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Terje Augdal is currently two-nil up against Marc-Andre Ladouceur in the final of the inaugural €10,000 Heads Up Championships and the third bout has just begun putting the Norwegian close to the €126,700 first place prize. Ladouceur will have to win the remaining three contests if he’s to close out Augdal. It’s a big ask but it’s looking likely he’ll be thnkful that he agreed to move €10,000 from first to second before the final began. The runner-up will take home €101,000 for a solid six-figure score.

While Ladouceur is currently looking battle-ready, elbows locked on the padded lip of the table with his eyes fixed on his opponent, Augdal is more than relaxed. He’s sat side-saddle to the table, long legs stretched out and crossed at the ankle on top of a chair with only one hand contesting the heads up, the other manoeuvring its way around Twitter on his smart phone.


Terje Augdal is in command

On the first hand of this third bout Ladouceur check-called the first two streets on the Q7K69 board before Augdal decided to check back the river and said: ‘King.’

The Norwegian showed K2 for top pair, worst kicker and Ladouceur clenched his jaw before mucking his hand. He’s got the look of a man fed up of being shown top pair. He’s going to have to pull something out of the bag but given that he’s already won more than enough to enter the $100,000 Super High Roller at the PCA, things haven’t been so bad.

_MG_9687_Heads_Up_EPT9BAR_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Is the end nigh for Ladouceur?

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