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6.15pm: Break time
That’s the end of level 13, you’ll find level 14 updates in a new post.

6.10pm: The 100 club
Three players who all have above one hundred thousand and are doing rather nicely are: Marko Milkovic (114,000), Pontos Paniteleimon (120,000) and Boris Savija (110,000).

6pm: Dream on man
Damir Alidzanovic, who once played the lead role in a reality television show called ‘Dream Man’ is out. His A6 failing to get there against Marko Mikovic’s pocket sevens. Confusingly there is also a player called Marko Milkovic still in the tournament, they’re different people I promise.

eureka croatia_day 2_damir alidzanovic.jpg

Damir he’s so dreamy…apparently

5.45pm: Down to 49
The tournament board is currently showing that 49 players remain, one of the recent bust outs was Canadian Parker Talbot.

5.40pm: The Moneymaker tour moves on
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker is the latest casualty here at Eureka Croatia. He filled me in on his exit hand: “I started the hand with 61,000 and raised to 4,500 with pocket tens. I got flat called and then the button (Ioannis Triantafyllakis) made it 16,000. I shoved and he tanked before calling with ace-queen and he caught an ace.”

The tour now moves on to Barcelona and then Belguim, “Overall I enjoyed this tournament,” said Moneymaker. “I just wished I could’ve gone deeper.”

eureka croatia_day 2_chris moneymaker3.jpg

Moneymaker missed out in Croatia

5.30pm: Slow going
Level 12 was a relative oasis of calm compared to the two levels that had gone before as just four players busted out. However news has just reached me of another exit and it’s a biggie.

5.20pm:On the slide
Three players who have lost some chips recently and are going in the wrong direction are: Dominik Mokni 90,000 (down from 115,000), Barry Carson 17,000 (down from 29,000) and Calin Ciolte 104,000 (down from 180,000).

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000 ante 200

5.10pm: Moneymaker doubles up
Having slipped a bit Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker was all-in for 28,900 with pocket sixes and had been called by Alexander Zaja who had AQ.

The board of 9852K gave Moneymaker a crucial double up and he said: “Wiii, I won a pot today,” before adding: “That river was way to close for my liking.

5pm: Cinderella story
One of the players who’s come out of nowhere to be a real force today is Marko Mikovic, he started with just 20,600 but now has a stack of 150,000.

4.50pm: Pavao not pulling up trees
The only player to back up six figures at the end of Day 1A was Pavao Vujnovac, but he’s struggling today. I just saw him lose a pot when he checked backed the river with A3 on a 10544K board. His opponent had 75. After that hand he’s slipped to just under 80,000.

4.30pm: News in brief
– Chris Moneymaker is on 53,000 that’s right around where he started the day

– Marko Milkovic, who was second in chips going into today, has increased his stack to 145,000.

– Milan Rakic’s recovery has continued he’s now on 77,000

– The pace of the exits have slowed, 58 players still in.

eureka croatia_day 2_chris moneymaker2.jpg

Moneymaker’s badge of honour

4.15pm: Back from the break
Bad beat stories exchanged, cigarettes smoked and ice creams eaten, the players are back in their seats.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ante 200

4pm: Break time
Players are on their first 15 minute break of the day.

3.55pm: Exits
A total of 59 players remain, recent exits include: Stavros Kalfas, Niklas Persson and Ilias Zografos.

3.45pm: Rakic gets revenge
It seems Eureka Bulgaria runner-up Milan Rakic and Pontos Paniteleimon are having a personal battle on table six. The former just got some of his chips back doubling through Paniteleimon when his pocket sixes held against K10, Rakic up to about 35,000 now.

3.35pm: Chip counts
Here’s the chip counts of some of the names, notables and big stacks from the 60 players who remain: Chip leader appears to be Calin Ciolte from Romania who has around 180,000. Overnight chip leader Dominik Mokni has dropped to 115,000. Other big stacks include: Boris Savija (91,000) and Alexandru Butcaru (87,000).

Those on around the average stack include: Chris Moneymaker (65,000) and Nir Levy (70,000) whilst Barry Carson (29,000) Stavros Kalfas (26,000) and Parker Talbot (48,000) all have some work to do.

3.20pm: A lot of eights
I just saw Pontos Paniteleimon make a value bet of 14,000 on the river with quad eights and get paid off by Eureka Bulgaria runner-up Milan Rakic. After that hand Paniteleimon has 100,000 and Rakic is down to 12,000.

3.10pm: A tweak to the prize pool
I’ve just been told the prize pool has increased! This is due to four online qualifiers who were no shows. As a result pretty much every place has seen an increase with the winner now taking home €47,298. For the full revised payout structure click here.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 100

2.58pm: A couple more exits
You’re not in the poker room for very long before you hear the cry of all-in and call. I caught two such hands in quick succession.

Hand one: Ljubisa Popadic was all-in for around 15,000 with A5 and was up against Thomas De Boe’s pocket nines. The flop of 96A left him all but drawing dead and the 82 turn and river were no help.

Hand two: On a flop of K74 Arturs Daugis had led out only for Joseph Tully to move all-in. Daugis only just had Tully covered and took a while before making the call with 1010 which was ahead of Tully’s AQ, the Brit missed his draw as the board ran out 82.

2.50pm: News in brief
Lots going on as per usual at the start of Day 2 here’s the highlights:

– 67 players left that’s 18 who’ve busted in the first 50 minutes

– Amongst those to exit are TV presenter Peter Poles and Croatia World Cup of Poker captain Denis Kelemen

– Day 1A chip leader Pavao Vujnovac has increased his stack to 135,000

2.30pm: The Moneymaker files
The TeamPokerStars Pro was drawn to the same table where he spent all of Day 1, but that was about the extent of the kindness for Chris Moneymaker. He was drawn in the one seat, which is never a favourite of players and although he was the third biggest stack at his table, the two bigger stacks were on his immediate left.

But having said all that he’s looked focused and has just got on with the task in hand, it’s been a good opening 30 minutes as he’s boosted his stack from 52,000 to 70,000.

eureka croatia_day 2_chris moneymaker.jpg

Good start to Day 2 for Moneymaker

2.15pm: Half a dozen down
There’s been six knockouts in the opening 15 minutes including Antonino Karman who couldn’t get his pocket sevens to hold against Michael Lundquist’s AK, the latter spiking a king.

2pm: Shuffle up and deal
Day 2 has started bang on time here in Zagreb.

1.50pm: Day 2 set to to start
Welcome to Day 2 of Eureka Croatia. Of the 255 players who started just 85 are still in with a shot of claiming the €46,466 first prize. Many will have that figure in their head, for others it’ll be all about trying to get a min-cash of €1,450. In total 27 players will get paid.

The plan today will be to get as close to the final table as possible which should take nine or ten levels. Stay right here for all the action.

eureka croatia_day 2_dealer .jpg

A dealer kills time at Eureka Croatia

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca

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