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Alexander Manson was left shaking his head looking demoralised that he’d lost more than half of his stack tangling with Michael Tureniec – but that’s what going to happen when you play the reigning champ out of position.

Jacob Rasmussen opened from the hijack to 20,000 and Tureniec made the call from the cut-off. Manson was in the small blind and looked a little shifty, as if deciding whether to squeeze or call. He opted for the latter. The big blind, Gerasimos Deres, mucked despite the generous pot odds.

ept copenhagen_day 4_.michael tureniecjpg

Michael Tureniec, yesterday

The 210A flop was checked to Tureniec who took his option to bet by pushing 36,000 across the line, Manson instantly moved to his chips to cut out a check-raise to 90,000. Rasmussen passed and Tureniec made the call.

The 2 looked to have changed little and Manson pushed out a bet of 150,000 leaving himself with around 270,000. He ducked his head down, arms crossed, the cap balancing atop his head covering most of his face. Tureniec made the call again.

The 8 caught the river to complete the flush. Both players checked and Tureniec waited for Manson to show his hand. Manson knew he’d lost but couldn’t risk mucking on the outside chance that he hadn’t. He showed down 33, Tureniec flipped AQ to take the pot and move up to 800,000 which put him third in chips behind Pierre Neuville (1,082,000) and Keld Volquardsen (846,000). The title defence continues. The PokerStars Blog’s Stephen Bartley caught up with Tureniec a little earlier so keep your eyes open for that.

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