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Into the tournament room to see what was going on.

As players went on a break I thought about talking to Mickey Petersen, but then figured the man was entitled to some temporary peace and quiet as chip leader. The last thing you want when you’re in control of a final table is someone asking you how a guy like you got to be in control of the table like this?

Actually Petersen is extremely approachable and happy to answer questions, great son-in-law material. But I couldn’t find him. I couldn’t find any of the other players for that matter, all four of them having disappeared as they were replaced on the rail by people coming to see what all the fuss was about.

Off the table the crowds, most of whom are part of side events, were mingling, leaving the bank of seats empty. It’s from here that I realised that you can’t actually see anything from the seats except the dealer and the back of Bjarke Hansen’s head. This wasn’t stopping people though, the next best thing to sitting and seeing being sitting and not seeing.


… I can’t see anything either.

The tournament is beginning to look like it will through Hansen and Petersen together heads-up but there’s plenty that could happen, and you only need look back over previous EPT Copenhagen final tables to realise it probably will.

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