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The name Salter and Salter might sound like an accountancy firm and in a way it is, although you won’t find it on No Salter and Salter is a poker business headed up by brothers Jack and Louis Salter who are both playing here in Prague today. The brothers back a number of players online, although they’re, as you’d imagine, talented players in their own right.


Jack Salter – 13 hasn’t been unlucky for him

In terms poker it’s older brother Jack, 26, who got younger brother Louis, 23 into the game, and it’s ‘big bruv’ who’s racked up the more impressive results. Although he won the Palm Beach Big game for £30,000 back in November 2011 and final tabled WPT Malta in 2012 there’s no doubt that 2013 has been a breakout year for him.

He’ll be hoping to finish it the way he started it, a final table in the first week of January netted him almost $30,000 and he’s been making deep runs on an almost monthly basis every since. He came 24th in a $2,500 WSOP no-limit Hold’em event in July, a month later finished in the same place at UKIPT4 Galway before making the final two tables of a € 2,000 side event at EPT Barcelona. You sensed a big score was around the corner and indeed it was.

It happened in London, the city where Jack grew up, although he and Louis now nominally call Malta home. A third place finish, from 747 runners, at UKIPT4 London earned him £59,125.


Louis Salter

If the brothers were both to go deep in the same tournament here in Prague, it wouldn’t be the first time and it wouldn’t be the first time in Prague. Louis last truly deep run came in Prague a year ago in a Grand Series of Poker event a few miles from this venue. “Both me and my brother had chips with two tables left,” Jack told me. “Then from nowhere we were out in 19th and 16th, it was sick.”

It’s not been a barren run since then for Louis though, he like Jack made the final three tables of a WSOP bracelet event this summer, busting 24th in event#54 a $1,000 no-limit hold’em tournament. At time of writing both brothers had improved on their starting stack with Jack up to 23,000 and Louis on 24,800. I’ll be keeping an eye on them throughout the day. You’ll find notable chip counts right here.


The tournament floor

Tournament Update:

– We’re into level four which means the ante has kicked in, blinds are 100/200 ante 25
– Team PokerStars Pro Eugene Katchalov is one of the early chip leaders, he’s up to 40,000. Other notable chip counts are: Achilles Bozso (23,000), Alberto Fiorilla (13,000), Antoine Saout (23,000), Jan Bendik (14,500), Rumen Nanev (13,800), Ryan Spittles (27,000), Saveikis Algirdas (28,300), Simeon Todorov (7,000), Dany Parlafes (35,000), Dmitry Vitkind (24,500), Petr Vojistek (20,200) and Sean Prendiville (16,300).
– ANZPT IV Sydney winner Gordan Huntly is also in the field
– There are 323 of 355 players left. Exits include: Aleksandr Varavka, Alexandros Gkampranis, Stefan Neytchev, Ben Michael, Dmitry Gorbachev, Robert Soogea, Lukasz Wasek, Artur Wasek, Libor Krizka, Sergey Pakhomov, Dominguez Pardo, Georges Sultanem, Martin Altman, Derwin Hayes, Ioakim Papadopoulos, Balint Ovidiu, Margarita Gonzalez, Cristinel Sandu, Daniele Vesco, Kovacs Gergo, Mohammed Ibrahim, Gamriel Sosunov, Jakub Debiczak, Kristo Klaassen, Hugo Marialva and Joao Brito.

All photos are copyright of Tomas Stacha

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