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Griffin Benger is celebrating his birthday today and who wouldn’t like a €429,000 cake? If matters continue to go as swimmingly for Benger as they have during the opening four levels of the €10,000 high roller, he could find himself in the position to offer €15,000 for each of the 28 candles he’ll need to decorate it.


Griffin Benger: Happy birthday to me!

At time of writing, they are three-handed in the high roller, roped off in a pen in the centre of the main tournament room. Benger is the massive chip leader, with more than five times as many chips (5.5m, approx) as his two adversaries, Aaron Lim and Philippe Ktorza. They have about 750,000 apiece.

It had looked at the start of the day as though this was a coin flip between Max Lykov and Martin Kabrhel for the title. But Kabrhel went about his business in characteristic fashion, which meant playing big pots against all comers from the very off. He went down in flames in fifth place, Lim applying the finishing touches.


Aaron Lim sees off Martin Kabrhel

Lykov had his game face on from the very start of this tournament. He raced into an early lead and was almost never out of the top five. But he too was damaged by Lim today, when he made a hero call with a pair of twos, losing to a pair of kings. Benger applied the finishing touches to the Team Pro soon after.

The main event is also entering what appears to be its death throes, with Daniel Pidun holding a near nine-to-one chip lead over Robert Haigh. The two events are now going toe-to-toe to see which can finish first.

Don’t forget the way to follow our coverage. There’s hand-by-hand stuff from the main event, including chip counts, in the panel at the top of the main EPT Berlin page. There will be feature pieces below that panel, including updates from the side events. EPT Live is now live.

Meanwhile, High Roller coverage is on the High Roller page. And everything to do with the European Poker Tour is on the European Poker Tour site.

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