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10.30pm: End of the level
Players are on a 10 minute break. Level 26 updates will appear in a new post. — NW

10.20pm: Petr Kralicek eliminated in fourth place (4th €16,080)
From the button Keith Johnson made it 90,000 to play, Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez folded the small blind before Petr Kralicek made it 190,000 total from the big blind, Johnson after some thought made the call.

The flop was 5A5 and Kralicek bet 200,000, call from Johnson. Both players checked the 3 turn before the 9 completed the board. First to act Kralicek moved all-in for around 400,000 and Johnson, who covered him called and showed A3, Kralicek mucked but his hand, Q10 was turned over by tournament staff as he’d moved all-in — NW

10.10pm: Rodriguez continues to rack chips
After Keith Johnson had made it 90,000 from the button Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez three-bet to 190,000 from the small blind, back to Johnson, he made the call. The flop was 363 and Rodriguez bet 275,000. The Brit gave the board a rueful look, shook his head a couple of times and folded. — NW

9.55pm: The big prizes
Here’s a reminder of what the four remaining players are playing for:

1st €58,400
2nd €37,000
3rd €20,500
4th €16,080

Oh and of course there’s the trophy too! — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_pokerstars_trophy.jpg

The Eureka Poker Tour, Prague trophy

9.45pm: Current chip counts
The chip counts of the four remaining players are as follows:
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez – 2,000,000
Veronica Kokoceva – 1,400,000
Keith Johnson – 900,000
Petr Kralicek – 800,000

The Spaniard still holds the lead, but after doubling through Keith Johnson the last remaining female player Veronica Kokoceva has leap frogged him into second. — NW

9.35pm: Veronica Kokoceva doubles through Keith Johnson
The British player raised to 90,000 and Kokoceva moved all-in for 575,000 total, Johnson exhaled, asked for a count and then made the call:

Johnson: 44
Kokoceva: A9

The board of 10JQK2 saw the partisan crowd erupt as Kokoceva doubled up. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000, ante 4,000

9.25pm:Jaroslav Urban eliminated in fifth place (€12,720)
Minutes after dodging the axeman Jaroslav Urban was eliminated by Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez.

All the money flew in on a flop of 7A9 with Urban holding K7 and Rodriguez A2 the turn was the 10 the river the 8 and we’re now down to four. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_jaroslav_urban3.jpg

Jaroslave Urban – fifth place finisher

9.15pm:Petr Kralicek doubles through Jaroslav Urban
From under-the-gun Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez raised to 125,000, next to act Petr Kralicek moved all-in for 336,000, then Jaroslav Urban re-raised all-in for 806,000. Back to Rodriguez, he slumped in his chair before folding pocket jacks face up.

Urban: 55
Kralicek: AQ

The Spaniard was not happy about this and he was even more exasperated as the board came AQ1098 to double up Kralicek, however Rodriguez would’ve eliminated both players hand he called. Urban is down to around 500,000– NW

9pm: Current chip counts
The current chip counts are as follows:
Keith Johnson – 1,810,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez – 1,250,000
Veronica Kokaceva – 865,000
Jaroslav Urban – 840,000
Petr Kralicek – 415,000. — NW

8.55pm: Veronica Kokoceva doubles through Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez
It all went in pre-flop with Veronica holding pocket kings and Antonio having AQ and the kings held to boost Kokoceva to around 800,000 whilst Rodriguez slips to 1,250,000. –NW

8.45pm: Pavel Bartosz eliminated in sixth place (€10,400)
Keith Johnson’s stack continues to trend upwards. He raised to 65,000, Pavel Bartosz made it 150,000, Johnson set Bartosz in and he called all-in for an effective 550,000.

Bartosz: AJ
Johnson: AK

The flop of 9K3 gave Johnson an iron grip on the hand and the board ran out 86 and Johnson now has around 1,800,000. — NW

8.35pm: Petr Kralicek doubles through Veronica Kokoceva

From the small blind Petr Kralicek moved all-in for around 200,000 with 106 and was
called by Veronica Kokoceva from the big blind with A7. He fmade two pair on the K610 flop and the turn and river were 5A. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, ante 3,000

8.25pm: Final table profiles
Final table profiles were done just before the final table started, info such as chip counts are correct for start of final table, please check the chip counts page for up to date chip counts.

Seat 1: Veronika Kokoceva, 33, Czech Republic, 780,000 chips

Kokoceva, 33, is the only female to make the final table of the main event. Veronika has played poker for two years after being introduced to the game by friends. Making the final table of the Eureka Prague Main Event is by far her biggest live event cash and this is made even more memorable as Prague is her hometown.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_veronika_kokoceva2.jpg

Veronica Kokoceva

Seat 2: Jaroslav Urban, 42, Czech Republic, 824,000 chips
Urban, 42, was introduced to poker by his friends and has been playing for 2 years. Jarolslav has enjoyed the whole Eureka Poker tour experience in particular the action as the final eight players were reached. All winnings from this event will be put back onto PokerStars and playing more satellites for live events.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_jaroslav_urban2.jpg

Jaroslav Urban

Seat 3: Keith Johnson, 31, United Kingdom, 930,000 chips – PokerStars Player
Johnson, 31, is a professional poker player specialising in online cash games. Keith travelled to Prague with a group of fellow poker pros from Nottingham, including EPT Budapest winner Will Fry, who is now supporting him from the rail. If Keith wins the main event he plans to spend the money on champagne before heading to EPT Snowfest for more poker action.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_keith_johnson2.jpg

Keith Johnson

Seat 4: Pawel Bartosz, 24, Poland, 243,000 chips – PokerStars Qualifier

Bartosz, 24, has been playing poker for just one and a half years and his greatest achievement to date has been winning a PokerStars Dream Job promotion. He intends to become a student later this year but has no idea what he will spend his winnings on yet. His favourite moment of the tournament was cracking K-J with J-9.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_pavel_bartosz.jpg

Pavel Baartosz

Seat 5: Kamil Koska, 25, Poland, 198,000 chips – PokerStars Qualifier
Koska, 25, got into poker after playing home games with his friends and has now been playing for 2 years. Kamil’s hobbies include listening to music and films and of course Poker. Although he has been playing for 2 years this is his first major tournament and he is very happy to have reached the final table.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_kamil_koska2.jpg

Kamil Koska

Seat 6: Kim Eduardovich, 34, Russia, 300,000 chips – PokerStars qualifier
Eduardovich, 34 has been playing poker for 3 years after being introduced to PokerStars. Kim loves to travel and enjoys going to new countries and playing poker, his winnings from this tournament are going to be spent on more travelling. Kim has had an enjoyable final table and wishes all his final tablists “good luck”.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_kim_eduardovich2.jpg

Kim Eduardovich

Seat 7: Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez, 33, Spain, 1,369,000 chips – PokerStars Qualifier
Rodriguez, 33, is chip leader coming into the final table. The football enthusiast was introduced to the game four years ago by a friend, however this is his first major live tournament. He already has plans to spend his winnings playing online at PokerStars and if he could be any animal, he would be a tiger.

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_antonio_dieguez_rodriguez2.jpg

Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez

Seat 8 : Petr Kralicek, 26, Prague, Czech Republic – 264,000 chips

Kralicek ,26, our third Czech player on the final table is a Prague native and has been playing poker for five years. As well as poker he cites drinking as one of his favourite hobbies. His biggest win to date was for 160,000 CZK (€6,666) and his advice for his opponents on the final table is that they should fold every hand. His favourite thing about the Eureka Prague event has been partying in the evening and if he could be any animal, he would choose to be a rabbit. What’s up doc?

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_petr_kralicek2.jpg

Petr Kralicek

8.20pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 10 minute break. — NW

8.05pm: Kim Eduardovich eliminated in seventh place (€8,330)
From under-the-gun+1 Kim Eduardovich raised to 50,000 and it folded round to Keith Johnson in the big blind who raised to 100,000 total. Action was back on the Russian and he moved all-in for around 500,000, Johnson snap called.

Johnson: AA
Eduardovich: JJ

The board of 4381010 meant that two players have been eliminated in the opening half an hour at the final table. With that pot Keith Johnson has taken the chip lead and has around 1,500,000. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_kim_eduardovich.jpg

PokerStars qualifier Kim Eduardovich takes €8,330 back to Russia

7.55pm: Pawel Bartosz doubles through Jaroslav Urban
From the hi-jack Jaroslav Urban raised and Pawel Bartosz moved all-in for around 225,000, Urban made the call.

Urban: AQ
Bartosz: AK

Bartosz was in good shape and the flop of K57 pretty much gave him a lock on the hand and the 2A turn and river changed nothing. — NW

7.45pm: Kamil Koska eliminated in 8th place (€6,590)
He moved all-in from under-the-gun+1 for around 195,000 with K9 and was called by Kim Eduardovich who had pocket queens. And although he flopped a nine and a backdoor flush draw, the turn and river were blanks and the Pole is the first player eliminated from the final table. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_kamil_koska.jpg

Eight place finisher, Kamil Koska

7.30pm: Final table chip counts
Here are the remaining eight players in seat order, the players are just being introduced to the crowd, local players Petr Kralicek and Veronica Kokoceva got the biggest cheers.

Veronica Kokoceva – 780,000
Jaroslav Urban – 824,000
Keith Johnson – 930,000
Pawel Bartosz – 243,000
Kamil Koska – 198,000
Kim Eduardovich – 300,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez – 1,369,000
Petr Kralicek – 300,000

There’s 42 minutes left in the current level. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_petr_kralicek.jpg

Petr Kralicek – local hero

7.15pm: David Torok eliminated in ninth place (€4,860)
Having just chopped the previous pot, overnight chip leader David Torok’s reprieve didn’t last long. He open shoved from the button with A9 and was called by Keith Johnson who had pocket kings.

The flop was KQ8 and Johnson flopped a set, but Torok had a flush draw, which duly arrived on the 3 turn. The Brit still had a re-draw to a full house and the river was the 8 meaning he housed up and eliminated Torok.

There is now a short break before the final table starts. — NW

7.05pm: Chop!
Wow! Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez opened to 42,000 then Petr Kralicek moved all-in for around 300,000 and then David Torok moved all-in behind, Rodriguez folded and it was Kralicek who was at risk:

Kralicek: AA
Torok: AK

The board of 4Q532 meant that both players made a straight and they chopped the pot. — NW

7pm: Nine players left
The final nine players are still feeling each other out as they’ve switched from short handed to full ring. The current chip leader is still Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez of Spain, he is, as you can imagine, being active. There are players from six different nationalities still in the tournament including three Czechs, one of whom is Veronica Kokaceva. — NW

eureka poker tour prague_day 3_veronika_kokoceva.jpg

Veronica Kokaceva

PokerStars Blog reporting team at Eureka Poker Tour Prague: Nick Wright. Photos courtesy of Tomas Stacha.

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