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Before the prize fighters step into the ring later this afternoon, there was a pretty tasty bout on the EPT undercard where Ken Lenaard, Sweden’s best-known poker star, took on poker’s best-known bracelet in a heads-up match. This time, the World Series of Poker winner’s jewelry was the model from 2003, earned as Chris Moneymaker elevated poker into the stratosphere with his $2.5 million cash, all parlayed from a $40 online tournament.

Ken Lenaard against…

…the WSOP bracelet

Moneymaker took one huge haymaker on the chin in the main event here, watching his top full house go down to David Layani’s quad sixes, and there wasn’t much better in store for the man from Tennessee in this heads-up clash. Chris had moved into an early lead and sensed the opportunity to knock Ken out when the Swede moved his final remaining chips into the middle behind an ace-seven. Moneymaker called with a jack-two, which didn’t improve, and it was one-way traffic from there, Lenaard knocking out his adversary with top-pair kings to Chris’s middle-pair tens.

The poker pugilists

One up, then for Sweden, but Anina Gundesen and Markus Gonsalves are up soon, to fight another good fight for PokerStars.

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