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2.20am: Play is done for the day
The 16 remaining players are bagging their chips, well done to those of you who took the over! A full wrap of today’s play is on the way. Play will re-start at 2pm tomorrow, it appears that with 689,000 Idan Greenberg is the chip leader overnight. — NW

2.15am: Antonio Gonzales Miranda eliminated in 17th place (€2,050)
The good friend of Eureka Slovenia champion Antonio Dieguez Rodriquez is another late exit on Day 2, 16 players remain. — NW

2.10am: Mpallas Dimitrios eliminated in 18th place (€2,050)
The Greek player is a late casualty of Day 2 play. — NW

2.05am: Damian Porebski eliminated in 19th place (€2,050)
The last remaining Polish player is out. Damian Porebski got his last 120,000 in with pocket eights and Neil Rawnsley called with ace-king. The A came out on the flop and Porebski couldn’t re-suck. — NW

2am: Last three hands
The tournament clock has been paused and the remaining players will play three more hands tonight. — NW

1.56am: Bogdan Nicolae eliminated in 20th place (€2,050)
From the button Idan Greenberg made it 18,000 to play and Bogdan Nicolae three-bet to 41,500 from the big blind. After giving Nicolae’s stack a good stare Greenberg made the call. The flop was A95 and after a long think Nicolae c-bet 61,500 leaving roughly 120,000 back. Now it waas Greenberg’s turn to take his time but he eventually slid in a call.

The turn was the Q and Nicolae gestured that he was all-in and Greenberg snap called and showed 55, Nicolae slung his hand into the muck indicating he was drawing dead, but tournament director Thomas Lamatsch was on hand to retrieve the hand and turned over AJ as per all-in rules. After that hand Greenberg is back in the lead. — NW

1.48am: Dawid Slowik eliminated in 21st place (€2,050)
Dawid Slowik’s remarkable rise from the ashes is over. He moved all-in under-the-gun for 95,000 with pocket nines and was tank called after a long bout of hollywooding by big blind Erol Erfurt who had pocket jacks. No two outers or miracle straights or flushes for Slowik. — NW

1.45am: Jacek Ladny eliminated in 22nd place (€1,850)
From the cut-off Iani Tulica made it 20,000 to play, only for Jacek Ladny to make it 55,000 total from his stack of 150,000 from the big blind. Back on Tulica he moved all-in and Ladny snap called.

Tulica: J8
Ladny: AQ

However one jack on the flop and another on the turn sent the Polish player to the rail, Tulica may well be the new chip leader now as he has 535,000. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_jacek ladny.jpg

Jacek Ladny

1.40am: Ciprian Daniel Cohal eliminated in 23rd place
The overnight chip leader is the latest casualty, he takes home €1,850. — NW

1.30am: Chip counts
The chip counts of the final 23 players can be found here.

Chip leader is still Idan Greenberg (502,250) but he’s being reeled in by Igor Golubovic (475,000). — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_idan greenberg2.jpg

Chip leader Idan Greenberg

1.20am: Last level of the night
The 23 remaining players are back in their seats for the last level of the day. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000 ante 500

1.15am: Another double for Dawid Słowik
David Stowik is now up to dizzy heights of 100,000 after earlier being down to just 2,500. He got his latest double up with A8 moving all-in for 47,000 after Hakan Ferdi Chorabai had raised to 12,500, the latter making a quick call with J9. The board ran out 5105104. — NW

1.10am: Huge double up for Igor Golubovic
As the rest of the players were heading off for a break, Igor Golubovic scored a huge double up. I only saw the flop action but Popescu Gabriel Petrica bet 100,000 on a flop of 10QJ and Golubovic moved all-in for 173,000 and was called. On their backs:

Petrica: K10
Golubovic: AK

The turn was the Q and the river the 7, there was already around 80,000 in the pot so Golubovic is up to around 445,000, Petrica is down to around 70,000. — NW

1.05am: End of the level
Players are now on a 15 minute break. — NW

12.50am: Falko Eismann eliminated in 24th place
He got his last 60k in with QJ but ran into Petru-Ernest Moraru’s AJ and the board of 6KAK2 gave him no help. — NW

12.35am: Chip counts
Here’s a batch of chip counts of some of the remaining players: Neil Rawnsley (80,000), Damian Porebski (265,000), Iani Tulica (420,000), Igor Golubovic (180,000), Ciprian Daniel Cohal (24,000), Idan Greenberg (540,000), Stefan Ciuca (283,000), Jacek Ladny (125,000), Bogdan Nicolae (140,000), Petru-Ernest Moraru (175,000), Popescu Gabriel Petrica (310,000), Vilian Petleshkov (225,000) and Erol Erfurt (57,000).

As I was writing this Yuliyan H. Artachki was eliminated in 25th place so with 24 players left the average is 192,500. — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_igor golubovic.jpg

Igor Golubovic

12.25am: Plamen Todorov eliminated in 26th place (€1,650)
Whilst he won’t be making back to back final tables Plamen Todorov has picked up some valuable leaderboard points for his run in this tournament.

That run was ended by Mpallas Dimitrios who called with A10 whilst Plamen had shoved his last 45,000 with pocket fives. The board of 2JAQQ favoured the Greek and sent Todorov to the rail. — NW

12.15am: Dotzev dumped out, his day is done
There are now 26 players remaining in the main event Nikolai Dotzev is the latest casualty. — NW

12.10am: Mick Graydon eliminated in 28th place (€1,400)
From the button Vilian Petleshkov made it 12,000 to go and then called Mick Graydon’s 97,000 all-in bet. The latter had A8 whilst Petleshkov had the dominating pocket eights.

The flop of QJK was a good one for Graydon even though he missed. The 8 turn took away some of Graydon’s outs though and the 9 was a blank meaning the Irishman exited in 28th. With his exit tournament staff combined the remaining 27 players over three tables. — NW

12.03am: Last two levels
Tournament director Thomas Lamatsch has said that players will play 10 levels maximum today so with eight in the books that means there’s two to go. We reckon they’ll be somewhere around 15 players left at the end of the night. We’re drawing a line in the Bulgarian sand are you taking the under or the over? — NW

eureka poker tour bulgaria_day 2_trophy.jpg

How many players will be in contention for this in two levels time?

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Bulgaria: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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