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Everywhere you look today there are big name players, with big reputations, some with big results to back that up and others with major titles on their resume. There’s of course some crossover.

There are WSOP bracelet winners such as Tomas Junek and Alex Kravchenko. There are UKIPT champions such as Ludovich Geilich, Robbie Bull, Max Silver and Sergio Aido. There’s NAPT winner David Peters, EPT High Roller winners like Vojtech Ruzicka, Eureka Poker Tour champions like Petar Zografov and those whose greatest achievements have come on the virtual felt – like $10M dollar man Chris Moorman.

You get the gist, there’s also an exclusive club of eight, yes eight EPT Main Event winners playing today. Let’s take a closer look at them and how some of them are getting on today…


Salvatore Bonavena and friends celebrate his win

Salvatore Bonavena – EPT5 Prague
The Italian is off to a blistering start as he’s all but doubled his stack to 39,000.

Anton Wigg – EPT6 Copenhagen My Swedish correspondent tells me that Wigg has drawn a tough table with lots of ‘online sickos’ on it. They include Niklas Astedt, Paul Berende and Ismael Bojang. It’s not been the best starts for Wigg as he’s down to 7,000.

Kevin MacPhee – EPT6 Berlin
MacPhee is a late registrant into this event and still has near starting stack.

Michael Tureniec – EPT7 Copenhagen Another Swede and another tough starting table, which included David Peters. At the moment Tureniec is treading water as he’s on 19,500.

David Vamplew – EPT7 London Not too many problems so far for Vamplew who’s chipped up to 24,000. He was heard bemoaning the fact that London taxi drivers wouldn’t take Scottish £10 notes. Come on David you won £900,000 you must’ve some spare English money down the back of the sofa.

Jannick Wrang – EPT8 Campione The Dane is down to just 7,500 early on Day 1B.

Martin Finger – EPT8 Prague Finger was an alternate so I’m not 100% sure where he’s sitting and a couple of laps of the tournament room failed to unearth him. He’s still in though as he’s not on the slips of paper in the bust out pile.

Robin Yiltalo – EPT10 London The Swede’s original table has broken and I’ve, as yet, been unable to locate him but like Finger he’s still in.


Robin Ylitalo wins EPT10 London

Tournament Update:

– There are 660 of 935 players left in, I’ll hopefully get confirmation on the total number of runners soon. The average stack is 28,300
– 130 alternates have got into Day 1B.
– Notable bust outs include: Christian Grundtvig, Shannon Shorr, Ana Marquez, Sinel Anton, Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth and Tomas Junek.
– Some chip counts: Matti De Meulder (15,800), Dale Philip (49,000), Juan Manuel-Pastor (39,000), Alex Kravchenko (29,700), Chris Moorman (43,000), Marcin Horecki (38,500).
– We’re approaching the end of level six and players will soon be on a 75 minute dinner break.

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