Tuesday, 21st May 2024 07:23
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While I hope you check in here regularly for news from the world of PokerStars, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out a few things I’ve noticed recently on the web. Here’s a quick overview.

Isabelle Mercier of Team PokerStars has been doing some good work on her own web site. The site is flashy and is written in both English and French. You’ll find a blog, a gallery, and a long list of other neat things to review.

If you haven’t been reading Team PokerStars’ Wil Wheaton’s blog over the past several years, you’ve been missing out. Wil recently gave the keynote speech at BARGE and retold a version of his fantastic “Lying in Odessa” story that marked his emergence in the world of poker.

Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh, a frequent and valued PokerStars player, is making the break into the big time. She’s developed a new web site for herself with a blog, bio, gallery, and such. Word on the street is we’ll be seeing her on TV sometime this year. You can find her new site here.

Also, the PokerStars Crew seems pretty active as well.

So, keep coming back here, but if you find yourself with a neeed to click elsewhere, try out the links above. They won’t disappoint.

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