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It could turn into the spin up of a lifetime, but whatever it is it’s a high roller win for Steven Silverman.

Silverman wrapped things up in the high roller after seven hours of play, defeating long-time friend Anthony Gregg heads up to the biggest share of a three way chop, worth €775,000, along with the title, a trophy and the Shamballa bracelet.


Silverman in action

For Silverman it’s an even bigger win given that he won a €3,000 satellite to win a seat into the high roller. He now intends to “Run the gauntlet,” spinning it up further by entering the €100,000. It was always the plan to play, something of a joke, but turning three grand into €775,000 so far is hilarious.

“I was always playing the tournament,” said Silverman. “But I did win the satellite the night before, so it was more like a joke. But I guess I have a bit of an overlay. I told myself I had to get at least eighth. I did a bit better than that.”

There had been more than €1,200,000 on the table for the winner, but after a deal was turned down four-handed, it was finally hammered out three handed, an even three-way arrangement after Fady Kamar took both Silverman and Gregg to their wit’s end.

Leaving just €15,000 and the hardware on the table, the three played on, the now flush Kamar quickly dusted off by Gregg before the two friends played on to a winner.


Anthony Gregg

At the start of what was a day full of action it was not Silverman or Gregg taking a lead, but Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst, who arrived as chip leader and seemed a dead cert for yet more bric-a-brac for the mantel piece.


Vanessa Selbst

As we wrote earlier, it’s getting harder to describe the prowess of Selbst, who has a title of some kind to her name for each of the past six years. But today she fell short of adding another. Despite sending Kyle Cheong and Victor Sbrissa, among others, to the rail. Selbst instead crashed out in fourth place, picking up €290,300.

Toby Lewis preceded her. The Brit, was obviously disappointed at his departure, but pleased with his performance, one worth €232,400. Yesterday Lewis had admitted to being up for a big day. He was, and could easily have had another today.

Some 12 players returned, reduced to a final of eight in a short passage of play.
Davidi Kitai went out first, at the hand of Kamar, before Alex Bilokur followed with ace-jack against Igor Kurganov’s king-jack. Kurganov rivered the king. Sorel Mizzi departed in tenth.

It was Selbst who shattered the hopes of Kyle Cheong and Victor Sbrissa in a single hand, her ace-jack bettering the kings of Sbrissa and the king-jack of Cheong. Chris More filled the sixth place spot.

Silverman and Gregg played out the good natured heads up battle, arranging dinner moments after the last hand had been played.

Earlier today we compared the high roller to the main event and a certain cash game that may well get under way shortly. The high roller fulfilled its part of the bargain by being an enthralling contest, even if it lost railbirds to the action taking place next door.

EPT9 Monaco High Roller event
Date: 10-12 May, 2013
Buy-in: €25,000
Game: NLHE
Entries: 158
Prize pool: €3,871,000

1. Steven Silverman, United States, €775,400
2. Anthony Gregg, United States, €760,000
3. Fady Kamar, Lebanon, €760,000
4. Vanessa Selbst, United States, €290,300
5. Toby Lewis, United Kingdom, €232,400
6. Chris Moore, United States, €193,500
7. Igor Kurganov, Germany, €154,700
8. Victor Sbrissa, Brazil, €116,100

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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