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This photo would, ordinarily, be of Greg Raymer. The 2004 World Champion, Team PokerStars member, etc., is over in France for the EPT. He’s the main attraction, the first photograph on every blog and the man everyone wants to beat. Someone just has. On the second hand of the tournament. That player is Julian Thew.

Julian Thew: responsible

Julian finds aces and raises pre-flop. Greg calls with queen-ten of diamonds and two more come on the flop. Julian bets, Greg raises and Julian now decides to find out where he is, sticking in 3,000. Greg is as Greg does and answers Thew’s question with the first all-in of the tournament. It turns out to be his last.

Julian now figures the Fossilman for the flush draw, but still has a decision to make. Raymer is known around the world for his aggressive play, making huge moves and fearless calls. Thew, albeit in a slightly smaller pond, has a similar reputation. He makes the call and Raymer does not improve on turn and river.

Greg Raymer: only the second photograph of the day

The Fossilman is an unfortunate relic in this tournament.

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