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6.50pm: On a break
With the end of level four, players are on a 20 minute break. — NW

6.40pm: Nuts for Neofitov
I only saw the river action but with the board reading K8354 and around 5,000 in the pot Alexey Neofitov asked his opponent (Jiri Jakubec) how much he had left (it was around 13,000) and after taking all this in Neofitov bet 7.500.

This sent Jakubec deep into the think tank, head on hands, cutting out the call from his stack, he had all the classic ‘I don’t like it, but I have to call symptoms,’ and indeed he did make the call. However, Neofitov showed A10 for the absolute nuts and took his stack up to 31,000. — NW

6.20pm: Chip counts
The chip counts page has just been updated, amongst those going well are Tomas Cibak (24,950) and Mike Hill (24,700), Hill told me: “I got paid on two streets when I had aces, but other than that I’ve been card dead.” To see how a few more players are getting on click here. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1b_mike_hill.jpg

Mike Hill – says he’s been card dead

6pm: Pal to the Pros
Team PokerStars Pro Dag Palovic is up to 29,500. He’s spending a fair amount of time chatting with fellow Team PokerStars pro Martin Hruby who was knocked out on Day 1A. — NW


5.48pm: Goulder makes a good call
Young British player Alex Goulder just won a nice pot from Martin Dimitrov. I missed the pre-flop action but with 825 in the pot, it appeared Goulder (cut off) had raised to 375 and been called by Dimitrov from the big blind.

On the flop of AJ6 Goulder bet 550 and Dimitrov made the call. The Brit fired a bet of 1,025 on the 5 turn, again Dimitrov called. On the 10 river Dimitrov took the lead, firing out a bet of 3,000, Goulder gave him and the board a good staredown before making the call with A7 which was good against Dimitrov’s Q9. After that hand Goulder has approximately 34,000. — NW

5.40pm: Braun survives close shave
Patrick Braun is one very happy man and he let the whole tournament area know it, screaming ‘Yes, yes, yes,’ as he hit a river card to stay alive. He’d made a big overshove on a Q8J board holding A3 and been called by Jiri Vojta who held KQ. The 2 on the turn didn’t help him, but the J certainly did and prompted the outpouring of emotion from Braun. — NW

5.25pm: Gilles straightened out by Alibas
One man playing today who knows what its like to win a live PokerStars event is Gilles Augustus, from Belgium. He won the UKIPT Coventry event in April 2010 banking a cool £46,000. I just saw him tangle in a pot with German player Salim Alibas. I missed the pre-flop action but with around 900 in the pot it suggested Augustus had raised and Alibas had smooth called.

The flop was A74 and Augustus led for 600, call from Alibas. The turn was the K, Augustus fired a second barrel, this time he bet 1,300, again Alibas called. The 8 completed the board and Augustus checked. After some deliberation over his bet size, Alibas settled on 1,700, a bet Augustus called. The German showed 65 for a rivered straight, Augustus mucked his cards, after that hand Alibas is up to 30,000 and is amongst the early pacesetters, Augustus in on around 8,400. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1b_gilles_augustus.jpg

Gilles Augustus – might need a shot of something stronger soon

5.10pm: Wayman whacked
I saw Andrew Wayman exit the arena and table mate Keith Johnson filled me in on his exit: “He had about 4,000 left and defended from the big blind with [Q][10], the flop came queen high and he got it in against [A][Q].’ The beneficiary of Wayman’s downfall was Tobias Jahn. — NW

5.05pm: Overheard
I overheard Will Fry saying during the break: “I should be on 30,000 and if I’d have caught some cards I’d have 50,000.” As it is the EPT Budapest winner is on 18,975. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1b_will_fry.jpg

Fry – should have 50,000

5pm: Brit versus Brit
On the table directly infront of me I can see two British players separated only by the dealer. In the one seat is Andrew Wayman and in the nine seat sits Keith Johnson. Currently it’s Johnson who’s fairing better as he’s on 16,000, whilst Wayman is struggling with around 4,000. — NW

4.52pm: From Russia with shove
Alexey Neofitov approached me on the break and asked me to add him to the chip counts page. Job done. Apparently he’s got a lot of railers out there on the poker forums who are interested in following his progress. He’s up to 24,000 at the moment. — NW

4.50pm: Back in their seats
The remaining 160 players from the 169 who started the day are back in their seats, fed, watered and hopefully ready to get through another seven levels. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 1b_card_protector.jpg

Protect the button

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Prague:Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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