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Ole Schemion, the EPT 10 Player of the Season and two-time GPI Player of the Year, has held the unofficial title as the hottest young player on the planet for a good while now. Here’s the thing though: his reign may be over.

There’s a new kid on the block. Not even 20 years of age and tearing up the poker world just like Schemion did, and is still doing. The name’s Urbanovich, Dzmitry Urbanovich. The young Pole’s first cash was fewer than two years ago and he’s already top of Poland’s All Time Money List and is the current EPT Player of the Season (11).

Eureka5_Hamburg_Ole Schemion.jpg

Ole Schemion
Both are registered here today so we thought it’d be interesting to compare their first 22 months on the live circuit, the time since Urbanovich’s first cash. (For those viewing on a mobile device, Urbanovich’s stats are the first one in each category)

Stats for first 22 months of live career Dzmitry Urbanovich Ole Schemion
Number of wins 8 5
Highest cash $1,595,368 $ 1,474,671
Different countries cashed in 9 12
Number of cashes 38 39
Average cash $73,012 $67,491
Total Earnings $2,774,446 $2,632,131

As you can see, their stats are remarkably similar, making it hard to choose who’s been the best “Rookie” this decade. What is known is that Schemion has gone on to earn another $5.4 million in his third and fourth year on the circuit, and if Urbanovich can match that, he’ll be following his German competitor on the road to poker greatness.


Urbanovich winning one of four events at EPT11 Malta
Urbanovich hasn’t taken his seat yet today so is letting Schemion get a head start on him in the Main Event. The latter has already past the 60,000-mark through the first three levels.

In one hand, he min raised to 300 and picked up two callers en route to a 46A flop. He made a continuation bet and both his opponents folded in flash. Maybe Schemion’s aura is in a relatively small buy-in event for him.

Here are some chip counts after three levels:

Alan Lang holds even 67,000
Stefan Ragalie – 57,000
Timo Schneider – 39,000
Commander Warrior – 28,000
January Heitmann – 27,000
Ismail Kalkan – 26,000
Natalie Hof – 25,500
T-zone – 17,000
Claudio Celenza – 7,000
Ronny Voth – 6,500

Kevin Barkow, Oliver Neimann and Kai Hinrichs were the only three players to bust through the first three levels.

Eureka Hamburg Key Facts:
– Players begin with 25,000 chips (an increase from Season 4’s 20,000)
– Blinds start at 25/50
– Twelve 45-minute levels make up Day 1D
– Day 1D is a sell 200-player out

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