoop of chocolate ice-cream into his mouth. If part of Petersen’s game plan involves starvation then it appears that it has failed. The two play on, now approaching three hours of heads up play.

ept copenhagen_day 5_pierre neuville.jpg

“I just want some bloody ice-cream”

Pierre Neuville continues to hold the chip lead but Petersen is unlikely to capitulate. They play on.

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