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12.02m: End of the level
That’s the end of level 17, you’ll find level 18 updates in a new post. — NW

11.50pm: Mpallas keeps Moraru ernest
From the small blind Petru-Ernest Moraru made it 15,000 to go and Mpallas Dimitrios then moved all-in for 124,000 from the big blind, after getting a count Moraru folded pocket sixes face up. — NW

11.35pm: Chip counts
I’ve just flowed the chip counts from the start of level 17 into the chip count page, Idan Greenberg leads the way with 560,000 which is almost double second placed Stefan Ciuca who has 321,000. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_stefan ciuca.jpg

Stefan Ciuca

11.25pm: And we lose two Lithuanians
Two more players have just busted out they are: Vytautas Milbutas (30th) and Karolis Ananevas (29th), both players are from Lithuania. — NW

11.10pm: Four quick exits
A little carange at the start of Level 17, Dimitar Mogilarov (34th), Balint Marcel Ovidiu (33rd), Tomasz Skrzyniarz (32nd) and Henrik Lundström (31st) are all out. — NW

11.02pm:Back from the break
Players are back in their seats and cards are in the air. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000 ante 500

10.47pm:Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break whilst tournament staff colour up the 100 denomination chips. — NW

10.45pm: From hero to zero
Milen Bakardjiev was a big chip leader with 36 left but he’s just been eliminated in 35th place.

He lost a huge 600,000 pot when he ran pocket jacks into second chip leader Idan Greenberg’s pocket aces. And got the rest of his chips in with [K][10] on a king high flop but an opponent had pocket kings. Ouch. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_milen bakardjiev2.jpg

Bakardjiev – out in 35th

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_idan greenberg.jpg

Idan Greenberg has a big chip lead

10.30pm: Dimitar Mogilarov doubles through Tomasz Skrzyniarz
From the small blind Dimitar Mogilarov moved all-in for 56,200 and Tomasz Skrzyniarz called from the big blind, on their backs:

Mogilarov: AK
Skrzyniarz: 33

The dealer didn’t make Mogilarov sweat for long as the flop was 25K the 8 completed the board and Mogilarov doubled up. — NW

10.17pm: Man overboard
And just as I write that there’s been no one knocked out in the money yet we lose a player. Out in 36th was David Vondracek, who started the level with just 3.5 big blinds, he’s the first to collect €1,200. Keep an eye on the payouts page to see who’s won what. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_david vondracek.jpg

36th place finisher David Vondracek

10.15pm: Chip counts
The chip counts for the remaining 36 players have been flowed into the blogs chip count page. Amazingly half an hour into this level there are still 36 players left. — NW

10pm: Vilian Petleshkov doubles through Damian Porebski
From under-the-gun Ciprian Daniel Cohal made it 9,000 to play and Vilian Petelshkov flat called from the button, before Damian Porebski moved all-in from the small blind having both players covered. Back on Cohal he tank folded and Petelshkov snap called, he was all-in for 68,000.

Porebski: 1010
Petelshkov: KK

The board ran out 75Q66 and Porebski dropped to 115,000. — NW

9.46pm: Back from the break
The 36 remaining players are back in their seats and play is underway. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000 ante 400

8.46pm: Dinner break
The remaining players are now on a one hour dinner break. — NW

8.45pm: Orhan Rakipov bubbles Eureka Bulgaria
With just one minute to go to the dinner break Orhan Rakipov sent 36 very happy players on their way to the buffet queue.

He was all-in for 45,000 pre-flop with KQ and found a customer in the shape of Henrik Lundström who made the call with the dominating hand of AQ.

The flop was 1064 giving Rakipov no joy. The J turn gave and took away, he could now make a straight to win but a king would give Lundström a better straight. As crowds and players alike shouted for a ‘deuce’ the dealer revealed the river card which was the 8. So with the elimination of Rakipov all the remaining players are in the money and will take home a minimum of €1,200. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_ orhan rakipov.jpg

Someone’s got to burst the bubble

8.30pm: Bubble time
With 37 players remaining we’re on the bubble and play is hand for hand. The last two exits were Ionut Cristea and Peter Higgins, the latter shoved pocket nines on the button and ran into Idan Greenberg’s pocket aces. There’s 13 minutes left until the dinner break. — NW

8.20pm: Ireland versus Ireland
The two Irish players who entered this event are both still in, are both at the same table and just played a pot against each other.

From middle position Peter Higgins made it 7,000 to go and Mick Graydon defended from the big blind. On the flop of 296 Graydon check-called Higgins’ bet of 12,000. Both players checked the Q turn and the 10 river, Graydon showed A6 which was ahead of Higgins pocket threes. — NW

8.05pm: Fifty-fifty
The following hand should come with a health warning:

From under-the-gun Orhan Rakipov min-raised to 6,000, in middle position Petru-Ernest Moraru three-bet to 10,500 and then from the big blind Popescu Gabriel Petrica cold four-bet to 20,000 total.

Back on Rakipov he moved all-in for around 90,000, Moraru got out the way sharpish and Petrica went into the tank, he had about 73,000 total to start the hand. He then began talking and said to Rakipov: “Do you have aces?” To which Rakipov said: “It’s fifty-fifty either I do or I don’t.” Eventually Petrica said: “I can’t fold, I call,” and turned over KK, whilst Rakipov did indeed have aces.

The flop was 69Q, so far so safe for Rakipov. The turn was the 4 giving Petrica a flush draw and he put his hands over his eyes so was the last to the see the dealer river the A. Upon seeing he’d rivered a flush he screamed: “Yes,” before turning to Rakipov and apologising. — NW

7.50pm: 40 players left
The bubble is clearly is sight now here in Bulgaria, 40 players remain, 36 make the money. Squeaky bum time. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ante 300

7.35pm: News in brief
1) Milen Bakardjiev continues to lead he has 312,000

2) Andrei Taranu and Dumitriu Vlad who were both well stacked are now both out

3) Friends and compatriots Mick Graydon and Peter Higgins are now sat at the same table.

4) Plamen Todorov is still in but is down to less than 40,000. — NW

7.20pm: Chip counts
I’ve been busy updating the chip counts page and it now contains the counts of everyone left in the main event. Click here to see the counts. 45 players remain. — NW

7.05pm: Tough table
As the field shrinks it’s always likely that tables will get tougher as the cream rises to the top. One particular table sticks out at the moment. It contains Milen Bakardjiev, Andrei Taranu and Bogdan Nicolae who are all near the top of the chip counts.

I just saw a hand where Nicolae raised from middle position and both Taranu (small blind) flat called as did Erol Erfurt from the big blind. On the flop of 9K8 Taranu checked to Erfurt who bet 18,000, Nicolae folded quickly but Taranu tanked for so long that the clock was called. Eventually he folded KJ face up, Erfurt showed AK. — NW

6.50pm: Chip leaders
Milen Bakardjiev is the new chip leader and he has 297,000, other big stacks are Miroslav Rizov (215,000), Balint Marcel Ovidiu (210,000), Mick Graydon (188,000) and Damian Porebski (178,000). — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_milen bakardjiev.jpg

Chip leader Milen Bakardjiev

6.37pm: 53 into 36 won’t go
As level 14 starts there are 53 players left in the tournament and 36 will get paid. It’s going to be close but the bubble may burst before the dinner break which is at the end of level 15.

One player who is in much better shape to make the money now than he was at the start of the day is Neil Rawnsley. He now has 140,000 winning a big pot with trip tens against what he believes was an overpair just before the break. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_neil rawnsley.jpg

Rawnsley has chirping chips

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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