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2.15am: Mokni leads Day 1B field
A total of 139 players took to the felt on Day 1B and combined with the Day 1A field that made a total of 255 entrants meaning Eureka Croatia is the largest ever live poker tournament in Croatia.

Together they created a prize pool of €180,566 from which 27 will be paid with the winner pocketing €46,466. For the full payout structure click here.

Looking most likely to pocket the lion’s share of the prize pool is Dominik Mokni who bagged up a mammoth 157,200 to end Day 1B as chip leader.

eureka croatia_day 1b_dominik mokni2.jpg

Overnight chip leader Dominik Mokni

That total of Mokni’s was well ahead of Day 1A chip leader Pavao Vujnovac (105,900). Other players who enjoyed a good day 1B and will be hoping to make a deep run included: Marko Milkovic (125,500), Boris Savija (87,600), Alexandru Butcaru (79,800) and Aurelius Genevicius (74,500).

eureka croatia_day 1b_marko milkovic .jpg

Marko Milkovic

Among the notables who made it through to Day 2 was Peter Poles (17,700) the Slovenia’s Got Talent presenter is short stacked but hasn’t been give the dreaded three red X’s yet. However amongst those who were told to try again at the next tournament were Neil Rawnsley, Dan Williams and Alain Medesan.

eureka croatia_day 1b_peter poles2.jpg

Poles has talent but is short on chips

A total of 86 players return tomorrow and the plan is to get as close to the final table as possible. Overnight chip counts of Day 1B survivors will be available here shortly. To catch up on all of today’s play click the links below and you’ll find level nine updates just below this post. See you tomorrow at 2pm.

Levels 1-4
Levels 5-8

eureka croatia_day 1b_eureka croatia.jpg

Eureka Croatia continues at 2pm

1.06am: Play is done for the day
It looks as if 46 players have made it through to Day 2 from this flight. Overnight chip leader is Dominik Mokni who has 157,200. A wrap of the day’s play will follow.

0.57am: Last three hands
The clock has been paused and chip leader Dominik Mokni pulled a card that signified players will play three more hands, Mokni well out in front with around 150,000.

0.50am: Hansen bopped out of here
K. Splid Hansen’s day is done. He re-raised all-in for around 33,000 with pocket jacks after an opponent had opened to 2,600, he ran into pocket kings though and the board was no help.

eureka croatia_day 1b_k splid hansen.jpg

Hansen held hooks but was hoiked

0.40am: Some chip counts
A swift lap of the room revealed the following chip counts: Parker Talbot (34,000), Barry Carson (54,000), Alexandru Butcuru (83,000), Damir Alidzanovic (62,000), Milan Rakic (18,000), Peter Poles (13,000) and K. Splid Hansen (28,000)

Around 35 minutes left in the level and 57 players remain.

0.20am: Medesan finds pill hard to swallow
The remaining players ROI just went up a notch as tough Romanian pro Alain Medesan has just been eliminated. He opened to 1,700 from under-the-gun and next to act a player three-bet to 6,700. Back on Medesan he re-raised all-in for around 25,000 with AK and was swiftly called by his opponent who had pocket aces.

The flop of K10Q gave him a sweat but the 85 turn and river bricked off and he exited the tournament.

0.10am: Last level of the night
The remaining 63 players are back in their seats. Currently looking most likely to topple Day 1A chip leader Pavao Vujnovac’s total of 105,900 are Dominik Mokni (98,400) and Boris Savija (93,000).

eureka croatia_day 1b_dominik mokni.jpg

Chip leader Dominik Mokni

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca

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