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2.30am: Play is done for the day
So after ten levels 85 players have been skittled down to 11. A full wrap of the day’s play and overnight chip counts will be available in a new post shortly.

2.20am: Tomas Muraska eliminated in 12th place (€2,950)
On the last hand of the night Vasileios Chantzaras opened to 17,000, Carsten Luxig then three-bet to 44,000 before Tomas Muraska moved all-in for 129,500.

This prompted a quick fold from Chantzaras but Luxig then tanked for ages, asking for a count working out his odds before eventually calling with AQ, which was racing against Muraska’s pocket jacks.

The board ran AQ69Q to give Luxig a full house and send Muraska to the rail.

2.10am: Alexandru Mitrus eliminated in 13th place (€2,550)
Shortstacked with just 37,000 pocket kings was a pretty nice hand for Alexandru Mistrus to find under-the-gun, in went his chips and Pavao Vujnovac called from the big blind with A9. All was looking good for Mistrus until an ace spiked on the river.

Just a dozen left here in Zagreb.

2.05am: Last six hands
The tournament clock has been paused and players will play six more hands before bagging up for the night.

1.55am: Chip counts
I’ve just updated the chip counts page, to see counts of the 13 remaining players click here.

Vasileios Chantzaras still leads the way with around 1,300,000, Richard Bodis and Carsten Luxig with 400,000 a-piece his nearest challengers.

1.40am: Adrian Negrusa eliminated in 14th place (€2,550)
In another all-in pre-flop encounter Adrian Negrusa got his last 130,000 in with [A][9] but ran into Carsten Luxig’s [A][Q], after that hand the German climbs to 310,000.

eureka croatia_day 2_carsten luxig.jpg

Carsten Luxig has over 300,000

1.30am: Martin Svub eliminated in 15th place (€2,550)
The Martin Svub revival has hit the rocks and of course it was one man wrecking machine Vasileios Chantzaras. A flurry of betting ended with Chantzaras five-bet shoving [A][K] and Svub calling with [A][Q] and big-slick held up to propel Chantzaras to around 1,400,000, more than a third of the chips in play.

1.20am: One more level
The powers that be have decided that they’ll be one more level tonight. Stay right here as we try and play down to the final table. Instinct tells me we’ll end with 11 or 12 players.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000 ante 1,000

1.15am: Exposed hand ruled dead
Tournament director Thomas Lamatsch just had to make a ruling. After Richard Bodis had opened to 16,000, Alexandru Mitrus three-bet to 43,000 and with the action back of Bodis he said something along the lines of: “Nice bet,” Mitrus now thought that this meant that Bodis had mucked and turned over pocket queens.

Lamatsch was called to the table and ruled that the pot would be awarded to Bodis but that Mitrus could take back his raise and send just 16,000 in the the direction of Bodis.

1.05am: Marko Mikovic eliminated in 16th place (€2,200)
No details I’m afraid but the board is showing that 15 remain and he was the last elimination according to tournament staff. He was one of the shorter stacks with 80,000 so his exit is not unexpected.

12.55am: Roman Kadziela eliminated in 17th place (€2,200)
From mid-position Roman Kadziela moved all-in for 62,500 with pocket sixes and got a call from Alexandru Mitrus who held pocket kings. No help on the board and we’re down to 16.

12.40am: Another Greek tragedy
It seems Vasileios Chantzaras is hell bent on knocking every other Greek out of this tournament as he just sent Ioannis Triantafyllakis to the rail and in the process climbed over the million chip mark. He now has more than a quarter of the chips in play with 17 players left.

In the hand in question Triantafyllakis opened the button to 14,000, Chantzaras three-bet to 34,000 from the big blind, Triantafyllakis moved all-in fro 300,000 with king-queen and Chantzaras snap called with pocket queens, which held.

12.35am: Svub on the up
Martin Svub finished 12th at Eureka Prague and he’s making another deep run here in Croatia. He’s been grinding a short stack most of the day but finds himself in possession of an above average stack at the moment as he has 290,000.

eureka croatia_day 2_martin svub.jpg

Svub – has more than a stub

12.25am: Marko Mikovic doubles up
He’d slipped to just 40,000, found pocket fours and moved all-in, he got a willing customer in the shape of Adrian Negrusa who held AJ.

The flop of 58A wasn’t the best for Mikovic and but the 2 turn and 3 river certainly were and he rivered the straight to stay in the tournament, Negrusa slips to around 140,000.

12.15am: Down to two tables
Since the break overnight chip leader Dominik Mokni has been eliminated in 20th place and Peter Christ in 19th. The latter told me: “I moved all-in with king-queen and my opponent had kings.” Still that’s not a bad effort for your first major poker tournament.

There’s been a short break whilst they combine the remaining players at two tables.

12.10am: Chip counts
If you click here you’ll see the chip counts of every player who remains. And it’s all Greek at the moment Vasileios Chantzaras leads with 723,500 and he’s followed by compatriot Ioannis Triantafyllakis who has 428,000. Their closest challenger is Richard Bodis of Hungary who has 274,900.

12.01am: 20 left in Zagreb
We’re down to 20 players in Zagreb as Day 2 draws to a close. At this juncture I’m not sure if players will play one or two more levels, I think it depends on how many are left at the end of this level.

Either way players are back in their seats and cards are in the air, chip counts coming right up.

eureka croatia_day 2_chips2.jpg

A stack of the yellow 5,000 chips

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca

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