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9.25pm: Richard Bodis wins Eureka Croatia (€47,298)
From the small blind Richard Bodis made it 50,000 to go, Carsten Luxig made it 110,000 total from the big blind and Bodis called.

The flop of 10K2 was checked by both players before Luxig fired out a bet of 130,000 on the 5 turn. After a few seconds contemplation Bodis raised to 300,000 total and almost instantly Luxig moved all-in for 1,030,000 more.

Bodis now went deep into the tank, not even requesting a count until he had thought for a couple of minutes, eventually though after counting and re-counting his own stack he announced call and showed Q10, which was ahead of Luxig’s 65.

The German would need a five or a six on the river to double up but the 7 completed the board and Bodis was hugged by his fans on the rail as he celebrated his win. He takes home €47,298 for the win.

A full wrap of the day’s play to come.

eureka croatia_day 3_richard bodis2.jpg

Richard Bodis, winner of Eureka Croatia

9.20pm: Carsten Luxig eliminated in second place (€30,150)
Well it didn’t take long to find a winner, just a few hands infact. Details on the final hand coming right up.

eureka croatia_day 3_carsten luxig.jpg

Carsten Luxig runner up at Eureka Croatia

9.10pm: Play is underway
Heads up play has begun.

8.05pm: Vasileios Chantzaras eliminated in third place (€16,950)
It folded to Vasileios Chantzaras in the small blind who limped, Carsten Luxig made it 70,000 total from the big blind, Chantzaras shoved all-in for roughly 500,000 and Luxig called.

Chantzaras A2
Luxig AJ

The Greek was dominated and in trouble and the board of 107459 means we are now heads up in Zagreb. There was just under ten minutes remaining in this level and the players have decided to take a one hour dinner break before commencing heads up play.

The chip counts are: Richard Bodis (2,290,000) and Carsten Luxig (1,410,000).

eureka croatia_day 3_vasileios chantzaras2.jpg

Chantzaras crashed out in third

7.55pm: Chantzaras gets some back
Former chip leader Vasileios Chantzaras has made a recovery of sorts. First he moved all-in over the top of a 52,000 open from Richard Bodis and took it down. Then he made it 48,000 to go, got called in both spots but c-bet a 4A10 board to win the pot, back upto 500,000 now.

7.45pm: Chantzaras in trouble
Vasileios Chantzaras is down to just 360,000 after losing a pot to Carsten Luxig. With around 300,000 already in the pot he folded to Luxig’s river shove on a board of QAQ56 Luxig showed 85 as he took the pot, he’s on around 1,100,000 now.

7.40pm: Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez eliminated in fourth place (€13,300)
In a whirlwind of betting we’ve just seen the biggest pot of the tournament so far and it”s gone to Richard Bodis.

Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez opened to 50,000, Bodis three-bet to 161,000, Lopez shoved for 800,000 and Bodis snap called with pocket tens, dominating Lopez’s pocket fours.

A board of 2A3Q2 gave Lopez a sweat but we’re now three handed and Bodis has about 2,400,000 of the 3,800,000 chips in play.

eureka croatia_day 3 jose carlos fibla lopez_.jpg

Pocket fours sent Lopez home in fourth

7.32pm: Bodis bluffs one
First to act Richard Bodis made it 53,000 to play and Carsten Luxig called from the small blind. The flop was Q95 and Luxig check-raised Bodis’s c-bet of 53,000 to 125,000, call from Bodis.

The turn was the 7 and Luxig slowed down, checking it to Bodis, who fired out 200,000 and after a reluctant fold from Luxig, the Hungarian turned over A8 for a stone cold bluff.

7.20pm: ‘I’m having to do all the hard work’
So said Vasileios Chantzaras as he found himself faced with yet another tough decision. He had three-bet to 172,000 after Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez had raised to 75,000, the Spaniard had then four-bet all-in for around 650,000.

After tanking for a while the clock was called and Chantzaras eventually folded A4 face up. From being chip leader at the start of the day Chantzaras is now the short stack.

7.15pm: Final four
We’re down to the final four in Croatia and it’s fairly bunched. A reminder of the chip counts and seat draw:

Carsten Luxig, Germany, 1,200,000
Jose Carlos Fibla Lopez , Spain, 650,000
Richard Bodis Hungary, 1,050,000
Vasileios Chantzaras, Greece, PokerStars Qualifier, 900,000

And here’s what they’re playing for:

1. €47,298
2. €30,150
3. €16,950
4. €13,300

And of course the trophy.

eureka croatia_day 3_trophy.jpg

The Eureka Croatia trophy

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Croatia: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Manuel Kovsca

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