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Right now we were supposed to be writing about Michael Tureniec’s chances of a second European Poker Tour title, how he will put that old monkey back in the cage and end years of speculation. Alas, we can’t do that, and have spiked pre-written columns about the Swede’s impending glory.

The reason was pretty simple; that the EPT Copenhagen leg seems to be living up to its reputation as being unpredictable and liable to throw up a few surprises and some good stories.

Let’s start with chip leader Aage Ravn.


Chip leader going into the final, Aage Ravn

Ravn was among the eight of the final 24 who had final table experience on the EPT, having finished sixth at the PCA in Season 6. Ravn jostled with tempered aggression today, a player of obvious talent alongside a heady cast, and will retake his seat tomorrow in front with 2,458,000 chips.

Steve O’Dwyer may not be as endowed chip wise but reaches his second final of the year, having already scored a second place in London, finishing runner-up to Benny Spindler.


Steve O’Dwyer reaches his second final table of the season

Back then O’Dwyer was a two-to-one dog entered the heads up phase, and beat himself up about a hand turned bad that ultimately left him as the bridesmaid. With clean hands, armed with 453,000 and perhaps a sausage from the Q8 garage, O’Dwyer will be out for redemption, and a first title – a recipe for something exceptional.

If the plight of Team Online Pros is to excel online without making an impression offline, then Mickey Petersen is failing spectacularly. “Mement_mori” leapt out of the screen this week and assumed a real world presence, with his online skills transferring smartly.


Mickey Petersen

Petersen has had a rough ride thus far, reduced to a pittance yesterday before regrouping strongly. Widely regarded as one of poker’s new talents, Petersen reaches his first EPT final with 1,205,000. The impression with Petersen is that he doesn’t need much to do well. Tomorrow will answer that question.

For those with nostalgia running through their veins the sight of Pierre Neuville will be enough to warm the heart, better than lighting the second bar on an old style two bar electric heater.


Pierre Neuville

The retired toy company executive reaches his second EPT final, following the one in Vilamoura back in Season 6 that brought the amiable gent into the spotlight. Neuville may have lost the lead he had this morning but not his spirit, and returns with 908,000.

Here’s how the final table will line up.

Seat 1: Bjarke Hansen, Denmark, 1,497,000
Seat 2: Mickey Petersen, Denmark, Team PokerStars online, 1,205,000
Seat 3: Steve O’Dwyer, United States, 453,000
Seat 4: Spencer Hudson, United States, 447,000
Seat 5: Jacob Rasmussen, Denmark, 1,325,000
Seat 6: Pierre Neuville, Belgium, Team PokerStars Pro, 908,000
Seat 7: Aage Ravn, Norway, 2,458,000
Seat 8: Niels van Alphen, Holland, 644,000

For Tureniec, Copenhagen was a near miss, although it should primarily be known as a great 11th place performance. For drama, tension and expectation Tureniec was the man, quietly assembling what looked to be a stack able to last through to that critical time tomorrow when the poker world saluted its first double EPT winner.


Double bubble for Michael Tureniec

But just like all the other times, the last former champ in the tournament couldn’t take it all the way, putting this fairy tale to bed for at least another event.

One last hat tip should also go to Martin Staszko, cashing in his first EPT since his own near miss at the World Series of Poker last November. He reached 16th position before crashing out.


Martin Staszko busts in 16th place

For a list of all the prize winners, as well as the specifics of today’s action, check out the live coverage from the day here. For today’s features and colour stories, click through the links below.

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It leaves just one more day of the EPT Copenhagen main event, which resumes tomorrow at 12 noon on EPT Live Lite and right here. By the close we’ll have a new champion.

For now though it’s goodnight from Copenhagen.

All photography &copy Neil Stoddart

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