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Day 1D of the Eureka5 Hamburg Main Event was a sell out (as expected), today meaning the total number of players for this event came to 581. This is the first time Eureka has visited Germany and it has proved very popular with the host country, as 76.2% of the field are German.

All four starting flights are now in the bag meaning all remaining players will, for the first time, join together for Day 2 tomorrow. They’ll be 173 of them after 64 made it through today after 12 45-minute levels. They’ll be no more split fields and no more 45-minute levels either as the structure moves to 60-minute levels from here on in.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Alon Lang.jpg

Chip leader Alon Lang (left)
Alon Lang ended today as chip leader with 286,200. Other players who made it through, include: Steven Rohr (199,800), Tom Holke (173,400), Niklas Warlich (133,500), Timo Schneider (120,300), Jonas Lauck (102,900), Ismail Kalkan (73,900), Jan Heitmann (39,000)
Sebastian Kolsberger (31,600).

The top ten counts heading into Day 2 are:

Name Country Status Chips
Marco Noll Germany 305,200
Patrick Renkers Netherlands PokerStars qualifier 300,200
Amir Pahlawani Sarughieh Germany 298,400
Alon Lang Germany PokerStars qualifier 286,200
Nils Mallon Germany PokerStars qualifier 254,000
Kadir Uzunoglu Turkey 253,100
Markus Wirt Germany PokerStars qualifier 218,700
Imad Fakhro Germany 206,600
Steven Rohr Germany PokerStars player 199,800
Anton Morgenstern Germany 178,000

Click here for the full list. The Day 2 seat draw can be found here.

Dzmitry Urbanovich took his seat late and left his seat early after he busted to the old one-outer in the penultimate level of the day. Pokerstars qualifier Martynas Kukuciomis was all in with 66 and up against two larger stacked opponents in Urbanovich (pocket aces) and Robert Leszczynski (QQ). The flop came down Q87 and they built a side pot that meant Urbanovich was all in too.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Dzmitry Urbanovich.jpg

Urbanovich finding out what it’s like to run bad
The board ran out 52 before Kukuciomis and Urbanovich made their exit. As Leszczynski organised his 140,000-stack his neighbour, John Frost, told him he folded ace-queen, meaning the flopped queen was the case queen. “Wow, looks like I’ve already had my one time!” responded Leszczynski.

Ole Schemion lasted longer than his fellow starlet but busted in the last level of the night. He doubled up (55 beating Umberto Vitagliano’s AQ all in preflop) while in the big blind but busted the very next hand. PokerStars qualifier Jeasper Meijer vab Putten raised to 4,500 from the hijack before Schemoion three-bet all in for 41,100 with K9. The Dutchman called and survived the 6644J board.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Ole Schemion2.jpg

Schemion started well but busted late on
Friend of PokerStars Natalie Hof also busted, and on the last hand of the night. She had nine big blinds left when she moved all in with queen-ten. An opponent called with ace-ten and Hof failed to catch up.

Yesterday’s High Roller runner up, Timo Schneider, has had one of the bigger stacks for a lot of today but lost some back to David Lappin after a failed bluff attempt. Three players checked a K66 flop before Schneider (SB) led out for 3,400 on the Q turn. Lappin (CO) was the only caller to the 7 river where he snapped off another 8,700 with king-queen beating out Schneider’s A2. He finished strong on 120,600 though, whereas Lappin got through with 69,000.

Eureka5_Hamburg_Timo Schneider_1D.jpg

Timo Schneider looking to make another deep run
Day 2 starts at 1pm CET tomorrow where eight one-hour levels are scheduled before everyone heads off to the player party at the Gubba restaurant just down the road.

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