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I’m writing this from my hotel this morning looking forward to playing today’s Women’s Event here at the PCA. I look forward to playing women’s events, and the one here in the Bahamas has been wonderfully social and a great way to end a vacation in paradise.

This year PokerStars reduced the buy-in to $600, so hopefully we will see many more women finding this within their price range.

Not to worry, the trophy is still massive!

This will be the second live event I’ve played since Carrick was born. I am hoping to have similar success (or even better) to my 12th-place finish at the UKIPT Isle of Man.

The transition from online to live poker is complicated, especially with a baby added to the mix, but I embrace the challenge and try to use it to play even better than before.

I wouldn’t be able to take on the challenge without the support of my husband, who has a knack for getting Carrick to sleep and is proficient at those diaper changes! It truly puts my mind at ease knowing that he is well cared for while I’m trying to scoop pots.

Another tool that I use to keep my mind focused and unworried are poker hypnosis/visualization MP3s that I listen to before the event starts and during breaks. They are an easy way to keep me grounded and in the moment, allowing me to play my best poker.

Without these resources it would be extra challenging to balance life demands with the demands of playing a long day of live poker. I believe that no matter what your situation is you can always find a way to make things work.

If you see me rushing out the door during break, it’s because my little guy is not far away and needs a snack. He and his daddy are usually hanging out just outside the poker room, so if you see them around don’t be afraid to say hi!

Is it just me or are there more poker players with babies around PCA this year? There are strollers everywhere!


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