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What a night of poker coming up!

It may not rock the annals of competition. No Hall of Famer will be kept awake tonight fearing for their pedestal. There will be no shot heard around the world.

But a small corner of the online universe will bear witness to what’s in store. And rightly so.

The scene was set yesterday evening.

Heat 25-H of Stadium Series played down to a final 11 – into the money. Whose names would appear among those set to return in about an hour from now.

None other than Fintan Hand. And that other guy, Ben Spragg.

For context consider this.

Just one year ago, the pair of them were streaming together on the central channel, playing from about $5. Tonight they share the final stages of a $5,000 event.

Hat’s off to them both for their performances.

Here’s how things will look when play resumes…

If you’re keen to follow their progress you have two options.

  • Tune into Spraggy’s or Fintan’s Twitch channels when play restarts. Alternatively follow the action on the main PokerStars Channel with cards-up coverage.
  • Or don’t watch, and instead wait for the ego-shockwave that will ripple across the universe should either of them win.

It will be a tough examination of poker talent, and also a stern test of friendship, the likes of which have not been seen since that episode of Friends… the one where Joey and Chandler fell out of that girl who they thought stole the engagement ring.

(Other more age-relevant analogies may apply.)

Remember, the result will be determined later tonight, with play resuming at 6pm UK time (13:00 ET) tonight. There’s more than $119,000 to the winner.

Who knows what to expect?

An Academy Award winning level of fake smiling?

An Academy Award losing lack of grace, forever shared across the internet?

Those of us watching will accept either. Or both.

Good luck to both of them tonight, and the other nine players at the final table. Tell us how you think things will go in the comments below. And remember, be ready for that shockwave… and a full report of things tomorrow on the PokerStars Blog.

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