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Packing them in

Day 2 of Eureka Prague is now slightly more than a level old, but already proceedings are getting out of hand. In the space of 45 minutes, no fewer than 84 players were eliminated, at a rate of one every 30 seconds (approx).

From the department of “It Was a Good Idea at the Time” here’s the list of those first departures today. I’m not intending to keep up with this. This hurt the typing fingers:

Josip Simunic, Silvio Breitenstein, Anton Afanasyev, Paul Kristoffersson, Nicolas Steeman, Jean Bros, Tomas Fucik, Carl Martel, Ejaz Kazi, Mateusz Zbikowski, Alexander Lynskey, Georgios Kapalas, Janis Matisons, Miguel Gomes Silva, Maksim Lobzhanidze, Ivan Kruljac, Marc Macdonnell, Mikal Blomlie, Georgios Voudantas, Ori Hasson, Pavlos Patsis, David Miguel Sa De Abreu, Vadim, Shlez, Mateusz Dziewonski, Denis Timofeev, Eric Qu, Alain Zeidan, Vyacheslav Stoyanov, Sina Alamzad, Matej Tomasovic, Mieszko Bartz, Gaetano Dell’Aera, Jean-Philippe Piquette, Dmitriy Rumyantsev, Justas Semaska, Athanasios Skapetis, Marko Kolega, Jenya Gavrilovich, Phillip Huxley, Giacomo Fundaro, Cemd Doganyilmaz, Assaf Asulin, Sergei Popov, Ilkin Amirov, Marinus Donkersloot, Vegard Nygaard, Christian Jeppsson, John Kitchen, Antonina Anapolska, Johanna Jackli, Pavel Iyoshkin, Ben Heath, Alexandre Viard, Virgil-Cristian Nicelescu, Bernikov Vyacheslav, Sergey Baburin, Daniel Silberstein, Rafail Sushkin, Chris Hunichen, Amel Huzejrovic, Luboslav Novotka, Tal Peretz, Yonatan Ben Zvi, Rain Heeringas, Viacheslav Shostak, Adrian Smith, Eldar Khanbutayev, Sergey Sergeev, Arthur Conan, Benjamin Millian, Ahn Quang Tran, Igor Hudacek, Pascal Harnischberg, Samuel Muller, Heinz Neumann, Pierre Huter, Luca Moschitta, Patrick Bohler, Philipp Lasinger, Florian Husler, Michael Kopietz, Vitaly Lunkin, Ana Marquez, Salim Alibas.

(Special prize for anyone who can sleuth out the name of the player who should one day sit next to Doyle Brunson and give anyone fans of vintage detective novels a chuckle.)

As all these players were quickly heading to the exit door, the tournament staff finally revealed the full breakdown of what everyone still remaining can possibly win. The very short breakdown of the prize-pool is as follows and this will be the first time a winner on the Eureka tour will take more than €300,000.

Players: 1,893
Paid: 279
Winner: €311,000
Min: €1,740

The full breakdown is on the payouts page, where we’ll also add the identities of the winners as and when they’re known.

German language coverage is on PokerStarsBlog.de. All the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

The Eureka coverage is all handily organized on the Eureka Prague page.

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